MUNKY NOT TRUKK!! Let's Watch Beast Wars!


A (Brief) Look Towards Season 3

This'll be short since there's not that much to say. Season 3 returns more closely to the format of Season 1: Almost no arcs, very episode-centric and many of them featuring Megatron's Scheme of the week (Transmetal II, Getting Powered by a G1 spark, building a BFG that requires a human to finish, Robot Raptors, etc...)

Season 3 is in my opinion weaker than season 2. But that doesn't make it bad. I find it the most "even" of the three seasons. It's never as mind blowingly good as 2's Code of Hero or The Agenda (or even Coming of the Fuzors) but I find it more consistently good. There's very few outright bad or uncomfortable episodes in it. Like season 2 before it, it also features an increase in Animation quality, though it is much less visible except for a few instances featuring underwater scenes.

Season 3 will also introduce us some interesting characters which, sadly feel a bit underutilized. Depth Charge in particular is one of my favorite Maximals, but he gets to do not all that much (though he's mostly awesome and kicking ass when he's on screen... most of the time). All in all, while Season 2 benefited from 13 episode length, season 3 could have used a longer run. But on the bright side, as I said before, it never really becomes bad. All in all, a graceful last lap for the show which allowed it to end on a high note. While the show had a fair amount of Executive Meddling from Hasbro through its run, I've heard most accounts say that season 3 is where it got worst, as best seen by a specific character's incredibly brief appearance on the show.

So with that said, let us plunge into the last season of Beast Wars and the end of the Beast Era because there was surely nothing else worth watching after this. Certainly not something that would render most what was done in this series moot offscreen.


I think Beast Machines is worth it for just one scene:

"Does that means spiderbot not want to go steady with Waspinator?"
Eegah 15th Mar 12