Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 35: Unova's Elite

"Get back here, you!!"

Tornadus stuck its tongue out at me before flying away, leaving a wake of violent winds in its... wake.


It had all started when, while preparing myself for the Pokemon league, I had flown back to Mistralton. I noticed a massive storm brewing on Route 7, and decided to investigate. The old lady with the vegetable soup took me in and force-fed me her balsa wood soup, which I tried to spit out but couldn't with her forcing it down my throat. She warned me that a Pokemon named Tornadus liked to cause storms in Unova.

Stepping outside, sure enough I encountered the Pokemon itself, creating a very windy rainstorm. Annoyed by its antics, I had begun chasing it all around the Unova region. Eventually I managed to put it to sleep with Hypnosis, but it STILL fled from me.


I caught up to it again, on Route 5, and Honchkrow struck it with a critical Aerial Ace, reducing its health down to almost nothing. Now that it was asleep AND low on health, it was ripe for capture. I encountered it yet again.

"No more escaping!"

Legendary Pokemon Battle!

Anthony vs. Tornadus

He broke free of the first ball, but I kept up with him on my bicycle, chucking whatever I could at him to try and capture him. He was still somehow sleep-flying, leading me to believe he wasn't really sleeping at all, but I had no way of doing anything about that.

I was running out of things to throw, but eventually I caught him in my final Ultra Ball.

"Ha ha!"

With that out of the way, it was time to do some last-minute training for the Elite 4. Once that was done, I flew back to the top of Victory Road and walked forward toward the league.

Pokemon League

Before me was a large circular podium, with a roof held up by large pillars. To the left of it was a small building, where I healed my Pokemon and stocked up on items for the ensuing battles.

"Okay, it's time."

I stepped into the podium, after the worker instructed me and moved out of the way. Inside was a large statue of a man and a Pokemon, and on the sides of the podium were four archways into four separate buildings. I stepped into the southwest gate.

Inside the gate was a large tower of bookshelves, with several books floating around.

"Whoa, how do they do that?"

I walked forward, and heard a laugh as several ghostly flames picked me up and dropped me at the top of the pillar, where an odd woman with purple hair was typing on a computer.


???: "Yes... this one is perfect! Such a cute pairing!"


???: "Oh! A challenger! Hold on a sec, let me put the last sentence on my fanfic chapter and upload it. It's a nice fic about Burgh and Clay!"


???: "Yep! They're so cute together!"

"Wait, what?"

???: "Come to think of it, you'd make a good character for one of my stories. Maybe with the black haired trainer Alder mentioned."

"Eww, no!"

???: "Aww... Anyway, I am Shauntal, and I shall be your first opponent!"

Elite Four battle!

Anthony vs. Shauntal

Shauntal led with Cofagrigus. The ghost had very high defenses, which made whittling it down with Honchkrow and Lucario difficult, but eventually they took it down.

Shauntal: "You ARE a good fighter! Like my last challenger!"

"Last challenger?"

Shauntal: "Wait a sec... Anthony/N OTP!"

"Leave me out of this!"

Shauntal: "I'm so writing this as soon as one of us wins!"


She got angry and sent her Chandelure out. I retaliated with Omastar, who took heavy damage from Shadow Ball but dealt heavy damage right back with Surf. Since Chandelure was faster it meant it would take Omastar out this turn, so I switched to Typhlosion, who sacrificed himself to fully heal Omastar. Omastar then re-entered and finished off Chandelure.

Shauntal: "You're getting in the way of true love!"

She sent out Jellicent, while I sent out Exeggutor. Sending in a Psychic type to fight a Ghost type may seem weird, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use Exeggutor's new move. Exeggutor destroyed the Jellicent with Leaf Storm.

Shauntal: "Fine, all I have left is this stupid genderless Golurk. Since it has no gender it means it can't be paired up with anyone and that makes me sad and angry!"

"I don't think the Golurk cares about being paired up. It IS genderless."

Shauntal: "I want to pair it with my Jellicent though!!"

Mamoswine used Earthquake to take out a little over half Golurk's health. Golurk then used Curse, depleting the remainder of its health and fainting.

Shauntal: "What?!"

"No offense, but using Curse then was sorta stupid. Even if it did survive, it was your last Pokemon and you cut its health in half."

Shauntal: "Hmm... Aha! I've got it! Golurk/Curse OTP!"

"Wha-?! Wait, nevermind. You do that."

Shauntal: "Bye now! Say hi to Grimsley for me, and ask him about Marshal. They're boyfriends."

"They are?"

Shauntal: "Well, they never said anything but it's SO OBVIOUS! I mean, they work in the same building!"

I left, and entered the next building. It was also ominous, albeit more resembling an ornate castle. A red carpet served as a converyor belt up to the arena. At the top was a man in a red and black suit.

???: "So, you come to my castle! Ah ah ah!"

"You must be Grimsley."

Grimsley: "You guess right! Blaa ah ah ah!"


Grimsley: "I vant to suck your blood!"

Elite Four battle!

Anthony vs. Grimsley

Grimsley led off with a Scrafty. Mamoswine used Bulldoze, but then retreated to avoid being KO'd. I switched to Exeggutor of all things, once again defying type match-ups, and had it use Leaf Storm on Scrafty, almost KO'ing it, but not enough.

"Darn it..."

Grimsley: "Such a succulent neck! I look forward to draining you after this battle!"

"Will you cut it out with that?"

Grimsley: "With vat?"

"You're not a vampire."

Grimsley: "Ah ah ah! You don't know that!"

As he healed Scrafty I switched out to Honchkrow, who used Aerial Ace to deal heavy damage to Grimsley. Scrafty used Sand Attack, but since Aerial Ace never misses Honchkrow easily hit with a second one, finishing off Scrafty.

Grimsley: "That vas just the first one!"

He sent out Krookodile, leaving me to use Omastar.

"Ground against Rock, but Water against Ground..."

Grimsley: "It comes down to who is faaaster! Ah ah ah!"

Krookodile was faster, and took out Omastar. I switched in Honchkrow, who stood there while I used healing items on the rest of my team. Once that was done, I allowed Honchkrow to be defeated and sent out Mamoswine, who handled the Earthquakes while using Bulldoze to slow down Krookodile. How Mamoswine got an entire bulldozer into the Pokemon League was beyond me, but the large yellow vehicle succeeded in slowing down Krookodile, who then got a taste of its own medicine with Mamoswine's Earthquakes, taking it down.

Bisharp was up next.

Grimsley: "Bisharp vants to suck your blood!"

Typhlosion incinerated it easily. Typhlosion then used the speed boost from Flame Charge to outrun Liepard and smash it with Brick Break, though I then had to send in Lucario to finish the job with Force Palm.

Grimsley: "NOOO!"

He turned and played a sinister tune on a large organ, and then jumped into a coffin.


Grimsley: "Leave me alone, I am sleeping!"

I left, and healed my Pokemon. The next room had a starry theme, and I was lifted up to the top by psychic energy.

A young lady with very long hair emerged from a bed and walked up to me.

"You must be-"

???: "Zzzzz..."


Caitlin: "Nnnngh..."

Elite Four battle!

Anthony vs. Caitlin

"...Are you asleep?"

Caitlin: "Zzzz..."

A Pokeball fell from her robe, opening up to reveal a Reuniclus. It was fighting on its own, so it was nervous. Honchkrow used Faint Attack, dodged a poorly-aimed Thunder, and then finished it with a second Faint Attack.

Sigilyph coincidentally fell out next, and I sent out Omastar to fight it. Omastar took heavy damage from Psychic, but dealth heavy damage with Ancientpower, and got the full stat boost too.

"Well, how about that?"

A Full restore fell out of Caitlin's robe, and Sigilyph used it. But it was not meant to be, and Omastar defeated it with a critical Ancientpower.

Gothitelle emerged next, but I wasn't ready to give up a stat-boosted Omastar yet, so I kept him out to deal heavy damage with Surf before falling to Psychic. With that done, Mamoswine followed out, and dealt heavy damage with Earthquake but someone failed to defeat it. Caitlin dropped her second Full Restore, and I did one Earthquake before switching to Honchkrow, sponging the intended Psychic attack. Unfortunately, Gothitelle outran Honchkrow the next turn and struck with Thunderbolt, defeating it. Undeterred, I sent out Lucario, who finished Gothitelle with Dark Pulse.

Caitlin: "Zzzz..."

The final Pokeball fell from her robe, releasing a rather unintimidating Musharna. Typhlosion used Lava Plume, inflicting a burn, but fell to two Psychics. At the same time, Musharna fell to burn damage.

"Aww, nobody gets experience points..."

Caitlin remained sleep-standing.

"Well, uh, thanks for the battle?"

Caitlin: "Leave me alone, I am sleeping!"

I left her room, and entered the final one, where I rode a platform up to a boxing ring.

???: "RAAAAGH!"


???: "Marshal not like puny girl. Puny girl defeat other Elite 4!"



Elite Four battle!

Anthony vs. Marshal


He sent out a Throh, while I led with Murkrow. Murkrow dealt some light damage, but took a heavy hit from Stone Edge. The next hit finished Throh off though.


I switched to Typhlosion, but he fell to a critical Stone Edge.


Omastar entered, and tanked a Karate Chop to bring Sawk down to the red health.


He healed his Sawk, who defeated Omastar. I sent Honchkrow back out, who defeated Sawk with Aerial Ace.

Marshal: "Marshal impressed with puny girl's fight. But Marshal strongest there is!"

He sent out Conkeldurr. I sent out Exeggutor. Exeggutor defeated it with two Psyshocks.


"Chill, it's just a battle!"


He sent out a Mienshao. I kept Exeggutor out, but it fell to a painful U-Turn.


I sent out Mamoswine. I knew it wouldn't stand up to any Fighting moves, but at least if it got in a Bulldoze it would help. Unfortunately, Mienshao took it out with one Jump Kick. Feeling my options becoming more and more sparse, I sent out Honchkrow and used healing items. As cheap as it was, I only won via potion spam and getting lucky after paralyzing Mienshao.

Marshal: "Puny girl fight good. Marshal impressed. You go to Champion's chamber!"

He smashed his fists into the ground, the crack travelling along the ground and all the way back to the central room, where it trigged the statue in the middle to begin to glow. I returned, and stepped on the area around the statue, which caused it to descend downwards...


Another great chapter! I really like the way you wrote the Elite Four.
DarkerShining 11th Jul 12
I laughed through it the whole time. Chapter was hilarious.
rmctagg09 11th Jul 12
Oh god.

The E4 are some hilarious eccentrics XD
PippingFool 12th Jul 12
I really liked Caitlin and Marshal.
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