Fish's Annotated Gold Nuzlocke++ Run



Awright chums, let's do this.

Picking the obvious name, I set off upon my quest to never give up, never forget, and grind like hell. It is going to be a long, long night.

After having the phone explained to me for what must be the two hundred thousandth time, I head over to the local cockfighting expert for a handout. If my professors gave me free trained monsters I would probably study instead of undergoing crazy gaming endeavors.

BEAUREGARD the CYNDAQUIL joined the party.

If you have ever read a Nuzlocke before, you know what that means. Gr~inding!

As I leave the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove, I cannot help but think "You will, lady. You will."

I run into this guy as I head back at the end of the first fetch quest. Guess what he wants?

More relevantly, guess how it turns out?

I have a feeling that in the future, we will be seeing more of the sinister PoKeMUFFIN.


Good luck assigning those H Ms. 2nd Feb 12
fishsicles 2nd Feb 12