Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

Just Keep Drinking Your Morning Rescue, Madoka.

Picking up where we left off, Homura manages to break up Kyouko and Sayaka's fight. It's not really a kiss-and-make-up type deal, as Sayaka is still a bit bitter about it and how she isn't as strong as Kyouko.

Can anybody save {{Chekhov's Gun}}? I bet you can, since it is.

Meanwhile, Kyouko is doing something that makes me love her even more - Playing Dance Dance Revolution and eating Pocky. Kyouko is pretty good at DDR, and she's playing a nice remix of this anime's opening theme song - All while talking to Homura. In their conversation, they mention that something called "Walpurgisnacht" is coming. If it means Black Friday-like sales, i'm in.

With Madoka, she's not sad over how strong Kyouko is nor is she playing DDR with Kyouko or talking to Homura with Kyouko. She's not even with Kyouko, as she is asking her mom for advice about Sayaka's well-being. After the typical motherly advice, Madoka's all, like, "I wanna drink with you, mom!"

Madoka, sweetie, you're already drinking with your mom. Yes, i'm aware that you want to drink alcohol, but you were already drinking with your mom. Just keep drinking your Morning Rescue, Madoka.

Sayaka decides to visit Kyousuke, since he got released from the hospital. But, she runs into Kyouko on the way there. They end up in another bitch fight, but this time, Madoka tries to stop it. With Homura.

Oh, and in the process, Madoka kills Sayaka by grabbing her Soul Gem and throwing it off of an overpass. I'm not making this up. If I were, this would be in a Crack Fic by now.

Anyway, while Homura goes to get Sayaka's Soul Gem off of a truck, Kyuubey reveals that Soul Gems basically contain your living soul, and they were ripped from your body when you made a contract with him. If only Bill Nye the Science Guy had an episode about this anime. The part about Soul Gems would defintely go in the "Consider the Following" section.

Anyway, they get Sayaka's Soul Gem back, and the girls live to fight another day!

With the first half of the anime over, things are gonna get way intense. Break out your hankies, Madoka body/hugging pillows, Kyuubey voodoo dolls, and DV Ds of funny animes, as shit will get real.