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Obligatory Groundhog Day and Back to the Future References

Alright, this blog post is late, because I SOMEHOW managed to delete everything I was going to say when I was editing it. There is no way I'm re-watching the episode to get all the events of Homura's Groundhog Day Loops down while writing this up, as it took me an hour to do so. I will now rely on the Madoka Wiki and some of my memory to re-write this. Thanks a lot, guys.

(Calmly drinks hot cocoa like Mami-san would in this situation) Okay, let's begin. This time, I hope I don't delete everything by accient.

Timeline #1? Yeah, Timeline #1 (A.K.A. Original Timeline): It's Homura's first day at Mitakihara Middle School, and... We already saw this scene. But, there are some changes:

1. Apparently, Homura became an Ill Girl as she now has a heart condition that put her in the hospital for six months.

2. She also now wears her hair in braids and is now a Meganekko, and...

3. Homura has become a Shrinking Violet/Dojikko times ten. Don't worry, she regains her cool personality.

Homura and Madoka become BF Fs, because they both want to help people and they don't know their true talents. Of course, Homura witholds the Mahou Shoujo part. Why? The Power of Friendship, that's why.

Anyway, Homura's walking home, and she accidentally goes into the barrier of our next witch, Izabel. Izabel thinks Homura's trespassing, and she sends her familiars after the powerless Homura. But, a Puella Magi with a bow and arrow and a Puella Magi with a familiar gun set arrrive and kill Izabel off.

Surprise! Mami's back, and she brought Madoka, who is looking spiffy in her poofy, pink, party dress (which is her Magical Girl outfit)! A Dynamic Entry indeed.

Afterward, Mami, Madoka, and Homura go to Mami's apartment to have her Trademark Favorite Food - Tea and cake. Mami says that although Madoka made the contract a week ago, she will be a great match against Walpurgisnacht.

Cut to the aftermath of the battle against Walpurgisnacht, a huge, floating witch in a Pimped-Out Dress and clock gears as a lower body, which I mistook to be a floating building when I first saw a picture of it a few months back. Mami's dead and Madoka sacrifices her life to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Homura then decides to make a contract to Kyuubey by wishing to go back in time to change her first enocunter with Madoka. We're sending you Back to the Future, Homura!

Timeline #2: It's Homura's first day at Mitakihara Middle School, and... Madoka doesn't know jack squat about Mahou Shoujo. So, Homura, Mami, and Madoka have a training session for Puella Magis that involves beating the shit out of oil drums with golf clubs and defeating witches.

But, come the battle of Walpurgisnacht, Madoka turns into the witch Kriemheld Gretchen after the battle, as her Soul Gem turned to a Grief Seed. Homura then decides to go back in time to fix things. We're sending you Back to the Future again, Homura!

Timeline #3: Homura kicks things off in this timeline by trying to tell Mami, Maodoka, and Sayaka the Awful Truth about Kyuubey. However, Sayaka pulls a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" on her by accusing her of teaming up with Kyouko, who she hasn't met yet. Mami then asks about Homura's weapons. Homura, in a Crowning Moment of Awesome, stops time to raid what looks like a yakuza hangout, walk up to a yakuza member's locker, take some guns and ammo, and casually leave the place.

Homura uses those weapons to defeat Octavia von Seckendoff/Sayaka and to save everyone. But, upon hearing how witches are made, Mami shoots and kills Kyouko. She is about to shoot and kill Homura, but Madoka shoots and kills Mami. Ouch.

Walpurgisnacht's attack rolls around, and both Madoka and Homura are about to become witches because of the attack. However, Madoka pulls out a Grief Seed from Hammerspace and uses it to cleanse Homura's Soul Gem so Homura could go back in time and fix what needs to be fixed. Madoka has one request for this - Don't turn us into witches. We're sending you Back to the Future yet again, Homura!

Timeline #4: Homura removes her glasses, wears her hair down, and becomes more of The Stoic, all in the name of warning Madoka about the witches. Good girl, Homura.

So, we repeat the dream sequence from episode one, but, this time, a Missed Moment of Awesome happens and Madoka makes her contract after about 85% of the series is done. She then goes on to defeat Walpurgisnacht in one shot. Up-bup-bup, not so fast. Madoka becomes Kriemheld Gretchen, and there's a danger that the world would end because of it. Homura's all, "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!", and decides to go back in time. We're sending you Back to the Future once again, Homura!

Timeline #5 (A.K.A. Current Timeline): So, we repeat the sequence from episode one where Kyuubey first appears in the area of the mall that's under construction. Except, Homura calls Madoka her friend, and we end the episode there.

I'm not sure if that was a borderline-Blam Episode/Wham Episode or if it was a flashback episode, but, one thing's for sure - This episode was a nightmare to blog.


Yeah, time travel antics are always a horrid experience to recollect, but you did a nice job. Fun little fact - at the start of the 4th timeline, Homura uses her magic to fully heal herself (eyes and all) to go with the image change. It's assumed that every timeline afterwards has her doing this as a result.
nomuru2d 15th Jan 12