Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Prologue: Awesome Crown

Undisclosed Location

The robed man walked forward. 19 years of toil and work had led up to today, and this was just the beginning. The crowning ceremony was just a formality, of course; and not entirely truthful at that, considering his future role. 19 years had been spent doing something he hated above all else; "raising" their future king to maturity. Though the process was irritating, like all young children, the easily impressionable nature of youth was free to be shaped by a sculptor. The sculpting clay now set and cooked into an unshakeable conviction, the robed man lowered the crown down upon the boy's head. It pained him, to see such scum wearing a sign of royalty. Pawns should be pawns, not kings. Nevertheless, it was a necessary step. And before long, the rightful king would be wearing that crown... No! A better crown! A crown borne of the tears of its subjects! Oh, and borne of cobalt too. Cobalt makes it a pretty color. Gold is so soft and overrated. He would have to find a way to properly sculpt a crown out of cobalt once this was all done. It would be harder than sculpting the boy, and his hands would probably get all icky from it, but it would be so cool, you know? They'd all be like "Hey, it's the Cobalt King! Let's bow before him and his cobalt crown of awesomeness!"

The robed man smirked, and the ceremony was complete. The board was set up, and it was time to play with the pieces.


Loving it so far. :)
Slouch 4th Feb 12
See above comment. ^^
Malgent 4th Feb 12
This is great. I love it.
pyr0h1tman8 4th Feb 12
Dude, this is the most awesome thing I've ever read about Ghetsis.

How could you possibly think you couldn't write? o_o
Hobgoblin 5th Feb 12