Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 16: Sand: It's Everywhere

Castelia City

I worked up enough fake enthusiasm to drag myself to the Route 4 gate, knowing that if I didn't go there I wouldn't be able to proceed. Sure enough, Bianca was waiting there with a stupid grin plastered on her face.

Bianca: "HAI ANTHONY!"


I scowled, but she didn't notice or chose not to notice.

Bianca: "We're gonna battle right here, right now!"

Route 4 Gate Attendant: "Break the electronic bulletin board and it's coming out of your purses."

"Could we please step outsi-"


Anthony vs. Bianca

She sent out a freshly-evolved Herdier while I led with Lucario. Herdier got in one impressive Odor Sleuth before falling.

Bianca: "See, I'm smarter now! I know that Aerodactyl of yours is an Ice type so I had my Gloom use Shock Wave so that its Water type attacks would work!"


Bianca: "Go, Munna!"

Munna was met in battle by Swinub, who finally got some better use in battle with its brand new Mud Bomb. Nevertheless I still had to switch it out for Murkrow. Murkrow took no damage from Psybeam and finished it off with Thief.

Exeggcute then took on Panpour, weakening it with Grass Knot.

Bianca: "Oh ho ho! Not today!"

She used a Super Potion, which really had no effect except delaying the end of the battle by one turn.

Bianca: "Pansage, use Lick!"

The confused Panpour licked Exeggcute, and received a finishing Grass Knot in exchange.

Bianca: "And now for my final Pokemon! I know this one's name! Go Servine!"

I naturally sent out Quilava, who wrecked Servine with a critical Flame Wheel and grew to level 21.

Bianca: "Time for my last last Pokemon! Go... oh, wait. This one is empty..."

"Please leave me now.

Bianca: "Okay!"

She went away. I proceeded north.

...Only to be shouted at.



I turned and looked at the bulletin board, or what was left of it.


Route 4 Gate Attendant: "THAT WILL BE [insert obscenely high price in Pokeyen]! WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT?!"

"I'm sorry! I... I don't have enough money to pay that!! And it's Bianca's fault too! Why didn't you stop her!? Her Panpour is even the one who broke it!"

Route 4 Gate Attendant: "Because you look loaded! Pay up, miss, or I'll report you!"

"I can't!"

She lept over her counter and ran shrieking at me. I sprinted into the desert and hid behind a girder until she left.

Route 4


Sand everywhere.

Sand in my face.

Sand in my eyes.


I saw Cheren up ahead.


I went off the road, hoping to find a way around Cheren. I found a house with a nice lady who healed my Pokemon, and a small "lake" that had become mud due to the sand blowing into it. Fishermen were nevertheless fishing in it.

Fisherman Andrew: "Whoa, it's a big one!!"

He pulled up a large clump of sand.

Fisherman Hubert: "You gonna feed yer family with that one?"

Fisherman Andrew: "Sure am!"

I continued to explore this west section, my eyes stinging from the sand the whole time. There were a lot of annoying construction workers up ahead, but also some nice items. My final reward was a TM 41 Torment that is pretty useless to me.

Realizing there was no way around it, I went up toward Cheren.

Cheren: "Hello? Who's there? Lack of glasses plus sandstorm equals total blindness!"

"Uhh... It's-"

Cheren: "YOU! Give me my new glasses! I have no idea where I am but the sand hurts! And the glasses would shield my eyes somewhat!"

"I don't have new glasses, sorry."

Cheren: "Then go get me new ones!"

"...Or what?"

He stood there, unable to see at all, and I walked past him.

Cheren: "Oh, no you don't! I know you're running away!"

Anthony vs. Cheren

I sighed, and led off with Murkrow against his Pidove. After that it was Exeggcute versus Dewott, because I'm a troll when it comes to type matchups. However, I was surprised by Fury Cutter. Exeggcute still brought Dewott to low health, and then I switched it out for Quilava, who fell to Razor Shell. The sandstorm then finished Dewott for me.

I then sent out Omanyte, who faced Liepard. Omanyte began to use Rollout, but was Tormented. Interestingly, Rollout continued despite the Torment, and it also finished off Cheren's Pansear when he sent it out.

Cheren: "Why can't I win!?"

"It could be your lack of skill..."

Cheren: "Or maybe-"

Our X-transcievers rang.

Both of us: "Hello?"

Juniper: "LISTEN TO ME!!"

Cheren: "Wha?"


Cheren: "She makes a persuasive argument. Now IF ONLY I COULD SEE WHERE I'M GOING!"

I offered him his glasses again, but he walked off. I returned them to their home and followed him north.

The rest of the desert path was pretty sandy and painful, with some trainers lining the way and items to be found. Also, lots of wild Pokemon hiding in the sand, including a Sandile that bit my foot.


I fought some trainers, of course, including a Backpacker named Jill. She was the master of unlocking her Pokeball, and I made a sandwich out of her Petilil.

At some point I must have gone off track, because I soon found no road under my feet. Pretty soon I was in a vast, barren desert.


Doctor Jerry: "You look weak... hmm, yes. I prescribe a BATTLE!!"

Lucario beat his Solosis up with Bone Rush. Where Lucario got a bone from, I'll never know.

Doctor Jerry: "Healing time!"

I soon realized I could use this guy like I did the nurse outside Pinwheel Forest. Some really weird Psychics harassed me. I also battled a lot of annoying Backpackers. Pretty soon I stumbled upon what appeared to be the remains of a building. Numerous blue daruma-like statues rested outside it. I entered.

Relic Castle

This place was pretty cool looking. Sandy floor, some Psychics to battle, and odd conical depressions in the sand...?

Backpacker: "These fossils are heavy. Could you please take one?"

"Wait, you're just giving me a fossil for free?"

Backpacker: "Uh-huh."

"Uh... I'll take that flat cover one."

-Anthony obtained a Cover Fossil! Not that he/she'll be using it!-

I then turned to leave... and stumbled into a pit.


The sand slowly pulled me toward the center.


Pretty soon I was being pulled down through the bottom, eventually buried up to my neck and still sinking. I realized it was the end of my life and I was going to suffocate to death in the sand. I fell through... and fell down to a lower floor.


I happened to land butt-first on an Elixir, too, which kinda hurt. After brushing off as much sand as I could, I exited and wandered back to the main road of Route 4. I was utterly covered in sand still, from the sandstorm and the pit I sunk in. It was really, really uncomfortable, and just to cement it I fell down in sand on the way out.

Sand. Sand everywhere. Sand in my hair. Sand in my eyes. Sand in my clothes. Sand in places I never thought one could have sand. Sand in regions I didn't even have until I became a girl. Sand in my very soul!


Sand everywhere? So there's sand in the sand? :P
strawberryflavored 7th Apr 12
Wow, great! 7th Apr 12
Heh, nice RE reference there.
Hunter1 7th Apr 12
Yay, RE reference that I wouldn't have understood until like a week ago :P
Saiga 7th Apr 12
Sand within sand? Sandception.
EviIPaladin 8th Apr 12
Yo dawg. I heard you like sand, so I put sand in your sand, so you can sand while you sand!
BadWolf21 10th Apr 12
Going by the anime, they make those bones out of Aura.
rmctagg09 11th Jul 12