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Build Godoka, Then We'll Talk

The more I see this anime, the more the Panic at the Disco song "Build God, Then We'll Talk" fits with it. It just has that dark, fantasy-ish theme that fits with the anime, despite the fact the song is about a run-down motel and whoever is staying there. This is why the title of this installment is "Build Godoka, Then We'll Talk".

Ranting aside, let's get on to the episode dissection itself.

So, Kyuubey starts off our penultimate episode by telling Homura why he chose Madoka to make a contract with him - She will become a very powerful witch when Walpurgisnacht is defeated.

So, basically, Kyuubey was using Madoka all along for energy. Shut up, Kyuubey.

Meanwhile, Madoka attends Sayaka's funeral. The people over the loudspeaker are all, "Sayaka Miki's cause of death is unknown. The police are investigating it as an accident or a suicide, since there is no sign of foul play. Now, let's go to Bob with the weather."

Seriously, P.A. Dude, you're at a funeral. Show some respect for Sayaka, as she was just a lovesick Mahou Shoujo who wanted love, but couldn't get it. Plus, I'm sure they'd rather show a sildeshow of photos with Sayaka in them that's set to Muse's "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" or Flogging Molly's "Float" rather than CNN or some other news station.

After Madoka comes home from the funeral, Madoka says some choice words to Kyuubey about how he cursed them (Ooh, burned), but Kyuubey retaliates and gives a lecture on how humans and cattle can co-exist without any sympathy for the cows that die so you can eat Mc Donald's. He then tells Madoka about many women in history - such as Cleopatra and Joan of Arc - that made the contracts and how emotions equal mental illness on his home planet. Basically, his lecture can be sumed up in two things - Madoka got really Mind Raped and that the background scenery was a whole jumble of Mind Screw. We can take two important things from this lecture - Don't give into peer pressure (especially from Kyuubey), and to not watch that scene while tripping on LSD (which I wasn't, for the record).

While Madoka's mom goes out drinking with Madoka's teacher, Madoka decides to visit Homura and give her a pep talk, since it's the night Walpurgisnacht is going to pay a friendly visit to Mitakihara City. Homura breaks down crying and tells Madoka the truth about her time travel and what happened in those timelines. Homura then gives Madoka the big hug I mentioned back in episode four of this blog. Yes, this scene reeks of Les Yay. You're welcome.

Later on, since there's a storm outside, the National Weather Service of Mitakihara City is looking at their stuff and whatnot, and they see what appears to be a supercell forming (it's actually Walpurgisnacht). They decide to evacuate everyone into a sports stadium, which provides for a small, but cute and a bit funny moment - Tatsuya, Madoka's brother of about three, thinks it's a camping trip. But, Madoka is worried for Homura, who is in the storm/Walpurgisnacht's path.

And, with a hair flip, Homura goes to take on Walpurgisnacht.

After walking through green elephants and a circus, Homura confronts Walpurgisnacht and does what she does best (besides beating up Kyuubey) - summon a while lot of weapons from Hammerspace, which we mean "the clock thingy on Homura's wrist that can allow her to time travel". She even goes as far as to control a gasoline tanker truck so it would crash into Walpurgisnacht and explode. But, sadly, it fails. Why? Walpurgisnacht is just like a Legendary Pokémon - very strong until a strong Pokémon or a Pokémon with jacked-up stats comes and save the day.

On another Pokemon-realted side note for this episode: Walpurgisnacht's laugh sounds like a combination of many Pokémon cries or she sounds like a really strong ghost-type Pokémon. And, her laugh is scary.

Back at the sports stadium, Madoka and Kyuubey are watching the storm. Madoka is beginning to doubt that Homura will win against Walpurgisnacht-mon, but Kyuubey explains that Homura can just reset this timeline and continue the battle from the top if need be. After saying that Homura will keep fighting, even if it means becoming a Witch, Madoka decides to help Homura.

But, her mom, like how all moms act in situations like these, stops her and says that the firefighters got this. Madoka then says, "I'm a good person. I got this. Stay back and make sure dad and Tatsuya are safe."

And, with one encouraging push, Madoka's mom sends her into the battle of her life!

Back with Homura, she realizes that Madoka's fate will get worse if she rewinds time again. Her Soul Gem is about to turn into a Grief Seed, when Madoka comes and re-assures Homura that everything will be okay. She then apologizes to Homura, and the episode ends.

Will Madoka and Homura win against Walpurgisnacht? Will Madoka make a contract with Kyuubey? Will Kyuubey die? These questions will be answered in the finale of this liveblog!


In the meantime, there will always be Morning Rescue. : D
nomuru2d 22nd Jan 12
Finale, please?
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