Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 5: Dihydrogen Monoxide: Now in Battles!

Striaton Gym

Gym Battle!

Anthony vs. Cress

Cress: "Go, Lillipup!"

"Go... Lillipup."

Cress: "Well, this is awkward."

My Lillipup began sniffing at Cress's Lillipup and barking cheerfully.

Cress: "Not as awkward as it is now. Lillipup, use Tackle!

Lillipup is infatuated and can't move!

Cress: ...

"Uh... Lillipup, use Tackle!"

Lillipup is infatuated and can't move!

Cilan: "Cress, do something, it's boring like this."

After a complicated procedure involving a waiter tray, some Oran Berries, and the ledge-jumping boy from Route 2, the Lillipups were ready to battle.

Cress's Lillipup used Work Up to buff itself up into a muscular doggy, before biting mine a lot. I was forced to recall the fainted pooch and send out Tepig the porkchop. Tepig burned Lillipup and fainted it.

Cress: "Well, since I only have two Pokemon, I guess it's time for my trump card!"

I switched out to the broccoli monkey in preparation.

Aquatic Simian

"Ooh, boss subtitles."

Cilan: "Like them? I was up all night designing these!"

Chili: "I BURNED mine! >:D"

The blue monkey looked cheerfully at the green monkey before buffing itself up just like Lillipup before it. A Vine Whip punished its steroid abuse, but it reacted by spewing water at broccoli head.

Cress: "No fair that you brought in a Grass type..."

Cilan: "Problem, Cress?"

Cress: "Whose side are you on?"

"MY side because broccoli is an awesome vegetable!"

Cilan: "NO WAY! You love broccoli too?! It's so delicious! Raw, steamed, made into pasta sauce, dipped in white glop, with garlic-"

Cress: "Trying to battle here!"

Chili: "Trying to light a FIRE here!"

My Pansage had whipped the Panpour down until it could hardly stand, but a quick potion from Cress spruced it back up.

Cilan: "Speaking of spruces, I wanted to get a tree in here, but Cress wanted a pool."

"What did Chili want?"

Cress: "Not answering that. Panpour, Water Gun!"

Pansage endured it and finished off Panpour with one last whip strike.

Cress: "...I don't believe this."

"Well, sorry, but I did win..."

Cress: "But you're not done yet!"

Cilan: "I had said you would fight water, and I wasn't lying!"

A curtain opened to show a large, undulating floating blob of water.

Cress: "That is your opponent!"

The glob floated toward me.

"Clyde, stop."

Clyde: "Aww..."

He pulled the glob back into himself, gaining a slight aura of H2O.

Cress: "Anyway, quite remarkable. Accept this badge, on behalf of all three of us!"

-Anthony recieved the Trio Badge from Cress!-

Cress: "Also, accept this TM. It contains Work Up, the-"

"Steroid move, got it."

Cress: "Accept it, and move on in your quest to-"

Cilan: "Cress! Chili set fire to the curtains again!"

Cress: "Crap. Clyde, get over here!"


I left the Gym insane asylum.


Finally, some rather normal characters in this LP. Other than Anthony.
Pentigan 6th Feb 12
Silly Chili~
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Lunatic asylums = ~<3
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I can't shake the feeling that Chili reminds me of Pokemon Black Adventures!Chili. Except with 97.12% more pyromania.
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I can't shake the feeling that Chili reminds me of Every.
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