Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 18: No Haxorus Present

Nimbasa Gym

Clyde: "How about it? I can see you're surprised!"

"Yeah, wow. Wasn't expecting roller coasters."

Clyde: "Roller coasters? I was referring to my haircut!"

"Oh. Sorry."

Clyde: "Wait, there's roller coasters?! Holy crap, I never noticed those!!"

He handed me a Fresh Water as per tradition and then gawked at the roller coasters he never noticed.

I hpped in the first cart and rode it to a platform where a rich young lady awaited battle.

Lady Magnolia: "All of us love using Emolga! Get used to it!"

It was not difficult to learn that Emolga were fast, used Double Team, and had the Static ability, making for an annoying combination. The only good news is that their attacks were fairly weak.

Exeggcute also took on an Emolga, resisting the electricity and using Uproar. I just had to hope they didn't know Flying attacks.

Lady Magnolia gave me a lot of money for winning.

"Hmm... if this gym is full of rich trainers who give out large sums..."


I hopped into the Vs. Seeker-shaped coaster and rode to where Ricy Boy Cody assaulted me with a Blitzle. Thankful for the lack of Flying-type, I had Lucario Bone Rush it to death.

I attempted to hop into the next roller coaster, but there was a Rich Boy who lept out before I could.

Rich Boy Rolan: "MY COASTER! BUY YOUR OWN!!"

I learned the hard way that Blitzles carry Flame Charge, making Exeggcute use dangerous. Thankfully Rolan was too stupid to use it again, instead using Shock Wave on Exeggcute and letting me get an easy win. And lots of money, too!

I hijacked his coaster, and found that it went up a slope and down the other side at an absurd speed.


It stopped abruptly, hitting me against the front of the pod violently.


Maybe repeated rides in that is why Rolan was acting brain damaged? I hopped into the next cart...

...Only to find this one was occupied too.

Lady Colette: "..."


Lady Colette: "You're making it rather cramped in here."

After a rather cramped ride along in the cart (Which included a dizzying loop), we both got out and had our battle. I found that Emolga had a lot of trouble hitting Swinub. The Flying type made it impossible to use Ground attacks though. Now ready to face Elesa, I made one run back to the Pokemon Center for healing. I then approached Elesa.

Elesa: "F1N4LLY. 1'V3 B33N W41T1N6 F0R U, N00B! D1D T3H C045TURZ M4K3 U T3H D1ZZ1N355? LULZ."

"A little."

Elesa: "N0W M4H 1337 P063YM4NZ W1LL PWN U!!"

Gym Battle!

Anthony vs. Elesa

Elesa: "6R0UND TYP35 4R3 T3H HAXX0RS! US3 W4T3R 4ND FLY1N6 TYP35, LMAO."

"Sorry, but no. Swinub, use Powder Snow!"

Elesa: "LOL NEWB. 3M0L64, US3 T3H 4W350M3 43R14L 4(3!"

This was a problem. Aerial Ace was hitting Swinub much harder than Powder Snow hit Emolga. I decided to take a risk and switch to Omanyte, hoping to use Rollout, but all it took was one Volt Switch to finish poor Omanyte. A second Emolga emerged, and I sent out Quilava. This Emolga also switched back out for Emolga number 1.

Elesa: "LOL"

"Make up your mind already!"

It switched out again, for Emolga 2. Annoyed, I sent back out Swinub and healed her with a Super Potion. After more switching, eventually she switched to Zebstrika. Thankfully Lucario was able to cripple the Zebstrika with one Bone Rush, while I switched out mons on my own to keep Elesa on her toes. Pretty soon I began to run out of Pokemon. The best I could say is that thankfully Elesa seemed to forget Flame Charge existed after one use of it, preferring to only use Quick Attack. Until she used it randomly one more time to finish Exeggcute and leave me with just Swinub.

"This doesn't bode well..."

Ultimately, I lost.



I needed a better strategy. Now more familiar with what Elesa has in store for me, I marched back in. I had one thing I had forgotten about, at least...

Elesa: "H3R3 2 63T 0WN3D 4641N?"

"Nope! Let's go!"

This time I led with Murkrow.

Elesa: "LOLFAIL. TRY U51N6 4 N0T-FLY1N6 TYP3."

The Emolga oneshotted my Murkrow, soiling my plan.

"Well, that didn't go as I hoped."

Undeterred, I sent out Lucario. The Retailiate boost helped him deal a lot of damage to the freshly-released Zebstrika.

Elesa: "UR ST1LL 4 N00B."

Lucario used Bone Rush, reducing Zebstrika to very low health. Elesa healed it, and then it defeated Lucario. At least I deprived her of one Hyper Potion?

Exeggcute came out next, and was predictably Flame Charged. Exeggcute endured it and tried to use Stun Spore, but was haxxed out of it. It then became Quilava vs. Emolga, in a big mess of me switching and Elesa using Volt Switch. As important as defeating these Emolgas was, I healed Exeggcute and sent her out against Zebstrika again.

Anyway, it was a long and annoying fight, and eventually Lucario ended up defeating all three of them on his own... Which also put him at a high level compared to the rest of my team.



"Well, I won, so I guess you have to give me-"

Elesa: "HAX!!"


Elesa: "HAAAX!!"


Elesa: "HAX!"


Elesa: "..."


Elesa: "...Fine. I hereby present you with the Bolt Badge."

-Anthony received the Bolt Badge from Elesa!-

Elesa: "And this, too."

-Anthony obtained a TM72 Volt Switch!-

Elesa: "Anyway... U H4V3 B34T3N M3. 60 0N, N00B, 4ND... D0 5TUFF. 1 DUNN0 WH4T 3L53 T0 S4Y, LOL."

I left, happy to have gotten revenge on Elesa but also annoyed by my team's severe strength misbalance.


Lucario: <Maybe I'm just awesome?>
Tangent128 8th Apr 12
You reall should Nickname the Lucario Mr. Steriods.
PippingFool 8th Apr 12
Ah yes, THAT gym. I hated that gym. And it wasn't made any better by my habit of picking the grass-type starter.

Hey, for me, it's practically a sacred tradition, going back to when I first chose Bulbasaur in Red...

(Oh, and Emolga is just broken. The two types negate the other's primary weakness, and I'm pretty sure that the last time we encountered that combo was on a Legendary for a reason...)
Hunter1 8th Apr 12
Simply amazing. That first fight was a complete mess, but you perservered, and struck back strong enough to knock Elesa out of her 1337-speak for a few precious moments! Congratulations, and best of luck for the challenging battles that you have yet to face!
EndarkCuli 9th Apr 12
The Emolga, how I despised them...
rmctagg09 11th Jul 12