Fish's Annotated Gold Nuzlocke++ Run



For those of you unfamiliar with the Nuzlocke Challenge, direct your ocular organs towards this page and poke around for a bit (I highly recommmend Freddy's Nuzlockes, covering Gold, Blue, and White in ways far more awesome than I could ever aspire to). For my part, I am going to be doing a run of Gold Version.

The rules are:
  • I may only catch the first Pokemon to appear on a given route.
  • When a Pokemon faints, it is dead, and is boxed until I declare the challenge done. (Probably Kanto + Red, but at least the Elite Four.)

But since I have done that before, I decided to add a third little clause.
  • The only Poke Balls I can use are the first five I get after the Pokedex, and I cannot get any of the "freebies" like Eevee or Togepi.



I look forward to reading about you going insane as you attempt this.
MFM 2nd Feb 12
Oh, I am insane already.

What do you think gave me this idea?
fishsicles 2nd Feb 12
Fixed the broken link to Freddy's, which just redirected to this page. derp
fishsicles 3rd Feb 12