Pokémon White Version, with WAAPT!

Pikaninja 7

Chapter 1: Starting off

The Pokémon Company

©2011 Pokémon
©1995-2011 Nintendo
©1995-2011 Creatures Inc.
©1995-2011 GAME FREAK Inc.

Now, let's start up the game, all the copyrights and what not have been put up there, if you care about them any. (But seriously, credit where credit is due.)I for one, know you've all probably seen the opening, so I'm gonna skip all that. And thus begins, Pokémon White Version!

I select New Game of course. I'm using a ROM on my M3 DS cart since I don't want to do this on my actual copy of White. I'm not gonna get a Mystery Gift because it would kill the point of this run. Seriously. So, Professor Juniper appears. She has the usual stuff to say.

Hi there!
Why, Hello.
Welcome to the world of Pokémon!
It's my hundredth or so time in this world, but it's a nice place to be. Free of worries.
My name is Professor Juniper. Everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor!
She sends out a Minccino, which starts doing it's little animation. This is a Pokémon, people.
That's right! This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokémon!
Yep, just doin' my part.
Pokémon have mysterious powers. They come in many shapes and live in many different places. We humans live happily with Pokémon! Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokémon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between people and Pokémon.
Yes...BONDS is a word that will be very important in this run.
And that is why I research Pokémon. Well, that's enough from me...
If you so desire, insert sarcastic/witty/rude remarks here. I'll wait.

Could you tell me about yourself?
Why sure! Well, what comes up next is the gender selection screen.
Are you a boy? Or a girl?
Now, my true gender aside, I was contemplating using the Male character this time around and naming him Wilton for good reason, but I used him last time for my Ghetsis run. If you don't know who that is, well, you'll find out. I'm going to choose the Female character.
You're a girl, right?
Well, whether I am or am not, my answer will be Yes.
I'd like to know your name. Please tell me.
That first sentence was really all you needed, but anyways, I will name myself Yellow. Yes, you fans of the Pokémon Special manga will know exactly who I'm referencing. In the Pokémon Special manga, Yellow was the niece of Wilton, which is why I decided on this route rather than my original plan.
So your name is Yellow?
Not really. Unfortunately, my parents don't see the benefits of being named after a color. On which, I really would've like to be named White, but enough of that.
So your name's Yellow. What a wonderful name!
I know, right? Now I really wish I was called Yellow.

Well then. I'm going to introduce you to your two best friends!
Now, here's the thing. Back when I started out in Red and Blue, Oak also introduced me to a childhood friend. I thought the developers or whoever was responsible thought I, as a gamer, didn't have any real friends, and thus made one for me. Back in the days of my earlier childhood when I started playing Pokémon, it wasn't too far of a stretch to say that. All I had was some guy across the street and a pair of brothers next door. Neither of which I knew all that well. So I was really happy that they thought about me. Then I found out that Blue was less of a friend and more of a rival. I had an "Ooooh..." moment and felt pretty embarassed thinking I could be pals with him. All that changed when Gold and Silver came around, but that's another story for another time.
This young man is Cheren. He can be a little difficult, but he's a very honest person.
That's nice, someone to keep me in line.
This young woman is Bianca. She's a little flighty, but she works very hard.
That's always good.
I think you three have potential, so I'm going to give you a very, very important Pokémon.
That's awfully kind of you, but sadly, it's not gonna matter after a while.
Yellow! The moment that you choose the Pokémon that will accompany you on your journey, your story will truly begin.
That's what you think. I've got different plans.
During your journey, you will meet many Pokémon and people with different personalities and points of view! I really hope you find what is important to you in all of these travels...
Foreshadowing~Yep, just throwing that out there.
That's right. Befriend new people and Pokémon and grow as a person!
Now, if this was the Nanoha-verse, that'd imply beating the crap out of people/Pokémon until they became my friends...Make of that what you will.
That is the most important goal for your journey! Let's go visit the world of Pokémon!

Yep, so that's a lot of text. I'm sorry if you were expecting something slightly more brisk(or a lot more). It won't be like this too much. I hope. Normally, I would squee at the prospect of starting a new journey, but this time, I'll play it, then squee at the end.