Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 13: Beware The Forest Plasmorons

Pinwheel Forest

The nurse outside the forest would become a valuable asset, I could sense it.

Burgh: "There are a few ways out of Pinwheel Forest. The road that goes straight and the path that winds through the woods. One could also theoretically tunnel through the ground and emerge outside the woods, or even fly above the woods. Failing that, there is also teleportation. I will take the straight road after them! If they're not there, I'll block the exit."

He went off, and I decided to follow the straight road first to battle some trainers. You'd think they'd care about the Plasmorons in the area. Maybe NPCs just don't care about anyone unless they walk in their line of sight. Furthermore, if the Plasmorons had to cross in front of them to get deeper into the forest, why didn't they get battled? Unless I just happen to be a battle magnet...

I was assaulted by Plasmorons once I went off the path, naturally. Why couldn't Burgh have gone this way...? For all my whining, it wasn't as if the Plasmorons were competent in battle.

Plasmorons as I defeated them: "PLASMORONNNNN!"

As I fought, I occasionally returned to the nurse and made her heal my Pokemon. On one case I also needed her to heal me because I tripped over a root and cut my shoulder on a branch. She seemed annoyed about that one.

Female Ranger: "SURPRISE BATTLE!"

"AAH! Don't do that!"

She had been hiding in a small shrub and lept out.

"Did you have to do that? Seriously?"

Female Ranger: "Yup! Eat broccoli!"

Swinub tried to freeze the Pansage but got whipped. I was forced to switch to Quilava, who incinerated it rather easily. Unfortunately, Quilava got paralyzed in battle.

The ranger then gave me a Chesto Berry.

Thinking I was safe, I walked on... only for another ranger to pull the exact same stunt but with a Panpour. After getting over my second heart attack of the day, I had Exeggcute use Bullet Seed to oneshot the Panpour.

As I walked on and fought another Plasmoron, I walked up to a shrub and kicked it.

Shrub: "Ow!"

"Hah, knew it. Two of your friends pulled the same stunt."

Suddenly, a second shrub popped up as a Ranger.

Ranger: "What's going on here?"


Shrub: "You're a meanie!"

The shrub, a real shrub and not a disguise, cried and ran off.

Ranger: "For making that plant cry, I will battle you!"

I beat up his predictable Pansear and pressed on. I found a Grass Knot! And then I found a TM86 Grass Knot! I taught it to Exeggcute naturally. Soon I confronted a grunt who seemed to be the one with the skull. I could tell because he was wearing it on his head like a helmet.


We battled. I won.

Plasmoron: "Fine! Take your stupid skull!"

He threw it at me, the spike on top puncturing right around my right shoulder and right breast.


My Murkrow proceeded to use Wing Attack on the Grunt himself.

???: "How are you holding up, fellow subject of our king? Feeling somewhat blue?"

Grunt: "Gorm of the Seven Sages!"

"Thanks... for the expository... sentence."

Grunt: "That bratty girl stole my skull!"

Gorm: "It looks more like you stabbed her with it... We can afford to abandon the Dragon Skull. I don't mean to make you more blue, but it isn't the legendary Pokemon for which Team Plasmoron is looking. Now then... young girl, I will have to make it so you can't interfere again."

Burgh: "Not so fast! I spy with my little eye an important looking guy! Hey, that was a triple rhyme!"

Gorm: "Sacre bleu!"


Gorm: "I could talk until I'm blue in the face, but I know I won't get through to you. We will settle this someday. As long as the sky is blue, Team Plasmoron will fight for Pokemon liberation!"

Burgh: "So then you aren't active at night...?"

He and the grunt left.

Burgh took me back to the nurse, who was once again annoyed to do work on a human. He then departed back to his gym, and encouraged me to follow.

I decided to hang back a bit. I needed some rest.


PippingFool 18th Mar 12
Aww, poor Swinub doesn't seem to be doing well.
Saiga 18th Mar 12
Yeah, she's having a bit of trouble. Weak attacks and low defenses. However, the Bulldoze TM will help her a lot, and I think I get Earthquake in-game? Exeggcute might have trouble, actually, due to limited level-up movepool and very slow growth rate.
Anomalocaris20 18th Mar 12