Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 21: Battle to the Center of the Earth

Driftveil City

I stepped outside of the Cold Storage.

"I hate the rain..."

Cheren: "And while we're still freezing, no less..."

???: "YOU!"


Karate Guy From Chapter 10: "You not only disrespect the Challenge Rock, but you push its cousin into a square-shaped hole?!"

"Oh, uh..."

Karate Guy From Chapter 10: "You and your boyfriend will regret such an actiiiioooooonnnn! TATSUMAKI SENPUUKYAKU!!"

He began spinning through the air at us, duing a hurricane kick. Both of us were pulled into the kick and launched back to the main area of Driftveil.


Cheren: "Owww..."

Cheren got up and dusted himself off, before sneezing.

Cheren: "Okay, extreme cold and tons of rain is making me feel very sick... I'm just going to go lie down for a while..."

I returned to the Pokemon Center myself, to rest, warm up, and dry off. Once that was done, I proceeded toward Clay's fancy-looking gym. Cheren, annoyingly, continued to follow me. Neither of us expected what we saw at the front of Clay's gym.

Dennis, and a whole squad of Plasmorons, were lined up outside. On opposite sides of Dennis were an Eelektross and Bouffalant, both standing up straight and outfitted with sunglasses and bodyguard uniforms.

Dennis: "Clay. It's not a pleasure to meet you, because you're a hideously fat blob."

Clay: "D'awww, come on now. Flattery isn't what you're here for."

Dennis: "You're right. I've come to pick up my useless minions who you captured."

Clay: "Now come on now, you know I can't just release these pris'ners."

Dennis: "If you don't I'll call in an army to level Driftveil!"

Clay: "Hmm... it's a deal! Here's yer buddies.

Zinzolin: "Finally. I'm taking a vacation to Undella for a few days. I need the ultraviolet rays after my stint in that icebox."

"Hey, come on, you can't do that!"

Zinzolin: "But I like the beach-"

Dennis: "You shall not interrupt me, foolish girl!"

His Eelektross bodyguard used two of its claw prongs as a taser and electrocuted me.


The Plasmorons left. Nobody seemed to care that I was spasming on the ground, naturally.

Clay: "Hoo-wee! That there Dennis is quite a charismatic speaker, I must say! So polite! Shame he's not on our side."

While Cheren and I weren't looking, Clay somehow entered his gym. Given the size of the door, I had no idea how he did it. We then entered.

"You can stop following me now..."

Cheren: "We're both going to the same place, and I need you to guide me, so..."

"But your presence creeps me out."

Clyde: "Yo! Champs in the making! ...I've always wanted to say that. Anyway, I've got a special treat for you two today. Water made from melting some Frictionless Ice (TM) from the Cold Storage!"

He handed us the bottles of water, and sent us on our way to the large elevator platform. Cheren pressed the up button, and it rose toward the ceiling. I quickly hit the down button to prevent us from becoming stains on Clay's ceiling, and gave Cheren a death glare.

Cheren: "Sorry... was just wondering if it would actually work."

"Let me press all the buttons, then, okay?!"

We lowered down into an impressive chasm, the bottom too deep for us to see from up here. There were metal railings intersecting the pit at various points, providing walkways between elevators. We walked onto the adjacent one, and were harassed by the first gym trainer. I defeated him.

"Thank you..."

Worker: And just where does the black-haired girl think she's going?! You both need to battle me!"

He healed his mons, while Cheren muttered about gender confusion. I groaned, knowing that now our gym trip would take twice as long. Once he finished, we took an elevator down then a elevator up, bringing us to behind the first trainer. Soon enough, things became a maze of metal walkways, elevators, and battles.

Cheren: "So, what would happen if one of us fell...?"

"...Why would you even ask that?"

Cheren: "Just curious."

"We would die! What would you expect! Unless there was some sort of supercushion down there... Actually, Clay is at the bottom of the gym, right?"

My mind considered this, and began to wonder if it was better to just become a mangled heap of broken bones on the earth floor or to suffocate to death in Clay.

Cheren: "Maybe we should drop a coin or something and see it at the bottom?"


After several battles and elevator rides, it was time to face Clay. One quick trip to the Pokemon Center later...

Worker: "Halt, challenger! You must- Oh, wait, it's you two. Hey, that's cheating!"

We worked our way through the maze again, and stood upon the last elevator. Cheren pressed the down button, and we descended...

And descended...

Past fossilized remains in the walls, and noticeable changes in the coloration of the earth layers.

Cheren: "So why is this an elevator if we're descending...? Shouldn't it be called a de-elevator for now?"

"Please, just close your mouth for a while..."

We reached the bottom. Clay was there, and small rocks were orbiting him.

"Uh... are those your moons...?"

Clay: "I prefer to think of 'em as rings! So, can you guess why I'm so low down here...?"

Cheren: "I think I know! It's symbolic! How you started out with so little, or "at the bottom". It's a reminder."

Clay: "Now what is any of that supposed to mean? I reckon I'm so low down here because the earth ain't supporting my weight!"

Sure enough, one look at the "rising" walls around us indicated that the chunk of floor we were on was slowly being pushed down into the earth.

"Uh... right. Let's do this battle before we sink into the core, okay?"

Clay: "Hoo-wee! This battle will be slicker than a sweaty Grumpig in a grease bath!"

Gym Battle!

Anthony vs. Clay

Clay: "Now let me just get my team out..."

He reached into his fat rolls, and pulled out a wad of cash, some trays of food ("Oh, forgot I had these!" *munch*), and a Plasmoron from the Cold Storage.

Clay: "Now, how did you get in there?"

Plasmoron #7: "One of my colleagues egged me on!"

Clay: "Go on, git! Anyway..."

This time he retrieved three Pokeballs. Clay led off with a Krokorok, and I led off with Swinub. Krokorok began with Torment, giving me a free turn to strike with a critical Icy Wind. Now that the Krokorok was slowed and near-defeat, Swinub used Dig to strike it. Clay made quick use of a Hyper Potion, and the still-fighting Krokorok used Swagger. Much to its continued bad luck, Swagger missed, and Swinub struck with Icy Wind again. Bulldoze hurt Swinub, but she got in one last Dig before fainting. Just to be safe, Quilava used Quick Attack, but regrettably Clay used his second Hyper Potion. Krokorok then took out Quilava in one hit with Bulldoze. Moxie meant it was very dangerous right now, but the lowered speed meant one definite hit could end it for him. Omanyte entered, and delivered that blow with the might of Scald.

Emperor Palpitoad came out next.

Emperor Palpitoad: "The Egg Run... will die. As will your friends, Exeggcute. Good, I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your Grass Knot. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the Clay side will be complete!"

Exeggcute did as instructed, but didn't join the Clay side.

Clay: "I reckon it's 'bout time."

"Time for your trump card, I'm guessing?"

Clay: "No, time for a mid-battle snack!"

He and I both enjoyed some delicious cheese pizzas he baked in an oven he hid in his rolls, and then we resumed the battle.

Clay: "NOW is my strongest pardner! Go, Excadrill!"

"Go, Swinub!"

Excadrill began by honing its claws, but Swinub used this turn to its advantage, slowing Excadrill down with Icy Wind. I then switched out to Murkrow, who was defeated by Rock Slide.

Lucario was up next, and delivered a powerful Force Palm to weaken Excadrill. He then fell in one shot to Bulldoze. But the behemoth was weakened, leaving it up to a revived Quilava to enter in and finish it off with a Fire Pledge.

"Thank you, random blue-haired guy..."

Clay: "Dagnabbit consarnit dangflabbit! Wasn't expectin' to lose at all!"

Cheren: "Wait, are you a cowboy, oil tycoon, planet, or prospector?"

Clay: "Anyway, nice battle, kid. Take this badge!"

-Anthony received the Quake Badge from Clay!-

Clay: "You'll also be wantin' this TM. It's Bulldoze, for setting your foes off'a their feet."

"Oh, thanks, Clay."

Clay: "Hey, I never said you could HAVE it! I want you to meet me outside o' Chargestone Cave later."

"Ugh... Okay."

I moved toward the elevator, but Cheren grabbed my arm.

"Let go!"

Cheren: "You're not leaving now! Please watch me battle! I watched yours!"


No amount of squirming, pulling, or foot stomps seemed to deter him. He refused to let go, and I groaned before taking a seat on a nearby rock.

Gym Battle!

Cheren vs. Clay

It was going to be a looooong day.


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