Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 15: The Evils of Combee Puke

Castelia Gym

Clyde: "What do you think of Castelia City? I bet you're worn down from all the walking and harassment. This will help. Take it!"

He gave me my third bottle of water.

Clyde: "The theme of this gym is walking through walls."


Clyde: "The honey walls! You can go through them!"





I will not enjoy walking through globs of it. Sure enough, the first thing I faced was a wall of honey.


I pushed against it, the honey getting all over my hair and clothes. By the time I escaped out the other side, I was all sticky and globby with honey.


Even the normal walls had honey dripping down them in disgusting globules.

Harlequin: "Battles in Castelia Gym are pure art!"

"No, they're not! This place is filthy!"

Harlequin: "You just can't appreciate honey, honey."


Pretty soon I passed through my second honey wall. This time the vile yellow slime got in my mouth. I spent the next minute or so wretching and trying to use Clyde's water to rinse the taste out. Then a third. By this point I looked like a pile of honey with a vaguely human shape underneath. After shaking off a lot of the honey, I finally opened the path to Burgh.

Burgh: "Welcome! You, uh... seemed to have some trouble with the honey."

"You could say that... You seemed to have trouble with Iris."

Burgh's left arm looked twisted at an awkward angle and his lip was bleeding a little.

Burgh: "I do not wish to speak of her. Anyway, thanks again for your help. My Bug Pokemon are scurrying with excitement about getting to battle you."

"Do they even know about me?"

Burgh: "Not really. But let's get straight to it!"

Gym Battle!

Anthony vs. Burgh

Burgh led with Whirlipede the curlipede. I led with Murkrow.

Burgh: "Flying types, huh? ...Cheater."

Murkrow easily took Whirlipede down with a pair of Wing Attacks.

Burgh: "Go, Dwebble!"

"Go, Omanyte!"

Burgh: "Now you're just fighting to win and not have fun."

"No, considering the gauntlet of disgusting walls you made me walk through crushing your Pokemon is VERY fun."

Dwebble flung sand into Omanyte's eyes, but it didn't save Dwebble from being nearly defeated by one Water Gun. Burgh quickly healed his Dwebble, but a second Water Gun took it right back to where it was before.

"You basically just wasted 1200 Pokeyen."

Burgh: "I'm WELL AWARE of that..."

He then used his second Hyper Potion. Again, it was a waste.

"Hee hee hee."

This time Dwebble used Smack Down, dealing light damage to Omanyte, before falling to another Water Gun.

Burgh: "I guess it's down to Leavanny."

"I should send out Quilava."

Burgh: "Seriously?! You're going to use a Fire type?"


Quilava growled at the final foe, Leavanny. Leavanny made a valiant effort to launch Razor Leafs at Quilava, dealing light damage. Quilava then used Flame Wheel. Surprisingly, Leavanny withstood it and used a second Razor Leaf, weakinging Quilava. Its final stand was not to last, and one more Flame Wheel knocked it out.

Burgh: "Well, that was dumb. Way to suck the fun out of the battle."

"Can I have my badge? I'm sorry, but the scent of the honey is driving me insane. And I thought you were sane..."

Burgh: "I am! You're the insane one for not liking honey!"

-Anthony received the Insect Badge from Burgh-

Burgh: "You'll also want this. I didn't get a chance to use it in battle because somebody was a Stop Having Fun Girl, but here you go."

-Anthony obtained a TM76 Struggle Bug!-

I then thanked Burgh and turned to leave, and got stuck in the honey wall.

"Aaargh! It's as if it's eating me!!"

Burgh walked over and began pushing me out. He successfully pushed us through the honey, but then we had to spend the next fifteen or so minutes trying to unstick ourselves from each other.

"I told you honey is evil!"

Burgh: "Okay, so it is."

We awkwardly exited, getting to the front of the gym and getting Clyde to dissolve the honey. Now free from both the honey and Burgh, I exited, thankful for my nostrils to have the city air in them instead of the sickeningly sweet gunk.

My Xtransceiver began to ring.


Bianca: "Hey there! Where are you now? I want a Pokemon battle!"

"Ugh, no..."

Bianca: "I'm just going to block Route 4 until you battle me!"

I hung up in frustration. Seeing Bianca or Cheren made my day go from "not my day" to "walking nightmare".


"Now you're just fighting to win and not have fun" made me laugh. Poor Burgh.
Saiga 25th Mar 12
But Burgh wanted to just have a little fun after his near-death experience with Iris. Why couldn't you just indulge him? :P
EviIPaladin 26th Mar 12
Stop having fun, Burgh. o3o
Hobgoblin 27th Mar 12