Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 31: The Wetlands

Route 8

The rain poured down on my head, and my feet were soaked from sloshing through puddles. As I walked through the marshy ground, I felt something against my feet. I reached down, and fished a Sludge Bomb TM out from the water.

"This can't work anymore..."

Much to my surprise the, disc was fully functioning, and I was able to teach Sludge Bomb to Exeggcute. I continued to walk, and felt something else against my feet. It electrocuted me.

Stunfisk: "U mad, bro?"

Ranger: "That's the wild Stunfisk! That is their unmistakable cry."

I kicked the Stunfisk aside.

Stunfisk: "Trololololo."

Ranger: "That's their other cry."

Eventually, I became frustrated with how behind Exeggcute was compared to everyone else.

"That's it. I'm not waiting for level 47 for it to learn Psychic."

I flew back to Mistralton, and used a Leaf Stone on it. I promptly taught the new Exeggutor Psyshock via the Move Relearner.

"There. Good enough."

I returned to Route 8, and tested my new Exeggutor by having it use Psyshock on a trainer's Ducklett. It was utterly destroyed. I soon reached a large open swamp, and read the sign.

Sign: Welcome to the Moop of Icirrus!

"...Shouldn't that say Moor?"

Ranger: "Sign says Moop."

Moop of Icirrus

Ranger: "The location header never lies!"

My Itemfinder began going crazy.

"Oh, lots of goodies here."

I explored the western portion of the Moor/Moop, and stepped on another Stunfisk.


Stunfisk: "Welcome to the Moop of Icirrus, noob."

Parasol Lady: "I thought this is a Moor?"

"Well, the sign said Moop, but I think that's a misprint..."

Stunfisk: "It's the Moop! That's what the sign says! No point arguing with the sign!"

"Stop that!"

It did not occur to me to question how the Stunfisk population could talk. I sprayed myself with Repel, and the Stunfisk swam away after discharging electricity into me and the Parasol Lady. I then defeated the Parasol Lady's Pokemon in battle.

On the east half of the Moop, I encountered another Ranger.

Ranger: "Go, Emolga!"

"...Okay, time for the ultimate test."

Exeggutor took the Emolga out in one shot with Psyshock.

"Yes! Yes!"

Ranger: "No need to be a sore winner."

Stunfisk: "Yeah. It was just an Emolga. Good luck using that on... Pawniards!"

"There's none of those around here."

Stunfisk: "Not in the MOOP, no, but up ahead... Trololololo."

I wandered through the ankle-deep water and found a Nugget.


Stunfisk: "Ooh, a Combusken nugget?"

"No, a gold nugget."

Stunfisk: "Eat it anyway. Gold is the softest metal. Spinach contains a lot of iron but is still soft(Brotip: Use a magnet to test the iron content as proof). So scientifically, that nugget must be softer than spinach!"

"I'm not eating it!"

It zapped me. Frustrated with the place, I left, a swarm of Stunfisk sitting in the puddle near the exit simply grinning at me as I exited.

Stunfisk: "Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Moop of Icirrus!"

I kicked the sign over.

Route 8

Nothing of interest happened in the remainder of Route 8, aside from a rock-pun spouting lady giving me a Smooth Rock.

"Are you sure you're not one of Team Plasma's sages...?"

Rock Lady: "Rocks aren't a color."

"Eh. Didn't stop Pikmin."

Rock Lady: "What?"


I moved to enter the next area, but Bianca stopped me.


Anthony vs. Bianca

Her Stoutland defeated my weakened Mamoswine, but was defeated itself by Lucario. Her Simipour fell to Exeggutor, Typhlosion defeated Serperior, and Omanyte took down Musharna.

Bianca: "Ha! I win!"


I stepped onto the Tubeline Bridge.

Tubeline Bridge

I looked down through the grating I was walking on at the passing trains.

The bridge was mostly uneventful, but up ahead...


Dennis: "..."

The Shadow Triad appeared on three sides of me and "escorted" me up to Dennis before zipping behind him.

Dennis: "Well, well, well. You found the Light Stone. Congratulations."

"You'd better watch yourself. It holds a very powerful Pokemon."

Dennis: "Oh, it has nothing to do with me. My lord N is the one who wishes to battle your pet."


Dennis: "Nothing will stop us from liberating Pokemon from you stupid people!"

"I've heard you say that a hundred times. I get it by now."

Dennis: "We alone will be allowed to use Pokemon!"

"Wait, you're not liberating your own Pokemon?"

Dennis: "Nope. And you'll never ever awaken the legendary Pokemon!"

"We'll see..."

Dennis: "Why are you so wet?"

"I was just in the Moop of Icirrus."

Dennis: "'Moop'?!"

"That's what the sign said. I figure it's supposed to say 'Moor'."

Dennis: "You stupid... Of course it's the Moor!"

"The Stunfisk there insisted it was the Moop. I don't know-"

Dennis: "Shut up! You're stupid!"

"So now you're being childish."

Dennis: "You Moop!"

"...What? Did you call me a-"

Dennis: "You're a Moop!"


Dennis: "Moop Moop Moop!"

"What is that even supposed to mean?! It's not a word!"

Dennis: "Sorry, I don't talk to Moops!"

"You didn't even know that 'word' until I said it!"

Dennis: "MOOP!!"

He stormed off, the Shadow Triad following behind him.

"What a baby..."


Lol, another great chapter. Those Stunfisk were funny, and I love the scene with Dennis at the end. :P
DarkerShining 6th Jul 12
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You moopy mooping mooper!
EviIPaladin 7th Jul 12
I think a moop is some kind of amphibian.
PippingFool 12th Jul 12
Re-reading this again. lol Seinfeld~
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