Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 9: Team Plasmoron Strikes! Kinda!

Old guy: "Wow! It's a shiny Gym Badge! Shiiiiiinyyyyyy~"

I walked past the old man guarding Route 3, but he followed, staring at the pointy new badge I had. Swinub used Powder Snow on him, dissuading him from further following.

Route 3

There was a day care! In the back a Cottonee and Minccino were running in circles on a dynamo, using their infinite circular running energy to power the day care center. I decided to go into the playground and beat up preschoolers and aides for money. Because that's what cool guys/girls like me do. Swinub shot snow, Cyndaquil shot fire, and Exeggcute shot noise.

Preschooler: "Take this! Hyper Beam!"

"Yeah, sure, like yo-"

His Pansage let loose a Hyper Beam, thankfully missing my Exeggcute. It blasted me, however, against the fence. After recovering, I let Exeggcute Uproar it. I then rested myself and the Pokemon up in the nearby preschool-like structure.

I then left the preschool.

Cheren: "Anthony, stop! Get me new glasses!"

"But you tried to shove chalk up my nose!"

Cheren: "And you were very uncooperative! I expect an apology for that, too!"

"I still have your glasses, you know."

Cheren: "I don't want them out of there! Get me new ones!"

"Will you harass me further?"

Cheren: "Of course!"

"Then no!"

Anthony vs. Cheren

Cheren still only had 2 Pokemon, compared to my 6. It was a curbstomp.

Cheren: "Of course you won. After all, I CAN'T PROPERLY SEE THE MATCH!"

I pulled his glasses out and offered them to him.

Cheren: "NO!"


I returned them to their new home.

Suddenly, Plasmorons! They ran by, tripping over each other no less than twelve times. Bianca followed behind, stopping at us. She was dragging a preschool girl by her neck, the girl squirming the whole way.

Bianca: "They stole this girl's Pokemon!"

Girl: "No they didn't! You're scaring me, miss!"

Bianca: "Can it! You two need to go get her Pokemon!"

Girl: "But miss, I wanna go home!"

Bianca: "SHUT UP, GIRL. Go, now! Save them!"

Since Bianca wouldn't let me proceed, I followed Cheren. We entered... Wellspring Cave.

Wellspring Cave

A Plasmoron was blasting an awesome theme throughout the cave on her boombox.

Plasmoron 1: "Why are you following us?! We didn't take anything!

I battled the male grunt, whose sole Patrat was obliterated by Murkrow.

Suddenly, more Plasmorons!

Plasmoron 3: "How troublesome."

Plasmoron 4: "There's two of you and two of us."

"Oh, no, I can see where this is going..."

Double battle with icky Cheren as my ally! Even with Cheren weighing me down, we won.

Cheren and the Plasmorons left, but I waded further into the cave for an item. I was harassed every step of the way by angry Pokemon.

-Anthony got TM46 Thief!-

I taught Murkrow Thief to replace Haze.

Route 3

Bianca: "Thanks so much, Anthony! You got her Pokemon back!"

Girl: "But-"

Bianca: "Give the nice lady a present, girl! Now!"

Girl: "Eep!"

She shoved some Heal Balls into my hand. Bianca then dragged her away by her neck again. I proceeded south along Route 3. Cheren warned me of the evils of darker grass, and I fought a few battles. Mostly uneventful. Swinub learned Mud Slap though.

After some more fighting, I reached the quaint Nacrene City...


I... didn't even know Exeggcute learned Uproar, let alone started with it. In fact, I don't know the learn sets of anything but Cyndaquil so it sure will be interesting to see what happens.
Saiga 11th Mar 12
So this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside-down. So while your sittin' in your chair, stairin' at the screen. I'll tell yah the story how I became the Duke of Nacrene...
PippingFool 12th Mar 12
So much lol @ Bianca and at Fool's rhyme. xD
Hobgoblin 12th Mar 12
Still amazingly funny. And, hey! Someone was nice enough to give you some egg moves!
Pulse 12th Mar 12
Nope, no egg moves! Those are verboten; don't want them to start off with powerful moves. All of them started with only the moves they'd know at Level 1. Exeggcute just happens to start with Uproar.
Anomalocaris20 14th Mar 12