Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 22: Master of Magnet

Driftveil City

Finally freed from Cheren (Who lost the gym battle four times), I walked toward the next route. But before I could do that...

Bianca: "HAAAAIII~!"


Anthony vs. Bianca

Lucario threw Herdier against a wall, Exeggcute suffocated Panpour in a tangle of Grass Knots, Murkrow whacked Servine with its wings, and Omanyte Scalded and scolded Musharna until Quilava entered to finish the job.

Bianca: "We should battle again! That was fun!"

"No it wasn't. Leave me alone. NOW."

Bianca: "At least let me give you this!"

-Anthony obtained an HM02 Fly!-

"Oh, wow. Uh... thanks?"

It felt weird being genuinely thankful for something from Those Two Who Shall Not Be Named. I taught Fly to a random Sigilyph in my box (The Sigilyph refused to battle for me, and only serve as a vehicle, which is why I don't use it on my team). With this, all those past areas were now accessible to me once again. Or at least were no longer very inconvenient to go to. I flew to Nuvema Town.

Nuvema Town


I ran from her, ducking into Juniper's lab of all places. I intended to not stick around here long.

"Here you go Juniper look at my dex and then I'll be on my way no time to stop and chat about your latest murders or anything like that!"

Juniper: "You've seen 56 Poochie Monks in the Unova region! HOW COME MY NAME TAG ISN'T COLORED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS IMPORTANT?! Some Poached Minks can only be found in caves! Here! This is a gift to thank you for all your NOT VERY hard work!"

-Anthony obtained a TM54 False Swipe!-

"Okay thanks bye!"

I ran out of the lab and took off on Sigilyph before my "mother" could throw the front door of "our" house at me.

Accumula Town

There was, predictably, nothing here. So I kept going, checking back at old towns and routes. I soon found there really wasn't much to go back for, so I returned to Driftveil and proceeded west.

Route 6

Most Annoying Ranger In The World: "DOHOHO KEEP USING DOUBLE TEAM."

Most Annoying Emolga In The World: *Doubleteamdoubleteamdoubleteamdoubleteam*

"GRAAAH! Hit already!!"

Eventually I beat it, and the levelled-up Swinub learned Ice Shard!

I investigated a Pokeball in the grass, and it revealed itself as a Foongus!

-A wild Foongus appeared!-

I defeated it, and investigated another Pokeball in the grass. The Pokeball attacked too!

-A wild Pokeball appeared!-

It tried to steal my Pokemon, but I ran away in time. I soon reached a small house, where my Pokemon were allowed to rest up.

Young Girl: "Miss! Have this!"

-Anthony obtained a Shiny Stone!-


I sadly had no use for the stone, but I felt an odd compulsion to send all my useful items and Pokemon to an alternate dimension when I was done with this quest, so I hung onto it. I soon approached Chargestone Cave, the entrance of which was blocked with an odd web. I tried to brush it out of the way, but...



The electrical shock must have really distorted my senses, because the whole earth felt like it was shaking. A rock falling down two inches from my head alerted me to reality, though.

Clay: "Oh, there ya are!"


Clay: "Ooh, is that a Galvantula nest? It is!"

He reached toward the web and yanked it out, the electrical charge barely affecting his body mass. He then proceeded to eat the web.

Clay: "Tangy and energizin'! This here TM's yers."

He dropped a TM87 Bulldoze into my hands. He then plodded away, and I taught Bulldoze to Swinub and Lucario. I then entered.

Chargestone Cave

"Ugh, you...?"

I walked toward N.

Suddenly, ninjas on both sides of me!

???: "......Come."

"Excuse me?"

They dragged me over to N.

N: "Oh, hai! Those were the Shadow Triad-"

"I only saw two-"

N: "-THOSE WERE THE SHADOW TRIAD. Anyway, Dennis enlisted them in Team Plasmoron. They're the ones who set that web up."

Chargestone Cave, seven hours ago

Shadow Triad #1: "Stupid bug, come on!"

The Galvantula squirmed in his grasp, as the second Shadow Triad member began squeezing the Galvantula's abdomen, eventually forcing it to shoot out webbing like a gun.

Shadow Triad #3: "Ooh, sparkly."

Shadow Triad #2: "Hey, watch where you're aiming that! Whah!"

Chargestone Cave, present

N: "Good times... Anyway, I like this place. It makes me feel all... tingly. Maybe that's the magnetic field. If people didn't exist this would be an ideal place... You have been chosen, you know. Does it surprise you? I told Dennis about you. He's been stalking you."


N: "Just proceed, we're all waiting up ahead."

I proceeded, and moved to shove a magnetically-floating stone out of the way.

Bianca: "Hey, did you know you could push these?"

"Yes, I-"

Bianca: "Professor, she doesn't know! Come over here!"


She threw a Lucky Egg at my face.


I then shoved the rock out of the way, and proceeded. The two of them followed behind me.

"...Can I help you?"

Juniper: "NO. Klink only started existing a ten-ty years ago!"

"You mean a hundred. And how have you proven that?"

Juniper: "TENTY. And because I SAID SO."

I proceeded without them, and as I crossed a bridge the Shadow Triad appeared.

Shadow Triad #3: "...Com-"

"Oh, so there IS a third one!"

They grabbed me and dragged me to the other end of the bridge.

"Could have done that myself..."

Shadow Triad #2: "Shut up!! We just want some use..."

I proceeded down on my own, and sure enough encountered some Plasmorons.

All of them as I defeated them: "PLASMOROOOOON!!!"

I began to encounter more and more large magnetic rocks.

...Which were affecting me.


I found myself stuck against a rock due to metal objects on my person. Some Joltiks began cheerily clinging to me and draining electricity from the rock through my body.


I squirmed and squirmed before breaking free... and stumbling forward onto the next magnetic rock.


N walked over and eventually pulled me off.

"I seem to be having a lot of trouble with electricity..."

N: "I hate the color gray!"

"Technically it isn't a colo-"

N: "And I hate you because your name is always a medium shade of gray when displayed in battle headers!"

Anthony vs. N

N: "See?! Look at it! Now, go, Rocky!"

I sent out Swinub to face the Boldore. After getting in one Bulldoze, I switched out for Lucario and finished the rock behemoth off with two Force Palms.

N: "Enough messing around! Go, Bugsy!"

He sent out a Joltik.

N: "She's energetic and ready to zap your Pokemon to pieces!"

"I think that's a he."

N: "Nonsense. Bugsy's a girl."

"Maybe you're right. I really can't tell."

N: "Who can?"

"Bugsy's doctor?"

N: "What doctor? Bugsy is a wild Joltik."

"Sorry, was just sorta out of it for a second."

Quilava incinerated Bugsy.

N: "Fine... Now it's up to Spinny!"

The Klink used Gear Grind on Omanyte, inflicting minor damage, but fell to a Mud Shot and Scald.

N: "All I have left is Spike..."

Quilava put the Ferroseed out of its misery.

N: "Aww, I wanted to win..."

Bianca: "Hai Anthony and N!"

Me and N: "Go away!"

Juniper: "I'm joining this party! BLARGHHHARBLARR!"

After that fiasco, I exited into Mistralton City.

Feeling an itch on my scalp, I reached into my hair and pulled out a Joltik.

"Go away."

I threw the bug back into the cave.


Another great chapter. Lol at the random pokeball attacking.
DarkerShining 24th May 12
Joltik is so cuuuute :3 shame you can't use one what with the whole egg run deal.
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Bugsy's a girl?! :P
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Lol @ Bugsy.
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