Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 4: Water Water Everywhere

Striaton City

???: "Psst. Hey girl."


Hustler: "Wanna buy a Dusk Ball?"

"...How much?"

Hustler: "Heh. First time customers get a free one, but all repeat visits will cost some cold hard cash..."

"I'll take one then."

Hustler: "That'll be $0.00, lady. Heh heh... Now will you buy some more?"


Hustler: "...I need to rethink this business..."

My tour of Striaton was rather uneventful. This guy who was dripping water was blocking the entrance to the gym, so I went and barged into apartment buildings. Most of the people were just expository NPC's telling me how to do things I already know, however.

When I visited the Trainer School, it turned out Cheren really really wanted to try shoving a piece of chalk up my nose on a dare. I refused, and he battled me as a result.

Anthony vs. Cheren

By this point Tepig outleveled Oshawott, and was able to defeat him with little trouble. The fact that Oshawott only used Tail Whip and one Water Gun helped. After that Lillipup took down Purrloin.

In frustration, Cheren threw the chalk against the wall and instead tried to shove some Oran Berries into my nostril. I took them from him and hid his glasses in my bra. He's far too sheepish to try and get them out, but I'm not even supposed to be wearing a bra so I have no shame in using it like that. So after that I left.

-Anthony obtained Oran Berries! And Cheren's glasses!-

I went to the west side of town. All that was there was a lady running around a fountain like an idiot and an old man who told me that I didn't have enough badges to walk near him. He had no badges. I also noticed another roughneck not unlike the hustler standing outside the school, which I thought seemed rather creepy. I also noticed a man with grass growing out of his scalp had replaced the dripping-wet guy in blocking the gym. He said I would fight water. I don't know how I'm to be expected to fight water itself. How do you defeat water? It's invincible. Maybe he means the dripping wet guy?

I went east toward the Dreamyard.


My trip was uneventful. I fought some trainers, including one Youngster who I could have sworn said something about Ratattas and top percentages. Oh, and then I recieved a broccoli monkey. Pansage would help fight against water, maybe?

Regardless, it was time to enter the gym challenge.

Striaton Gym

The inside looked like a restaurant. That dripping wet guy came up to me.

Guy: "Hello! I'm Clyde. I'm the guide for Trainers challenging a Pokemon Gym."

"Why are you so... wet?"

Clyde: "I hath hydrokinesis!"

He demonstrated by using his amazing control of water to fill up a water bottle with water he pulled out of the atmosphere.

"Uh... thanks?"

Clyde: "It's complimentary of the gym and me! Now step on the switch whose type would defeat the type on the curtain!"

I hesitantly sampled the water. It was the cleanest, coolest, most refreshing water I had ever sipped. I walked over to the red curtain, and moved to step on the water switch.


I tripped, and stumbled onto the grass switch.

Waitress: "Wow, what an idiot! She thinks grass beats fire!"

"It was a mistake!"

I got it correct this time and battled a waiter. After doing a few switches and battles, I reached a stage.

Grass-head: "Welcome to the Striaton City Pokemon Gym.

Fire-head: "I'm Chili! I light things up with FIRE!

Water-head: "I'm a Water-type specialist, and my name is Cress. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Grass-head: "And my name is Cilan. I like Grass-type Pokemon.

Chili: "HAHAHAHAHA! We will decide who you battle!"

He cackled like a madman.

Cress: "What my... 'brother' means is that you'll face one of us based on your starting Pokemon. As such, I will face you with my esteemed Water Pokemon!"

Cilan: "Good luck!"


"Well, then let's get started."

I knew that Cress's daily broccoli intake was about to increase 70%.


I'm hungry for broccoli now. >:|
Hobgoblin 6th Feb 12
Same here!

Still shockingly funny for someone who supposedly can't write!
Pulse 6th Feb 12
That last one liner was badass.
Saiga 6th Feb 12
Cress's Broccoli Intake = 70% increse

Your Coolness Intake = 20% increase.
PippingFool 6th Feb 12