Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 23: Airpain

Mistralton City

Move Relearner Girl: "So, Lucario can re-learn Dark Pulse. Would you like him to?"


1, 2, and... Ta-da! Lucario forgot how to use Me First. And... Lucario remembered the move Dark Pulse.


Move Deleter: "Hello, young'un. I forget who I am... Oh, right! I can delete your Pokemon's moves! Hahaha! My boss whose name I can't remember says I need to hinder you a little to keep you in check! Wait, was I supposed to say all that? Eh, I forget."


Move Deleter: "With this, your Exeggcute no longer knows how to use Strength! Hahaha!"

"Oh, thanks!"

Move Deleter: "Hahaha, your team is weaker now! Hahaha! Wait, what did I just do? Eh, run along now, miss."

I left, obviously suspicious of the deleter but not quite ready to attribute it to anything other than dementia. Now that Lucario knew Dark Pulse, he could finally serve as a mixed attacker like I've always wanted. I then remembered the man in Driftveil who wanted to see a level 30 Pokemon, and flew back.

Driftveil City

Unfortunately, a nurse was standing right in front of the counter, forbidding me from reaching it.

Nurse: "Whenever we come to the market, vegetables of all seasons are available. Isn't that a marvel?"

"I suppose. I do like some nice vegetables. If you'll excuse me..."

Nurse: "Whenever we come to the market, vegetables of all seasons are available. Isn't that a marvel?"


Nurse: "Whenever we come to the market, vegetables of all seasons are available. Isn't that a marvel?"

"Please move?"

Nurse: "Whenever we come to the market, vegetables of all seasons are available. Isn't that a marvel?"

"Come on. I want to use this counter."

Nurse: "Whenever we come to the market, vegetables of all seasons are available. Isn't that a-"

She was shoved away by the nearby Ace Trainer.

Ace Trainer: "Sorry, she's broken again!"

She led the nurse out to fix her or replace her batteries or something.

Sunglasses Man: "You! Glad you came! You want something good?"

"Yes, please!"

I showed him my Lucario, level 31.

Sunglasses Man: "Oh! Strong! You, great! Take this!"

-Anthony obtained an Expert Belt!-

"Thank you!"

Mistralton City

After returning Sigilyph to the PC, I decided to tour the city. Or, you know, the few sparse houses with trees everywhere that is for some reason called a city.

???: "Oh, hello! You must be Anthony! My daughter has told me many DEPRESSING things about you!


???: "Let me see your Pokedex... What do we have here? So, you've found 80 Pokemon, eh? HOW SAD. You're missing a ton. My name is Juniper, too!"

"Juniper 2?"

Juniper 2: "No, Cedric Juniper!"


Juniper 2: "The Juniper who gave you this OUTDATED AND ENERGY INEFFICIENT Pokedex is my daughter! Let me TRY TO upgrade your Pokedex!"

-Anthony's Pokedex has been upgraded from Standard Pokedex to Charred And Irrepairable Melted Lump of Slag!-

Juniper 2: "Huh. SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT WOULD HAPPEN. You don't need a Pokedex anyway, though..."

???: "Oh, hi!! Who are you!?"

The lady before me had a perpetual grin plastered on her face, and was practically jumping up and down.

"Uh.. I'm-"

Juniper 2: "This is the girl that my daughter ABUSES AND TORMENTS, Anthony, Skyla."

Skyla: "Ooh, that means she'll be challenging MY gym~!"

She began jumping up and down on the spot giddily, as if she had been drinking a gallon of soda before this talk.

Juniper 2: "Skyla's name coloration reminds me of Bianca, DEPRESSINGLY."

Skyla: "My plane is a cargo plane! Wheee~!"

She brought her arms out and began running around imitating airplane noises. Juniper 2 left, walking toward Chargestone Cave and getting stuck in a Galvantula web. He continued to walk against it as if it weren't in the way.

Skyla: "Heads up! I want to battle you, yes, but first I need to go have fun on the roof of the Celestial Tower! Follow me there!"

I figured that I might as well check the tower out anyway. She agreed to wait at the entrance for me and entertain herself by rolling around in the grass. I walked over toward the airfield.


A plane landed right near me, its speed almost sucking me into the wheels.

"And why is that completely open to the public?!"

Tarmac Worker: "Natural selection, my dear ma'am!"


Figuring it was safe as long as I stayed away from the actual runways, I checked the place out, ever watchful of the sky. Why would I risk it? Because there was a Sky Drop TM hidden there, and some other people there seemed fine.

Random Guy: "Planes! Their shapes! They are perfectly designed to fly!"

"Why are you standing out here?"

Random Guy: "There is no excess i-"

He was cut off by a landing plane's wheels rolling over his foot.

"Are you okay?!"

Random Guy: "-n the mechanics of for flying!"

His foot healed itself in seconds.

Tarmac Worker: "See? Generations of people getting mauled by the incoming planes has caused this city's population to slowly become plane-proof."

A plane crashed directly into the worker himself and crumpled against him like an empty soda can, the man not even noticing.

Tarmac Worker: "It is, however, a tad expensive on our plane construction budget."

I found the gym at the end of the tarmac.

"Hey, Clyde."

Clyde: "Can't let you in just yet, sorry!"

"Yeah, I know."

Clyde: "I don't want to have to set up a water wall here! You won't be getting in on my- oh. Okay. Come back with Skyla and I'll gladly let you in!"

I entered the small cargo loading building next to the tarmac.

Lady: "Keepsake!"

She jabbed a Sharp Beak right into the old wound from the Dragonite skull.


Lady: "Keep it, for the sake of the keepsake!"


Lady: "It boosts the power of Flying-type moves!"

I removed the beak, and thankfully no damage was done except for a minor bloodless puncture. I then left, and glared at the lady before closing the door.

I was surprised to see that this city only had two actual houses.

"Some city..."

I decided to rest up before heading to meet with Skyla.


Lol at Juniper 2~
Malgent 3rd Jun 12
Skyla is WEIRD.
Saiga 3rd Jun 12
You can trade in little candy hearts in at Cargo + Skyla is overly hyperactive = She's on a constant sugar rush
Pentigan 4th Jun 12
Juniper Two~
PippingFool 11th Jul 12