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116 - The Trigger, Part 1

The episode opens with a cloud flying over a mountain in the arctic. A earthquake happens, pelting Tigatron with debris. He muses at how odd it is and approaches a laser communication array to do his weekly report.

At the Axalon, Rhinox is doing some tidal research that seems to indicated that one of the moons is lighter than it should be for its size. Like if it was hollow. Tigatron's message comes in and him and Rattrap trade some banter. It's then that Terrorsaur and Waspinator decide to attack the tiger, showing that dazzling intellect of theirs. Why wait for him to be done so the Maximals don't learn he's been killed till in a week from now when you can immediately jump him now and make sure the Maximals immediately send rescue. Which they do, Optimus leaves the base.

A long fight scene ensues in the arctic, until a cloud fills the valley off the cliff where they fight, and more tremors happen. Tigatron falls off the cliff, and the Predacons follow to collect debris to return to Megatron as proof of the deed. They find nothing however, and as they fly in the cloud we see the flashes of gunfire, followed by a brilliant, noisy blast.

Optimus arrives and we see him surveying the scene and figuring what happened. But hey, it pads the episode out! A minute and half out of 20 burned right there having Optimus narrate what the viewer saw happen. Finding no debris, he presumes Tigatron dead or captured.

At the Darksyde, Airazor sees barely-functional Waspintator and Terrorsaur return to the base, and goes back to the Axalon to report. As the Predacon fliers tell their tale to Megatron, we flash back, in the cloud they found a floating island. Tigatron was there, and they fired at each other, until the monolith in the middle of the island blasted the Predacons with its powerful beam. Megatron is intrigued by such a weapon and decides to send Blackarachnia and Scorponok to capture it. But before they leave he discusses with Scorponok in private.

Back at the base we get Airazor telling Optimus what she saw (again, not like we saw it) and they realize Tigatron wouldn't have done that much damage. Cheetor reports Blackarachnia and Scorponok's depatures, and Optimus orders Airazor to follow them without being seen.

Tigatron climbs on the island, amazing himself at this tropical haven in the arctic. The fact that it flies, and that inside the cloud there's a sunny sky, that however does not phase him at all. Tigatron continues to muse about how he's more tiger than man and how he likes this peaceful island. As he walks past a stone with a strange rune, the rune begins to glow. A hole opens beneath him but he jumps out of the way, as metal arms rise from the ground with boulders at the end, attempting to crush him. He dodges most of them, but must resort to shooting the last two, narrowly dodging the laser blast from the tower. He realizes that the tower's weapon are triggered by his own, and calls the island "peaceful". Oh yes. Deathtraps are synonymous with peace. Why, I hear Gandhi had his own Smashing Hallway Traps of Doom and the Red Cross in Geneva is filled with Bottomless Pits. And yes, Tigatron will never shut up about how nice and peaceful and heaven-like the island is. No matter how hard it tries to kill him.

Scorponok and Blackarachnia reach the cloud. Which is impressive since:
  1. The cloud moves and changes altitude.
  2. All they had to go out is that it looks like a cloud and is in the arctic.
  3. It's a cloudy day.

But first cloud they pick happens to be the good one. Huh. What are the odds?

Scorponok sends a Cyberbee, and as the camera zooms on his visor, we see through it that his head is empty. That explains so much! The Cyberbee flies around the tower, then along the several kilometers of land around it, before passing by a boulder where Tigatron just happened to be hiding. Huh. What are the odds? Tigatron pounces the bee.

Blackarachnia fires a harpoon into the cloud, and begins climbing with Scorponok, to the amazement of Airazor, that she could laso a cloud... and succeed. Forgetting that she was ordered to be stealthy, she swoops to fly into the cloud, and is spotted by Scorponok, who fires a missile at her.

Tigatron works on Scorponok's cyberbee. He sees Airazor fly over the island and get hit by a missile.

The Predacons dodge the ensuing laser from the tower, marveling at the power. They realize their weapon triggered the blast, and a slip of the tongue by Blackarachnia reveals she intends to seize the island for herself.

Tigatron finds a wounded Airazor. He tells her he reprogrammed the bee to deliver a message to the Maximals. At the Axalon, the bee arrives (Cheetor having failed to shoot it), and the Maximals view the recording of Tigatron re-capping everything that's happened so far (which we saw happen. Hurray for padding!), including the fact Blackarachnia is here, which he had no way of knowing. He tells them of the Island's power and how the Predacons could use it to win the Beast Wars!

To Be Continued!


Personally, I think the TF wiki has the best response to the "hollow moon" thing: Call in Lucy Suzuki, from Cybertron.
Hunter1 9th Feb 12
.... The cloud was BLACK. all the others were white. Way of drawing our attention to it, also in universe how it was found so easily.
madman13k 10th Feb 12
Actually both clouds are dark grey. The only difference is this one happens to fly really low (which, as the beginning of the episode shows, isn't a constant). So it's still amazing luck that by the time those two have walked all the way to the arctic they happen on the cloud just as it's flying at almost ground level, when it's been shown to sometimes be above the mountain peaks. See here

Ghilz 10th Feb 12