Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

Kentucky Fried Kyuubey (A.K.A. "I Like Trains.")

So, after Sayaka is done beating up Elsa Maria, Madoka gives her a lecture on looking out for her well being. Sayaka, being depressed, gets mad at Madoka, says some choice words, and runs off, in that order. Naturally, Sayaka regrets saying that stuff.

With Kyouko and Homura, they're chilling in what appears to be a lounge for Mahou Shoujo. It's a pretty bitchin' lounge with comfy seats and flat-screen T.Vs. I'd say more about this lounge if Kyouko and Homura weren't talking about Walpurgisnacht. They're saying that she's attacking from the clock tower, which, to me, sounds like a Back to the Future reference. Kyuubey arrives and reveals to Kyouko and Homura about how Sayaka is running out of energy and fast. Homura basically tells Kyuubey one thing we've all wanted to say to him - "Get lost."

The next night, Sayaka is fighting off a Familiar when Homura appears and tells her to basically give up so Madoka wouldn't be sad. She even offers to kill Sayaka as somewhat of a dark vis-a-vis, but, Kyouko steps in and tells Sayaka to run, but she stumbles instead of runs. Homura then throws a grenade and disappears. Hmm... I bet Homura teleported to Hawaii. She needs a vacation. (And Morning Rescue)

So, Sayaka is going home on the train, and she hears some drunk men smack-talk about their girlfriends. Sayaka gives them this lecture on love and what you are fighting for, and we cut to commerical. We don't know what happened on the train, but it looked like Sayaka killed them. Dang.

With Madoka, she's out looking for Sayaka, and she runs into Kyuubey, who, once again, informs Madoks that she may be the strongest Puella Magi ever. He/she/it then reminds Madoka of Sayaka's mental state, so Madoka makes the contract. Finally. After eight episodes.

Not so fast, Madoka! You have to see Kyuubey get shot to death by Homura! No contract for you!

So, Homura shot Kyuubey because she doesn't want Madoka to become a Puella Magi. She thrn breaks down crying (poor Homu-Homu), and Madoka asks her if they met before. Before Homura answers, another Kyuubey shows up to nom on the dead Kyuubey. Turns out, there's a ton of Kyuubeys out there and they basically eat the dead. Wow, this is making Kyuubey sound like a Bed Intruder.

Kyouko finds Sayaka at the train station, which is surprisingly empty for a big city like Mitakihara. She asks Sayaka what her deal is, and Sayaka's all, "I've been such a fool." Then, a tear falls on her Soul Gem, and it looks it she's turning into a witch. The force knocks Kyouko back.

Our episode ends with Kyuubey, being the major Troll he is (making him worse than Orihara Izaya, and that's saying something) watching everything and commenting on it.

Okay, who wants some Kentucky Fried Kyuubey for dinner?


Yeah, the train bit was pretty much indecisive as far as what ultimately happened. Manga says that they're dead, and the anime heads are split between "it didn't happen" and "i dunoe lol"
nomuru2d 15th Jan 12