Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 32: The Tale of Reshiram and Zekrom

Route 9

Baseball Player: "The pitcher throws his first pitch!"

I turned to look at the man, who threw a Fling TM at me, clonking me on the head.


Baseball Player: "And it appears the batter has been struck by the pitch! Take first base!"

I glared at him, and walked down the road. There were motorcyclists and roughnecks lining it.

"This place looks seedy..."

Hustler: "Hey... remember that Dusk Ball I sold you, lady?"


Hustler: "Let's make a deal. If I win this battle, you have to buy my entire stock of Dusk Balls."

"And if I win?"

Hustler: "...I give you money."

"Trainers always give me money."

Hustler: "Are we battling or not?"

I battled him and won.

Hustler: "Who am I gonna pawn all these Dusk Balls off on?!"

There was one good thing about the battle; Omanyte evolved into Omastar, finishing my team's evolution. I used my Blizzard TM to teach Omastar a nice Ice move.

Off the road, I found a long patch of tall grass with a cavern tucked away. There was a Blackbelt guarding the entrance.

Blackbelt: "You're too weak to go in here!"

"Wait, why?"

Blackbelt: "Because I said so!"

"What's in there?"

Blackbelt: "Sunkerns and Magikarp! And in the deepest depths there's ravenous Bidoof! It's awful!"

"That doesn't sound scary at all."

Blackbelt: "They're all large enough to eat you alive, and have power rivaling that of the Champion's team."


I turned away from the cavern, and entered Shopping Mall Nine.

Receptionist: "Welcome to Shopping Mall Nine! You can remember our name like this: 'Done shopping? Nein!'"

She began laughing at her own joke.


Receptionist: "Get it? Since nein is German for 'no', and this is Shopping Mall Nine..."

"Yes, I got it, it just wasn't very funny.

Receptionist: "Buy something or get out."

Young Boy: "On the first floor, they sell medicines. On the second floor, they sell TM's and different kinds of Mail. On the third floor, they sell items for raising stats and battle items. I really admire Mr. Clyde, the Pokemon Gym guide, so I'm practicing being a guide, too!"

"That's nice."

Young Boy: "And I can do this now!"

He made a ball of water float.

"That's, uh... nice too."

I restocked on healing supplies from the first floor, and also battled a Waitress. The second floor sold mostly items I don't need, plus a measly two TM's, both of which were overpriced and not very useful. Mamoswine learned Earthquake after another battle, which replaced Dig.

Worker: "Hey, trainer? You ever hear of the item called Thunderstone?"

"Yes, I have."

Worker: "Here, have a Thunderstone!"

He handed me a free Thunderstone.

"Oh, thanks."


"Wait, wha-"

The mall security pounced on me. One confusion clear-up later, the Worker, who was indeed the same Scientist from Castelia, was finally arrested for fraud and false incrimination. After that, I left, and finished my journey along Route 9 into Opelucid City.

Opelucid City

The city was very advanced and had a techno-feel to it.

Alder: "Hello, Anthony. This way."

He led me over to a Plasmoron presentation, where Dennis was standing before a crowd of Opelucidians.

Dennis: "That's correct! Our lord N will crush you abberant freaks with the power of Zekrom unless you obey us! Thank you."

He left.

Old Man: "Wow, that was incredible!"

Rich Girl: "We should release ALL the Pokemon!"

Hiker: "Dennis 2012!"

Iris: "When do I get to attack them?"

???: "Mmphmmm mmmph."

The second individual there was an older man, tall and powerful, with a large jagged beard covering most of his jaw. It also seemed to be smothering his mouth, judging by his unintelligible speech. Alder and I walked over.

Alder: "It's been a while, Iris and Drayden."

Drayden: "Mmmm mmmph mm."

Alder: "Well put! I see your wit and way with words has not diminished."

Iris: "Hi Alder! Inflict destruction upon anyone lately?"

Alder: "Nothing of the sort. We have an urgent request. Tell us about the legendary Dragon-type Pokemon!"

Iris: "Ooh, I love this story! Reshiram and Zekrom once fought and completely ravaged Unova! It must have been total destruction!"

Drayden: "Mmmmm mm mmmph mmph."

Alder: "I see. I should return to the league to await N. I want you two to take care of Anthony here."

He flew off.

Iris: "You should come to Drayden's house! We'll tell you the full story!"

Iris dragged me by my neck, following behind Drayden. Soon we arrived at Drayden's house.

Iris: "So tell the story, Drayden!"

Drayden: "Mmm-hmmm... mmmm mmmmph mm mmmmph mmm, mmmph mmm mmmphmmmmmph mmph mph Mmmphmmm mmmph. M mmmph mmmphmmmphmmm Mmmphm mmm m mmm mmmph. Mmmphmmm mmmph mmm Mmmphm mm mmph m mmm Mmmphmmm. Mmmm mm mmmphmmmph mmmm mmmmph mmm mmmph Mmmphmmm. Mmm mm mmmph mmmm mmmmphmm mmmphmm mm mmm mmmph mmmph. Mmm Mmmphmmm mmmph mmm mphmph mmphm phmm Mmmphmmm; Mmmphmmm mmmph mmm Mmmphm. Mmm mmmph mmmphmm mmmphm mm mmphmmmmmphm."

Iris: "Ooh, I love this part."

Drayden: "Mmmph mmmphmmm mmmphmmm mmmphmphmmm mmmphmm Mmphmm mmph mmmphmmmphm mmm phmm. Mmm mm mphmmmphmmph. Mmmphmmmphmmmphmm, mm mmph mm mmm ph mmph mm mmm mmmphmmmphmm Mmmphmmm..."

Iris: "Yep. No idea how."

Drayden: "Mmmphmmmphm, mm mmm mmph mm mm mmm mmmph Mmmphmmmphm Mmph."

He left.

Iris: "Got all that?"

"Uh... no..."

She simply smiled before cracking her knuckles and walking over to me. I ran out of the house as soon as I could.


Hehe! Love the way you wrote Drayden, and the story telling part.
DarkerShining 7th Jul 12
Draydon for Pyro.

Let me tell yah 'bout Homestuck magic~
PippingFool 12th Jul 12