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Chapter 14: Castelia: City of Theft and Flashers

Crossing Sky Arrow Bridge was impressive. The view was gorgeous. Shame there was nothing to do on it but run to the other side.

Castelia City

This city was huge! The first thing I did was walk onto a dock.

Scientist: "Guess what I found!!"


The scientist got teary eyed.

Scientist: "It's... it's a rock!!"

"Oh, uh... congratulations?"

Scientist: "I want you to have it. Please, take it."

-Anthony obtained the Leaf Stone!-



One visit to the detention center and repetitive questioning later, I was let free, now much more cautious about accepting free items. I entered a building, where a janitor warned me that the people on the upper floors would try to battle me on sight. My Pokemon could use the experience so I entered and fought my way up.

Random Clerk: "No battle from me, just Quick Balls and Timer Balls!"

He shoved the balls into my bag and continued aimlessly pacing the floor.

"Thanks... You aren't going to call police now are you?"

Random Clerk: "Hey, that's a good idea! HELP! PO-"

Omanyte hit him on the head with Rollout and knocked him out. None of the other clerks cared, because they only cared about battles.

I battled my way up to the top of the building, where the same janitor from earlier was sitting at an impressive desk.

Janitor: "Oh! You are the Pokemon Trainer I met at the entrance! You've come this far. That means you must be quite strong. Are you prepared to face the strongest person in this building? Are you prepared to face the chairman? I accept your challenge!"

Anthony vs Janitor Geoff

He led off with Trubbish while I sent out Swinub. Swinub used Mud Slap, which did very little damage but lowered its accuracy. Eventually Trubbish couldn't see at all and Swinub whittled it down with attacks until it fainted.

Geoff: "You've made quite a mess with your mud! For that, Minccino will clean you up like a stain!"

I kept Swinub out so she could Rock Smash the Minccino. However, Minccino dealt severe damage with Doubleslap and I had to switch Swinub out after she took off half the Minccino's health with a Rock Smash. Omanyte was sent out.

Geoff: "You're gonna clean up your mess of Pokemon after mine are through with them! Ho ho ho ho!"

Omanyte finished the Minccino off.

Geoff: "I'm not really a janitor, I'm the chairman!"


Geoff: "If I give you this Experience Share will you promise not to tell my boss I'm pretending to be him again?"

"Oh, thanks!"

-Anthony obtained an Exp. Share!-

"This could be useful..."

Truth be told, Swinub was having a lot of trouble due to only having weak attacks and low stats. So the Exp. Share would help. With this building defeated, I exited and roamed the streets to explore more. First I explored the Game Freak building! It... was pretty boring aside from one dude claiming to be a Snorlax. The next building was pretty empty, but a Hiker gave me a Rest TM! I'll probably never use it, but it's COLLECTABLE!

At the center of the city, a Dancer asked me to find two more dancers for him, so I began my hunt down the next street. I was disappointed to find that the Castelia Cones were sold out! I then wandered into an alleyway.

???: "Hhhhwachaaaa!"

A creepy looking man lept out from behind a dumpster and proceeded to flash me.


He then threw a Flash TM at me before skipping away to molest other passerby. Once the scarring image was out of my head I put the TM into my TM case and entered a cafe. The guy gave me a Lemonade, which was nice. And then I found a dancer! Then I went down to one of the piers, because I remembered seeing another Dancer there. Sure enough, he joined the dancing team too. Now I just had to follow him there. As I turned to leave...

Scientist: "It's the theif! THIEF!!! YOU STOLE MY LEAF STONE!!!"

"You gave it to me!!"


I simply ran from him as he tried to catch me. The good news is that my adventure so far, while short, had involved a lot of walking. This scientist was out of shape. On the other hand, I wasn't used to running, especially not since being a girl altered my sense of balance. I fell over several times while running, but so did he. It was the spazziest chase ever. I then recieved an Amulet Coin from the dancing trio. With that done, I explored the north street of the city. I wanted to see it all before challenging Burgh.

Bouncer: "Hold it lady. If you want to go up I'll have to pat you down first."

I stood uncomfortably as he patted me down.

"...A-are you quite done yet?"

Bouncer: "All good. Just a pair of glasses hidden in your bra. Go on up."

I went up, feeling somewhat violated. I also reminded myself that the glasses were starting to feel uncomfortable there. But if I hid them elsewhere Cheren might get them back, and we can't have that.

Host: "Welcome to my party!"

"Your bouncer is too... enthusiastic..."

Host: "Bouncer? We don't have a bouncer..."

"Bouncer": "Ehehehe..."

He exited the building, and proceeded to discard his disguise.

Alleyway Flasher: "Ehehehe!"

He once again skipped merrily away to go bother everyone else in the city.

I decided not to let it bother me and proceeded to talk to the people.

Random girl: "ATTRACTION!"

"Excuse me?"

She handed me a TM for Attract.

Random girl: "I actually taught myself that move. Makes getting guys so easy... Heh heh heh..."


Maybe she and the bouncer would get along well as a couple. Putting the Attract TM in my case, I exited and went across the street.

Name Rater: "Hmm, hmm! Allow me to rate your Pokemon's nicknames!"

He took a long look at my nicknameless Pokemon.

Name Rater: "That sounds very good! It's a very "you" sort of name! It must have taken a lot of effort to name these Pokemon..."


I got into the elevator.

"Why do these elevators only take me up to arbitrarily numbered floors?"

Up there, some clown (No, really, he was a literal clown) told me about locks and capsules. I'm sure I'll never see him again because I'm sure Game Freak will never ever do anything about TM95.

Now having explored thoroughly, I headed toward the gym. As I moved to enter, Cheren stumbled blindly out.

Cheren: "Anthony! Is that you! I want glasses! NOW!"

"No, because you're still going to harass me if I give you glasses! AND you'll be able to follow me more efficiently!"

Cheren: "Give me my glasses!"

"...Sure thing!"

Cheren: "Not THOSE ones! They've been places where I will never accept them from!"

"Then buy new ones yourself and this time don't try to shove chalk up my nose!"

Cheren: "I'll get you some day!"

He stormed off.

Burgh: "Ah, you're the one who fought the Plasmorons in Pinwheel Forest! The girl with the boy name, Anthony! I know you want to challenge the gym, but supposedly the Plasmorons are here! You and I are going to go stop them!"

Seeing as he was one of the few sane people in the world, I more than happily tagged along behind him. At the docks, we met up with Bianca and a young girl.

Burgh: "Team Plasmoron stole this young lady's Pokemon."

Bianca: "How could I say no? They were offering me free grooming for my Pokemon!"

???: "I ran after the thieves as fast I could, nya. But city's too big..."

Burgh: "You did everything you could, Iris."

Iris: "But.. stealing is wrong wrong wrong!"

Bianca: "I don't know if I want them back, they smelled bad."

Burgh: "Anthony and I will get them back, right?"


Plasmoron: "Good luck finding us! Ha! Like you could find even a single member of us!"

Burgh: "Anthony, let's go!"

We chased the Plasmoron while Iris stayed by Bianca.

Iris: I'm gonna be your bodyguard hat!"

She climbed up and sat on Bianca's head.

Burgh and I reached their "hideout", which was directly across from the Gym.

"Wow, that's stupid."

Plasmoron: "Shut up!"

I took the center Plasmoron while Burgh handled the other two. We both won easily.

Plasmoron: "This is bad... Badbadbadbadbadbadbad! Bad for Team Plasmoron! Or Plasbad, for short!"

(No, I will not change that dialogue because it is too awesome to change.)

Iris and Bianca arrived, and the four of us chased the Plasmorons into the building.

Dennis: "My word, if it isn't Burgh."

Burgh: "What exactly is the guiding principle of Team Plasmoron, anyway? 'Run around like idiots and steal stuff'?"

Bronius: "Orange you amused we decided to build the hideout right in front of the gym? The fact that we were detected so soon really browns my biscuits though..."

Dennis: "Indeed. No matter. This place reeks of Magost Berry anyway. I HATE Magosts!"

Iris: "You... you FIEND!!"

Dennis: "I should just say that we plan on bringing back Zekrom. Because you're all heartless monsters who don't deserve your Pokemon. Wouldn't you all agree?"

Burgh: "OBJECTION!! Everyone has a different way of life! But we all care about Pokemon! Remember your speech in Accumula? It strengthened my bond with my Pokemon!"

Dennis: "Hmmph. Return the girl's Pokemon."

Bianca: "Aww, no, come on, it's ugly and stupid..."

Dennis: "The friendship between Pokemon and people can be very touching. But, since you're all fools, we're reviving the legend of Unova. So buh-bye!"

They all absconded.

Iris: "...Burgh?"

Burgh: "Hmm?"

Iris: "You know they had taken one of my Pokemon once... Why did you not arrest them?"

Burgh: "Ooops... We should have stopped them, they probably have more than just Bian-"

Iris dragged Burgh outside and we could hear some rather painful sounds and screaming from Burgh.

Iris then walked back in, smiling sweetly.

Iris: "Here you go, Ant!"

She handed me a Yache Berry.

Iris: "See you!"

I decided to go check to see how Burgh was doing, at his gym. After all, I could battle him there, no?

Geoff: "This is Geoff. Do you copy?"

Accordion Player: "Loud and clear. What about you, boss?"

???: "Just fine..."

Geoff: "The girl was just here. She's getting stronger."

???: "Hmm... I must see her for myself. She will come here. And then I shall evaluate her personally..."

Accordion Player: "I wish you the best of luck, sir. We must keep a close eye on her, but she cannot be allowed to uncover our conspiracy."

Geoff: "Indeed. I must go now."

Accordion Player: "Over and out as well."

???: "Hmm... what kind of trainer are you, Anthony...?"


The mystery DEEPENS
PippingFool 24th Mar 12
You know far too many colour puns...
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Zinzolin is going to be a pain. Not many puns you can make with the color purple.
Anomalocaris20 24th Mar 12
"Browns my biscuits" is a wonderful phrase.
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I always knew that Geoff was just a crazy janitor. >_>
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