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207 - Other Visits, Part 2

Last time, two characters were kidnapped by the bus.

Following the Energon wave, the Transmetals and Fuzors awake first (answering how their new forms handle Energon). Though the non Transmetals are stasis locked. Optimus orders Cheetor and Silverbolt to get Rhinox and Dinobot back to base in the CR chamber.

Megatron inspects the ship, who does not seem to react to their presence. Tarantulas guesses the surge might have depleted the ship's energy, and suggests acting before they recover. As the Maximals intervene, Tarantulas uses the device him and the preds deployed to generate an energy web that bounces weapon fire back. Magatron presses a symbol on the Alien disk to open the ship, and the three functioning Predacons enter.

Optimus consults Rattrap on deploying the wave, and here we hit one of those continuity issues: Rattrap knows the device and calls it standard. Yet back in part 1, the preds were using the disk to build those anti-alien contingencies, and Tarantulas' knowledge of the aliens was needed for that. It's why Megatron didn't kill him. So, what WAS Tarantulas needed for?

Anyway, Rattrap says demolition charges on opposite ends of the shield will take it down.

Inside the ship, after using Quickstrike as a scout, the Predacons realize the ship still doesn't detect them. Tarantulas guesses it is because of their beast modes. So Megatron transforms. And still no reactions. He figures the Transmetal forms must mask them from the aliens, make them appear as alien tech themselves.

Tarantulas tries to find the aliens, by scouting their databanks, but finds nothing. He does power up the ship. Megatron finds a place there the Golden disk would fit. As he puts in it, a pillar of light falls in him, causing him to scream in pain. Mirroring what happened to Blackarachnia on the floating island. Only this time, he doesn't get a new paint scheme when he comes out. But a floating control chair comes done. As the explosions taking out the web rock the ship, Tarantulas and Quickstrike head outside.

Megatron digs being a giant head. He`ll have to look into becoming one permanently...
The battle between Predacons and Maximals is interrupted when the ship takes off. A green beam sweeps, picking up all the transformers, except Rattrap who hides behind a boulder. Megatron's face appears on the side of the ship. He repairs his stasis locked troops, and then beams them inside, with Optimus, but not before dropping Tarantulas, the traitor. The Alien ship beams to where Blender Butt first found the disk, and Rattrap wonders what else could go wrong. Tarantulas points a gun at him.

In the alien ship, Optimus hangs from metal ropes. Megatron explains he has bigger plans than just attacking the Maximal base, and doesn't mind giving them time to prepare.

Why? Kill them now...

At the Axalon, Silverbolt is having no chsnce tracking the alien ship. Rhinox and Dinobot come out of repair, and Cheetor fills them in, when they detect Rattrap and Tarantulas approaching the base.

Waspinator and Blender Butt both return hauling crates from the Darksyde. Hey Megatron, why didn't you park the ship next to yours and save them on the trip.

At the Axalon, Tarantulas says he can use the sensors to find what impractical, illogical location Megatron parked the ship at. After some deliberations the Maximals accept. He points out they've failed to update their sensors using data from the Alien disk (Like Megatron did in "Other Voices"), and detects Blender Butt and Waspinator, scanning their cargo as Transwarp cells, realizing Megatron plans to take the ship to Cybertron.

Inside the Alien Ship, Optimus awakes as Blackarachnia explains the Transwarp Cells are installed. Megatron beings his evil Monologue. He'll take the ship to Cybertron, and then use it to conquer the aliens themselves in time. He intends to conquer the Maximals... and the Autobots? Why? He intends to show the Predacon Alliance the folly of their current peaceful policy. The Autobot part is kind of weird as he makes no mention of wanting to go back in time (since he intends to show the Predacon Alliance his point of view, which changing history would prevent. Furthermore, if he wanted to alter history by defeating the Autobots in the past, he doesn't need to go to Cybertron for that, as we will soon see).

There's actually, a reason for the Autobot bit, but I require to wait till part one of the season finale to get into it. So remember, this for a few more episodes.

The Maximals attack the alien vessel, and we see Silverbolt successfully damaging it. Hrrrm, Megatron, if a lone Maximal can blow chunks out of your ship, what are its chance against a Maximal battlecruiser? And I don't mean an exploration vessel like the Axalon, but the stuff the Maximals use to keep the Predacon Alliance in line. The stuff they send out when "shit got real".

We see the battle however was but a distraction to get Rattrap and Tarantulas on board. The two part ways, and and Rattrap makes his way to the bridge. The Maximals retreat as Megatron sends his troop out and he prepares the Teleport sequence to Cybertron.

Rattrap arrives and fires two shots past Megatron, who mocks him for missing, but Optimus reveals he didn't... The shots freed him. Optimus knocks Megatron from his chair and they fight. While Rattrap tries to stop the teleport sequence. Tarantulas meanwhile uploads a virus to the Transwarp cells. Tarantulas GTFO screaming, and Rattrap realizes the ship is going to blow, and Megatron, Optimus and Rattrap escape as the ship teleports... only to explode in orbit.

The Maximals watch the huge explosion. Cheetor wonders about his two lost teammates, and Optimus swears they'll get them back if they still leave. Two stars twinkle.
The second part is much better than the first, with good action and tension, as well as character bits for Megatron, Rattrap and Tarantulas. Otherwise there's not much else to say without delving into the slap in the face that was the abrupt removal of Airazor and Tigatron last episode.

  • We hear the full name of the Predacon faction for the first time: The Predacon Alliance.
  • We also get the first glimpse that Megatron is at odds with the Alliance's leadership.
  • The episode has a fairly big plot hole: Why did the Aliens send a dinky ship when they were willing to blow up the planet (citing not doing so as too dangerous) last time? Word of God says that abducting and studying Tigatron taught them the immorality of doing this (Because Optimus saying it to them wasn't good enough. Brain Surgery is always more convincing a method to pass your arguments). Of course, since that doesn't appear in the episode, the writers don't get credits for that.


And that's that. I don't know why, but I've never really dug this two-parter. In fact, I think these are the only episodes in season two that I haven't rewatched half a dozen times.

Ah, well, things are going to get real in a hurry. Up next is Bad Spark, followed by one of my all-time favorite episodes, Code of Hero.

Looking forward to your take on them.
forceedgeyamato 25th Feb 12
Hell, I'd go so far as saying Code of Hero is one of the high points of the entire franchise.
Eegah 25th Feb 12