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112 - Victory

Our episode opens in the Darksyde, Megatron is experimenting on an Energon crystal to work on a refining process. It fails, the crystal is destroyed. He asks Terrorsaur for another. Terrorsaur refuses, saying Megatron is a failure and he's cost them lots of Energon already. Terrorsaur and the Scorponok and Waspinator now want Megatron out, and they begin fighting, triggering an explosion that seemingly wipes them out. The Maximals, having bugged the base, see all this, and realize they've won the Beast Wars coz the Predacons were too dumb to not kill each other out.

First of all: Scorponok rises up against Megatron. Really? REALLY? This is the guy that thought Megatron should still be his leader after he'd been blown to pieces! Second, the whole incident lasts 1 minute 27 seconds. Oh yes. I fully believe the Predacons, who are the main villains, really killed each other out in the first 1 minute 27 seconds of an episode without the involvement of the heroes.

The Maximals head to the Darksyde and scan the still-smoking ship, realizing there's no life signs. Dinobot appears disbelieving that they'd be all dead, but Rattrap shushes him. The Maximals enter the base, ready to plunder the ship for space drive components they can then use to repair the Axalon. As the ship is dangerous, they want to avoid spending too much time in it. Rattrap continues to taunt Dinobot, but he avoids confrontation. Rattrap asks Optimus and Rhinox why he can't succeed at riling up Dinobot (why???????? Why ask your boss why you fail at disrupting the team's work) and Optimus bitchslaps him for even trying that shit points out Dinobot just lost all of his former comrades.

Dinobot leads the Autobots to the parts they need. Rattrap asks what will they do about Dinobot: He joined the Maximals out of desperation, and doesn't espouse their beliefs. He's very much a Predacon still. Optimus believes they don't need to do anything. Cheetor found Tarantulas' spider legs, and Dinobot gives a short speech about his deceased, insanely murderous former comrade meeting such a lame end based on the Alas Poor Yorick speech.

The Maximals return to the Axalon. The stardrive is almost repaired. The plan is discussed: recall Tigatron, launch, recover the stasis pods, and return to Cybertron. Dinobot returns, taunting Rattrap, who rejoices that his comrade his back, to Rattrap's enjoyment that Dinobot is "back". Dinobot announces he plans to stay on the planet. He's got no reason to return to Cybertron, and he can make himself into whatever he want on this planet. Optimus reluctantly accepts, though he advises against it. Dinobot salutes them and departs.

Dinobot walks past a crack in the earth. In it lay hidden the Predacons. You mean they aren't all dead! What a shocking, unexpected twist! Masked from sensors by dampening devices, we learn Terrorsaur found the camera, and they set up this charade. Megatron opts to wait till the Maximals repair their ship and attack to take it over, and then use the ship to take the stasis pods to reprogram. I do have to credit the writers to NOT make Megatron's goal to return home, as it would have contradicted his plans to gather Energon for a new galactic conquest, and contradicted things we learn later at the end of season 2.

Okay Megatron, but how will you know the repairs are done? You've not bugged their ship, and are in fact not even capable of seeing them from here. Dinobot's spotted the Predacons however. Dinobot takes out the flyers with a giant boulder and makes his way to warn the others, as Tigatron enters the ship, not sure how he feels about leaving this planet to return to a home he can't remember. The Axalon prepares its launch sequence.

So if Dinobot had not alerted the Predacons, they'd have remained in their ditch and missed the Axalon launching. Yeah. Dumbass plans.

They see Dinobot returning, pursued by the Predacons. But the launching sequence won't be stopped, and Dinobot is shot in the back. Optimus goes for Dinobot, telling them that if he doesn't return in time, they should launch without him. Cheetor comes along, pointing out Optimus will need backup. Tigatron gets the autoguns online.

Optimus makes his way to Dinobot, but is damaged before he can bring him back. Cheetor is also hit. The Predacons run to the Axalon, and only now does Tigatron think of using the guns to shoot them, blasting them all.

Optimus is forced to return to beast mode, carrying Dinobot as Cheetor crawls over the lift. The Axalon begins to shake as it prepares to launch. Optimus tosses Dinobot onto the lift just as it closes. Optimus jumps and is caught by Cheetor, but a shot from Scorponok sends him tumbling down to the ground. The lift closes fully and Optimus is stuck outside...

As the Axalon takes altitude, Megatron runs up to it and manages to grab on. Dinobot says they should've left him, but they don't want to hear it. Not when saving him coz them Optimus. Megatron arrives in the control room (You later see the Stasis Pod bay's door opened, explaining how he got in) He shoots the Maximals and grabs Rattrap before he can transform. Rhinox recovers, beats the living grab of Megatron, and kicks him so hard down the lift, said lift opens and Megatron is jettisoned out. However in the struggle the controls were damaged by Megatron, and the Axalon tumbles down to earth, the maximals stuck by the G-force, unable to do anything. But Optimus flies off, his thrusters at full, to slow the Axalon and ease it back into place on its original crash site. The Maximals survey the damage, but it is clear: the Axalon will never fly again. Rattrap and Dinobot are back at it, so at least things are normal once more.

While I still dislike Failure Is the Only Option, this episode's lesser amount of recurring stupidity and the Dinobot stuff lifts it up above The Probe. It's not a great episode, but it works fairly well.

  • Dinobot's unwillingness to return to Cybertron was touched upon last episode.
  • It's the first time Dinobot paraphrases Hamlet. He will do so several more times.
  • Seems I was wrong, we see one more Blackarachnia scientific invention: The signature dampeners used to hide the Predacons.


This was pretty successful to me as far as Failure Is The Only Option episodes go. The whole fun of it is knowing full well that this isn't the ending, so there has to be some kind of twist to the situation, but you're not sure what it could be. See also, Eye of the Needle from Voyager.
Eegah 6th Feb 12
Actually, there are two moments of major stupidity in this episode:

First, the Maximals assumed that Megatron wouldn't be willing to play dead to get what he wanted. This was the big one, since without it the rest of the episode get changed.

Second, Dinobot went and forgot what he learned from playing Crysis (or he's never played it in the first place, either works). A decent Crysis player will tell you that cloaking and going around an enemy is often more effective than using armor and shooting the hell out of them. You pointed out the result of avoiding this screwup in the blog.
Hunter1 6th Feb 12