Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 24: Dead Mon Tell No Tales

Route 7

Battle Girl: "I am fully charged!"


She lept at me, kicking my in the jaw. She then helped me back up.

Battle Girl: "And if you want to charge yourself up like that too, all you need is this TM for Charge Beam! I like you, so you'll get your first disc free!"

Too bad nobody on my team could learn it. I eyed the very tall grass warily, noticing the odd wooden beams spanning across it. I decided to check the side path and soon found that to proceed I'd have to either trudge through the tall grass or walk across the wooden beam. I chose the latter.

Two seconds after getting on, I fell off to the left of the beam. I got on again, and this time I fell off to the right. Then off forward. Then off backward. Then I fell straight down the next time. Contrary to what some may say, it's still very painful to get hit like that as a female, if different. After laying curled up in pain on the ground for a few minutes, I tried again, and this time was able to get used to my altered sense of balance to cross the beam.

Ace Trainer: "You falling off repeatedly has made me want to challenge you to a rotation battle!"

"No, I hate those!"

Though all of his Pokemon were more powerful than mine, Murkrow paralyzed them all with Thunder Wave, making things more manageable. I still had to go back and heal, though. Which meant crossing the beam again. Which resulted in the second time suffering severe pain this trip.

Ace Trainer: "Haha! Serves you right for defeating me!"

After returning from the Pokemon Center, I proceeded to the Celestial Tower. Skyla must have already gone in. I entered.

Celestial Tower

The first floor was boring, so I went up.


There were large grave-like markers everywhere.

Skyla: "Hi hi!"


Skyla: "This is such a fun place to play!"

She jumped up on one of the tombstones.

Skyla: "Yarr! I'm captain of this 'ere stone ship!"

Psychic: "You. You disrespect the graves of the deceased."

"Hey, I didn't do anything!"

Psychic: "You're letting her do that!"

She sent out an Elgyem to attack me, and I quickly fended it off.

It was after that battle, though, that Swinub evolved into Piloswine.

"Woo! Finally someone else evolves!"

I realized that if I wanted, I could run back to Driftveil and use a Heart Scale to teach Piloswine Ancientpower, but decided to wait until after this Celestial Tower nonsense. I also found a Will-O-Wisp TM, and used it on Quilava.


Skyla: "Oh, next floor already? Okay!"

She lept down from the tombstone and followed me up. She ran ahead, and before long was presumably at the top. I could hear an incessant bell ringing, and all the other trainers in the tower seemed irked by the noise. I went up to the roof.

Skyla: "This bell is fun, huh?"

"Please stop..."

Skyla: "You ring it!"


I did as instructed.

Skyla: "Okay, now we can have our gym battle!"

"Going to be a pain to get back..."

Skyla: "Nonsense!"

She suddenly looped her arms under mine as if to support me, and the small propeller like decoration in her hair began to spin. Soon she took off from the roof of the tower like a helicopter, carrying me.

"AAAAAH! I'd preferred to have walked!!"

She dropped me off rather roughly outside the gym, and ran inside.



Hehe! Skyla sure is funny.
DarkerShining 6th Jun 12
...Is the propeller in Skyla a reference to that In-Game tidbit?

Because if it is, I love you~
PippingFool 12th Jul 12