Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20


Narrator: "And so, Anthony defeated Dennis and restored peace to Unova. "She" never figured out why she was a she or what happened to her old Pokemon, but there was more important stuff to attend to. But what happened to everyone else...? I'm glad you asked.

Prosessor Juniper finally learned how to properly say "Pokemon". However, she forgot it the next day.

Anthony's supposed mom went bankrupt due to self-inflicted property damage.

Bianca's father overheated again, and became partially melted.

Cheren decided to abandon his team in favor of only raising Normal types, because he hit his head on the way out of N's Castle.

Bianca found Cheren's old glasses and put them on.

The Accumula citizens voted for Dennis in the next election, despite him not being a valid candidate.

The ledge-jumping boy on Route 2 jumped off too large a ledge and broke his legs. He did not learn his lesson however.

The hustler selling Dusk Balls sold his entire stock to one person and retired to a mansion in Undella.

Clyde practiced his hydrokinesis until he became one with the ocean. He is now revered as a sea god.

Cilan learned a new recipie for broccoli.

Chili learned a new recipie for molotov cocktails, and burned down the gym.

Cress fell into a Strength Boulder Hole and was trapped for days.

Cress's Panpour became a Simipour and was made fun of for looking like a girl.

Fennel entered a national Musharna-kicking contest. She spent her prize money to help Pokemon in need.

Amanita disappeared mysteriously.

The oil drum in the Dream Yard was elected governor of Unova, beating the previous governor in a landslide victory.

The Blue-Robed Guy who got rid of Anthony's original Pokemon started to imprison passerby in the dungeon of his haunted house.

Anthony's Typhlosion was imprisoned in the dungeon of a haunted house, but burned it all to escape.

Anthony's Mamoswine lost 200 pounds on a new diet.

Anthony's Exeggutor moved to Undella to get a job providing shade.

Anthony's Omastar explored the oceans to find more of his ilk. He failed, but discovered sunken treasure.

Anthony's Honchkrow disappeared to the north.

Anthony's Lucario was rejected from sports competitions due to failing steroid tests.

The Old Guy blocking Route 3 choked on a badge.

The girl who Bianca threatened was scolded by her parents for giving away Heal Balls to strangers.

The population of Nacrene City was given speech lessons.

The Accordion Player kept a watchful eye.

Homer the Preschooler became the star of a hit sitcom.

The Karate Guy reconciled with his brother in Brycen.exe's gym, and they fought in many tournaments.

Hawes became stuck in amber with the Armaldo.

Lenora gave up her position to focus more on fossils, archaeology, and giving people advice and swords.

Lenora's Watchog invented an improved sniper rifle.

The upset shrub in Pinwheel Forest took Verizon's spot as the guardian.

The scientist who tricked people into stealing from him was given a jail sentence after attempting the trick on a police officer.

Janitor Geoff was fired for impersonating his boss, and moved up near the Giant Chasm.

Castelia's resident flasher flashed the Karate Guy near the Challenge Rock and can no longer have children.

The girl who learned how to use Attract had many many boyfriends. She was eventually arrested for sexual harassment.

The Name Rater served as a therapist to N's former Pokemon.

Burgh suffered a cavity from licking the walls of honey in his gym.

Burgh's Leavanny made clothing for Elesa's modeling. It was fired when the clothes proved too fragile.

The Route 4/10 Gate Attendant recieved a new monitor as a free gift with the Dusk Balls she purchased a huge amount of.

Fishermen Hubert and Andrew caught the earth.

The man who runs the Day Care was awarded the peace prize for discovering limitless energy.

The flutist in Anville was hit by an anvil and forgot how to play the flute.

Elesa fell into a vat of black hair dye.

Elesa's Zebstrika learned how to model clothing too. It was turned away for being too fat however.

The Boulder on Route 16 accepted its fate and became a poet. Its uncle in the Resident Evil universe initiated evil plans.

The Driftveil Drawbridge was rebuilt by a dedicated effort. It was then broken again.

Charles continued to break hearts and ride motorcycles.

Worker Eddie was rescued from the sea by Clyde the Sea God.

The Frictionless Ice Company suffered in the recession but nevertheless endured. They invented a new product that can't be melted.

Clay finally achieved critical density.

Emperor Palpitoad was thrown down Clay's mineshaft.

Clay's Excadrill was given adamantium bones and a healing factor.

The Shadow Triad was left standing in N's throne room, unsure of what to do.

The Move Deleter forgot how to delete moves, in a twist of fate.

The Nurse in Driftveil Market learned a new phrase.

Juniper 2 had a nice chat with his father Juniper 3 about how his grandson would have to be named Juniper 0.

The tarmac worker eventually evolved the ability to fly without planes.

Skyla tried to fly a kite but crashed and broke every bone in her body.

Skyla's Swanna became involved in a big controversy regarding the use of Vitamin Wings from bridges and their ethics.

The old lady who makes vegetable soup was featured in a notable cooking magazine with her recipe for stick soup.

Harlequin Pat never moved on after Mamoswine broke the balance beams, and had to be admitted to a hospital.

Twist Mountain was declared The Most Annoying Person In The World and given a prize of 50000 Pokeyen.

Cobalion and Terrakion endorsed Verizon Wireless under Verizon and made a sizable income.

Brycen.exe was not troubleshot properly and due to glitches began initiating brycenman.exe.

Brycen.exe's Beartic got its beard stuck in the ground.

The Plasmoron with the Super Fang Watchog became an internet celebrity.

Sir Notappearinginthiseggrun founded his own company and moved out from under his father's tyrannical rule.

The Moop of Icirrus became a popular tourist destination once the trollish intents of the Stunfisk population became a worldwide phenomenon.

The gangster and bikers on Route 9 were united under Anthony's Honchkrow.

Iris continued to train under Drayden.

Drayden decided not to retire as Gym Leader, but he did decide to dye his beard teal for a week.

Drayden and Iris's Haxoruses became a crime-fighting duo for a week, fighting the crime of poorly colored beards.

Opelucid's Keytar Player formed a band with the dancing trio in Castelia.

Tornadus learned its lesson and promised to never go behind Landorus's back. He took it literally.

Shauntal shipped a new OTP, Worker Eddie/Clyde.

Shauntal's Chandelure became a character on the TV series "Acquaintances".

Grimsley accidentally ate a loaf of garlic bread and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Grimsley's Bisharp was declared a national hero when it revealed its unforseen CPR skills to resusicate Grimsley.

Caitlin woke up and asked what year it was.

Caitlin's Gothitelle fought tooth and nail with Caitlin's new Metagross.

Marshal smashed puny cars and was fined for the damages.

Marshal's Mienshao is waiting for Marshal to pay him the money owed for bailing him.

Alder took a tour of Unova as its protector.

Alder's Volcarona took a tour of Alder's hair.

Rood went into the restaurant business because of how many restaurants used the color red.

Bronius harassed a radio pundit with discussion of My Little Blitzle.

Giallo became the spokesman for Mello Yellow soda.

Ryoku went green, literally.

Gorm joined a blues band.

Zinzolin was awarded the Purple Heart by himself.

N disappeared into the sky and was not seen again for a long time.

Zekrom remained with N.

Dennis escaped custody but not with his dignity, tripping no less than 12 times on the way out.

Dennis's Hydreigon stole three frozen burritos from the police station.

Anthony, like N, disappeared.

Reshiram was, like the other Pokemon, released.

Anomalocaris, the author, talked about how he might write another one if he does an Egg Run of Pokemon Black 2. He also said "Until then, see ya!". Rumor has it he's actually dead, crushed under a boulder. But these are unsubstantiated.

Well, that's the whole story! I hope you liked it! It was hard telling this entire tale and remembering all the details. But I got it all, I know that. Old Oldson and I read it over and agreed. So what is with this thing anyway? Back in my day eggs weren't just given in quantities of six to people! You bought a dozen at a time! Sometimes the clerk would throw a thirteenth egg at your forehead. This was called a baker's dozen because a baker was the first person to do it. Speaking of bakers, today's bread has too much air in it. It needs to be so dense you can't even sink your teeth into it! That's why they invented French toast. To turn the rock-hard bread into something edible! Which reminds me of that one time when I went to the bakery and bought an actual rock. You see, bakeries sold rocks back then since you had nowhere else to buy rocks from. They weren't cheap, either. You had to pay the same amount you kids pay for your Hyper Potions these days. And Hyper Potions used to taste good back in the day! Today they're just medicinal things to heal Pokemon, but when I was young you could drink them and feel like you were on a sugar high for days! Oh, but Lemonade back then was NOT sweet. You didn't put sugar in it, you drank it straight as Nomel juice! And it was so sour you needed aid afterward and when you tried to say "Nomel" it would come out backwards as "Lemon". That's why they call it Lemonade! Speaking of Lemonade, today's stuff is too sweet. But I guess that's a story for another time. This chapter is getting long and you probably want to stop reading now and do something else with your time. That's okay, us old people know we're not wanted, young'uns, you can go run off and eat your soft bread or write on your thin paper or whatever it is you do these days. Disgraceful.



You had me in stitches!

The oil drum caught me off guard, and had me laughing for 3 minutes straight.

Good show: Excellent job! Anom!
PippingFool 12th Jul 12
Hehe! That was hilarious! Well done, Anom. :)
DarkerShining 12th Jul 12
I loved it, Anom! All those call backs were great, and their were so many good moments throughtout!
Saiga 12th Jul 12
Nice refeneces to Black and White 2.
MadWritter 13th Jul 12