Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 17: Not-So-Surprising Twist

Route 4 North Gate

Juniper: "Why hello, Anthony! COME OVER HERE!!"

Cheren: "What is it?"

Juniper: "TAKE THESE!"

-Anthony and Cheren obtained Ultra Balls!-


She left.

"That was hardly worth the interruption..."

Cheren: "For once I agree with you."

Nimbasa City

Old Man: "Help help!"

Plasmoron #1: "We know you run the Day Care!"

Plasmoron #2: "We need you to teach us where Eggs come from!"

Old Man: "What kind of nonsense is this?! Trainer, please help me!"

Plasmoron #1: "Teach us!"

I battled the Plasmorons, and they ran into the amusement park.

Day-Care Man: "Thank you so much! Please take this!"

He reached into his pants and pulled a large bicycle out of it.

"H...How did you do that?!"

-Anthony obtained the Bicycle!-

Day-Care Man: "I have a Day Care on Route 3! We use only bio-energy to run it!"

I recalled the Pokemon on the rotational dynamo.

Bianca: "Heeeeeey, Anthony!"

"Not you!"

Bianca: "There are things to do here!"

"It's a city, I surmised that."

Bianca: "I'm going to the musical!"

She ran off. I decided to look around. The Pokemart was selling TM's. As a TM collector I naturally purchased all I could. They weren't particularly useful TM's, but Thunder Wave on Murkrow seemed nice. I then hopped on my new bike and rode around the city, exploring. A random guy in a house gave me HM 04 Strength, which may help later. In the same house I was given a Soothe Bell, and from the next house a Sun Stone. It was like an intrusive version of Trick-or-Treating.

I then tried to enter the Battle Subway station, but a blue-haired girl darted out and forced a Vs. Recorder into my hands. I then entered.

Guy: "Hi, hi! Please tell me how you introduce yourself before a battle and how you feel when you win or lose."

"Uh, sorry. Not today."

Guy: "Odd choice for an intro. How about winning?"

"No, I didn't mean that."

Guy: "Wow, apologetic over victory? How about losses?"

"You're not getting it."

Guy: "You shouldn't be a sore loser. How about becoming number 1?"

"...Shredded Shedinja."

Guy: "Thanks!"

I walked toward the subway to Anville town and boarded.

Anville Town

There were anvils laying around the town.


Suddenly, an anvil crashed down about two feet from me.


Flutist: "Oh, this happens a lot. We're a dumping ground for them. Just keep your eyes upward."

I entered a house, dodging another anvil. There, a subway guy gave me a Rare Candy he picked up off the floor of the station.

"Uh... thanks."

After leaving I threw the filthy candy away and walked back toward the train. An anvil fell and landed right on my foot.


My lip began to bleed from me biting it so hard.

One ride back to Nimbasa and visit to the hospital later, I exited in Nimbasa City, my foot now in a cast. I hobbled over toward Route 5 for no reason on my crutches, but Bianca grabbed me.

Bianca: "Ooh, nice shoe Ant!"

She poked it with her foot.


She then dragged me by my collar over to the musical hall. Inside, the owner gave me a Prop Case, which Bianca insisted on stuffing into my cast, believing it to be a storage spot.


The man then forced me to dress up my Omanyte. I gave him a top hat and cane and called it a day. Bianca then left.

The only good thing that came out of this trip was a TM for Echoed Voice from a young lady.

Once outside, however...

Bianca: "Hi daddy!"


Bianca: "Aww, you're such a good father. But I'm okay! Anthony wants me to stick with her FOREVER AND EVER!"


???: "LULZ! D0N'T L15T3N T0 T3H F4T M4N!"

All three of us turned to look at the slim blonde lady who approached.


???: "1 4M 3L354! T3H 6YM L34DUR 0F T3H (1TY! 1 4M 4L50 T3H 53XY M0D3L!"

"What was the point of telling us you're a model...?"

Elesa: "TH3R3 4R3 L0T5 OF P33P5 IN M34T5P4(3. 4ND 50M3 4R3 T3H 5T00P1DZ!!! ROFL!"


He began to overheat, before shutting down and falling backwards.

Elesa: "WH00P5. T00 1NT3N53 F0R T3H F4T M4N."

Bianca: "Oh, he does this pretty often."

We left him out to cool down in the Nimbasa air.

Elesa: "50RRY T0 1NT3RRUPT. 1F U TH1NK U C4N M4T(H MY UBER 1337 SK1LLZ, (0M3 T0 MY 6YM L4TUR, KK?"

With that, Bianca left and I was at last alone. I hobbled into the amusement park, where I saw a face I hadn't seen in a while.

Accordion Player: "Hi!"

Besides him.

N: "You're looking for Team Plasmoron aren't you?"


N: "They went this way. Follow me."

He led me onto the Ferris wheel.
N: "...and so Ferris built it at the World's Fair using old subway carts and an army of Combusken. Took him fifty years to perfect the secret formula."

"Uh huh..."

N: "Also I'm the king of Team Plasmoron. Dennis is my advisor."

"Uh hu- Oh. Should have guessed. You do seem Plasmorony."

N: "Yep."

The ride down was rather awkward. We stepped off and two Plasmorons approached.

Plasmoron #1: "My lord N! Certainly you shall teach us where Pokemon eggs come from!"

Plasmoron #2: "Oh, thank heavens you're safe Lord N! Now where do eggs come from?"

N: "Escape while you can, minions!"

Anthony vs. N

N: "Go, Sandy!"

The Sandile groaned at its uncreative monicker, and faced off against my Swinub.

N: "Your Pokemon look happy."

"Uh, thanks?"

N: "Sandy, make them unhappy!"

"Sandy" used Assurance. Swinub was defeated in a harsh battle, but left the Sandile very weak. Exeggcute finished it off.

N: "Go, Fire Friend!"


The unfortunate Darumaka KO'd itself rather than let Omanyte defeat it with a name like Fire Friend.

Murkrow then faced down N's Scraggy, named Pants Lizard. And finally, it was down to N's Sigilyph, Forks. Lucario defeated it.

N: "Who are you guys?"

"We're Star Anthony!"

N: "You'll never defeat... wait, I lost. Oh, well. You're quite strong. But... to make my future a reality, I will defeat the Champion and become the very best, unlike any other! I'll make all trainers free their Pokemon! Just try and stop me!"

I grabbed his arm.

N: "Let me goooo!!!"

"I've stopped you."

He stomped on my cast and ran off.


I jumped around like an idiot for a few minutes. N was gone, but Elesa's gym was right nearby. It was time to gain my fourth badge, I think...


Elesa: T 3 H 3L1T3
PippingFool 7th Apr 12
Another fun chapter. Especially liked the "It was like an intrusive version of Trick-or-Treating." line, and Anville Town being full of anvils.
DarkerShining 8th Apr 12
I was hoping you'd pull the other meaning of anvils for the town. Though this was still pretty funny. Keep up the good work!
EviIPaladin 8th Apr 12
You know, I don't think I've ever been to Anville town.
Saiga 8th Apr 12
Fire Friend! :D
BadWolf21 10th Apr 12