Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

"You're Waiting for a Train..."

So, Sayaka became the witch Octavia von Secondoff, but she leaves behind a beautiful corpse. Homura then stops time to allow herself and Kyouko to escape with the body as if they had to hide it from the cops. Then, Madoka comes around, and Homura explains what just happened and what will happen - That all Soul Gems turn to Grief Seeds if they get dark enough. Madoka then cries over Sayaka's body and goes home.

You know, this fate could've been avoided if Sayaka had a Sassy, Gay Friend. But, that's beside the point, as Kyuubey gives Madoka a scientific and educational lecture on entropy, laws of therodynamics, and engery. His lecture seems riddled with tons of flaws, and I could write a whole research paper that counterargues and negates all of what Kyuubey said. Artistic License - Biology, You Fail Chemistry Forever, AND Artistic License - Physics indeed, Kyuubey.

Meanwhile, Kyouko takes Sayaka's body back to what appears to be either a hotel room or Kyouko's apartment, probably so nobody gets suspicious. Kyuubey offers up some condolences and advice on how to deal with grief, but Kyouko shrugs it off and continues to eat. Emotional eater much, Kyouko? Also, how are you getting all of this food when you have no income to speak of? I bet Kyuubey has something to do with it.

The next day, Kyouko and Madoka formally introduce themselves to each other. Why? They're about to kill - I mean, fight - Octavia and try to get Sayaka back. Have we mentioned that it's gonna fail, since you can't get fallen Puella Magi back? Nice try, girls.

So, during the fight with Octavia, Madoka and Kyouko try to call for Sayaka, which fails. Homura then shows up and Kyouko tells her to protect Madoka. Then, Kyouko takes out her hair ribbon and prays to God. Why? She set up a suicide attack against Octavia so Sayaka wouldn't die alone.

I could offer a Hope Spot and say that Kyouko defeated Octavia and fled to Mexico to distract herself from the guilt, but that's not happening. We saw Kyouko's Soul Gem shatter before the final blow was dealt.

Anyway, with one girl left standing (Homura), Kyuubey wants Madoka to make a contract so they can win against Walpurgisnacht. Homura's all, "Hell no, she ain't". And, the episode ends there.

I am still crying over Kyouko's death as I write this. She was my favorite of the Magical Girls, and I would like to cosplay her someday. I have no inspiring motivation (such as losing weight) for this, as my only motivation is how much I love Kyouko as a character. She was tomboyish, spunky, and she was an all-around great character. May she rest in peace.

R.I.P, Kyouko Sakurai and Sayaka Miki. I hope you two are having many bitch fights in heaven.



SAKURAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *ahem* is wrong. It's just Sakura. Mami is my personal fave, but Kyouko is neck-and-neck with Homura for second.
AweStriker 13th Jan 12