Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 8: The New Team


I had given up. My horde of Lillipup and my Ganonpork all snatched away from me by some creep. All I had left was 6 eggs of unknown origin and a broccoli monkey who refused to do anything except help raise the eggs once hatched.

I puzzled and puzzled 'till my puzzler was sore. And then, I thought of something I hadn't thought before.

With the help of a foreign Ponyta who refused to battle, the eggs were hatched one by one, and a new team would be formed. A new team to gather gym badges, battle Plasmorons, and investigate why I'm here or why I'm female all of a sudden. I then spent a few hours buffing the hatchlings up in strength. If this were a video game, I'd approximate their levels to be 11 or 12, with one of them getting greedy with a weakened Audino and Quick Attack, and shooting from 1 to 15 in one fight. He won't be used as much so the others can catch up.

I was ready.



Sex: Female

Nature: Relaxed


Sex: Male

Nature: Modest


Sex: Female

Nature: Timid


Sex: Male

Nature: Jolly


Sex: Male

Nature: Mild


Sex: Female

Nature: Rash

We dashed away from the Dreamyard and onward to Route 3!


Hmm, I'm actually rather impressed with the team selection; it seems rather well balanced with no real offensive move type overlaps...
Hunter1 6th Mar 12
Aawww Yeah.
PippingFool 6th Mar 12
3 Gen 2s, 2 Gen 1s, and a Gen 4... Interesting... Also, that Cyndaquil is going to be a monster.
EviIPaladin 6th Mar 12
Not as much as Exeggcute will. Nature isn't perfect, but boy is it tough.

And also, I had requested that my 6 donors collaborate to give me a decent mix. Hence having a balance of types and a 50/50 split of Physical and Special.
Anomalocaris20 6th Mar 12
Wait, no, 2 physicals and 4 specials.
Anomalocaris20 6th Mar 12
I find it rather hilarious that the two male Pokemon you got were both ones with a 87.5 Male rate :P.
PippingFool 6th Mar 12
pyr0h1tman8 7th Mar 12
Modest Cyndaquil? Awww yeah, I am so happy. Both me and my friend had Modest Cyndaquil on our HG games, without even trying for it.

And the team looks so well balanced that it makes me want to do an egg run of my own. :3
Saiga 11th Mar 12
Natures are good
Nizbel 12th Mar 12