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110 - Gorilla Warfare

Our episode opens with Dinobot and Optimus wandering about the wilderness. Optimus is studying the local flora, and Dinobot is complaining that this is a waste of time, as you'd expect from it. It's a nice bit of character development for both, especially as Optimus says that being stranded here will not stop him from being a scientist and explorer, which is what his mission was supposed to be. They find a plant stuck under a boulder, and Dinobot gets ready to blast it, but Optimus stops him, managing to dislodge the boulder, pointing out that sometimes there are peaceful solutions to problems. They banter some more until the plant fires a spiky pod at Dinobot, behind his head where he can't reach it. Optimus removes it, and jokes with Dinobot, until Scorponok shows up, firing missiles at them.

They transform, and Dinobot is pinned by some debris. This distracts Optimus, and Scorponok fires a special cyberbee at Optimus. It latches on to his chest, but Optimus manages to blast Scorponok. Dinobot frees himself and rushes to Optimus' aid.

Ya know Optimus, it's the fourth time we see you go outside the base alone with Dinobot. Every Single Time you did this, you got injured. STOP HANGING OUT WITH HIM. When there's only the two of you, bad crap happens - to you.

Back at the base, Optimus is in the CR Chamber. Cheetor and Dinobot argue over Dinobot's (repeated) failure to protect Optimus. Rattrap of all bots tries to calm things down. Rhinox explains the Virus is a Viral Mine: It took over Optimus' Vital systems, so if it's ripped off, he'll die. It will also explode. Furthermore, Optimus can't transform with the bee attached, and already took severe Energon damage getting back to base. Dinobot figures the virus is meant to make Optimus into a coward, unfit to properly lead the Maximals against Megatron, and that Scorponok no doubt has the antidote. Optimus shoots the inside of the chamber, and comes out, berserk with rage and fearless. Dinobot adds that Scorponok is notoriously incompetent. Evidently. Rhinox manages to subdue Optimus, and Optimus manages to snap back in control, asking to be disarmed and locked away.

Back at the Darksyde, Megatron sneaks up on Scorponok and confirms all of Dinobot's guesses. He hopes to capitalize on Optimus' weakness when the "coward" comes looking for the antidote. Evidently Megatron is the only one to never have gotten the memo on Scorponok's incompetence.

Optimus is in his cell, Cheetor looking him over, telling him he knows he can fight it, etc... speech. Optimus says he can control it, even harness the newfound aggression. Cheetor, being an idiot and idolizing Optimus, buys it.

In the control room, the other Maximals argue what to do. Dinobot suggests pointing Optimus to the Predacons and letting him loose. The others note that Optimus would certainly be killed, which is a problem. Dinobot seems unphased, saying it depends "On your viewpoint". Optimus arrives, freed by Cheetor, and supports the idea, wanting to personally thank the Predacons for their "gift". He wants to do a full assault with the entire team. Optimus goes beserk and shoots a light, as an alarm rings, he shoots the control room up quite a bit, before escaping after pushing the Maximals off him, guns and swords out.

Cheetor is loading up for a rescue mission, strapping up with guns and explosives like he's Rambo. But Dinobot approaches, and tells him it's not the way. They need to think like Optimus would, were he not compromised. Cheetor and Dinobot ponder, and decide to negotiate.

The Darksyde receives a tight beam transmission from Cheetor, who tells them the virus had the opposite effect, demanding they surrender the antidote or risk facing Optimus. Megatron is adamant, saying Optimus is coming to his death then. Cheetor despairs as the other Maximals join him, since now the Predacons know Optimus is coming. Dinobot notes that perhaps, instead of thinking like Optimus, they should try to act as they are best at. They decide to assault the Darksyde.

Optimus rockets to the Darksyde, blasting it and then breaching the hole. Megatron orders Tarantulas to take him down, but Optimus catches the spider's harpoon missile, and then uses it to impale the Predacon on a wall through the belly, taking damage in the process from the spider's machinegun legs.

Surprise Butt Sex!
Megatron orders Waspinator to get him, and sends Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia to hold off the rest of the Maximals. Optimus re-enacts a scene from Robocop, punching through a wall, grasping Waspinator and shooting him.

The Maximals attack the base, meeting Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia defending it.

Optimus begins hearing Cheetor's "I know you're in here" speech, and is confused.

Rhinox provides coverfire while Cheetor returns to beast mode and makes his way into the base, past the Predacons.

The damage from Energon exposure and Tarantulas catching up to Optimus, he reaches Scorponok's lab, but can barely move. Megatron is there, in beast mode, the antidote in hand. He offers to give it to Optimus if he pledges himself to him. But Optimus decides to rip the cyber bee off him, and tosses it at Megatron, hitting him where the plant had hit Dinobot. Unable to reach the bee, Megatron runs to find Scorponok, throwing the antidote. Optimus collapses...

Then Cheetor arrives, transforming mid-jump to catch and administer the antidote. The Maximals evacuate and retreat. Megatron finds Scorponok, who takes the bee off, but it detonates, explosion rocking the Darksyde.

Optimus wakes up in his quarters, Dinobot keeping a vigil. Optimus notes it's unlike him, Dinobot pretends it was merely his turn. He tells Optimus it's nice to have him back, Optimus asks if he means back home, or back to normal. Dinobot replies "Both" and leaves. Optimus sees next to his bed a flower like the one he and Dinobot were looking at earlier, and lays back down to recuperate.

A decent episode, which, if you'll forgive the Fan Wank, I think offers some insight into Dinobot. See below. Fan Wank aside, the episode offers great action, and shows us Dinobot becoming more a member of the team than merely the Predacon that joined them.

  • Optimus' line "Spark... fading..." marks the first ever mentions of Sparks in the Transformers franchise. Further episodes would explain them with more details, and they would feature heavily in Beast Machines, before becoming a recurring thing in future Transformers media.
  • Though at first Dinobot may sound like he's simply making a selfish bid for leadership when he suggests letting Optimus rampage over the Predacons, a closer examination of his behavior in earlier episodes, like Fallen Comrades hints at more noble sentiment: He believes a death in battle is glorious and the most honorable death one can achieve. He likely sees that, between dying taking down as many Predacons as he can with him to make them pay for what they did to him and living but being confined in a cell, unable to control himself, going out in a blaze of glory is the kindest, preferable solution. This further explain his lack of concern when the others point out Optimus would be killed - yes he would. That's the point. He either dies, or cures himself (And he does initially make the suggestion as a way to get the cute). Either's good. It further explains his making such a suggestion and then following it up by the apparently contrary decision to try to "think like Optimus, the real Optimus". He's not aiming to take over - though it's a possible course of action and one he would enjoy, but he's actually showing concern and honoring a comrade in his own, Predacon-based, fashion.
Fan Wank I know, but it's how I can see it.
  • This is only the first time Megatron tries to alter the behavior of a Maximal. His next attempt will have even more painful consequences...
  • This is the first time we see Scorponok's Cyberbees. On his toy they were a missile forming a part of his claw that turned into a robot bee when shot. Later episode will show that their normal use is reconnaissance.


I think this the first time Scorponok has shown a tiny semblelance of inteligence as well. He may have botched it but he did create the Cyberbee and the virus.
Envyus 3rd Feb 12
Heck, I think it's the ONLY time he's shown to be the science type. At least off memory. He's shown repairing a computer in "Dark Design", otherwise I can't think of anything.
Ghilz 3rd Feb 12