Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

Mmm... What'cha say? Mmm... That you only meant well?

Warning: There are spoilers for episode three ahead. Very sad spoilers. So, if you haven't seen episode three yet (or don't want to be sad), please... Do something else.

While Madoka still considers what her wish may be, Sayaka goes to the hospital to visit her UST partner, Kyosuke. Kyosuke was in an unspecified accident (which I suspect to be a Noodle Incident of some sort), and his wrist is so injured, he can't play his precious violin. So, Sayaka begins considering becoming a Magical Girl to help Kyosuke.

That's about it for the first half of the episode. There's also the flashback to when Mami was in that car crash that killed her parents, but it doesn't elaborate on what she wanted, though. The second half... Well, It Got Worse... Yeah.

So, the second half of the episode begins when Madoka and Sayaka go to the hospital to see Kyosuke. They discover a Grief Seed, and Grief Seeds + hospitals = bad things. Very bad things.

So, while Madoka goes to get Mami, Sayaka is kidnapped by our next witch, Charlotte. Here's what i've observed about Charlotte:

1. Obviously, Charlotte loves dessert.

2. And cheese.

3. There were also hypodermic needles, beds, and jars in her witch world. This leads into my theory that Charlotte was an overweight girl who loved sweets and cheese, but she had to be put on a diet when she got diabetes. I bet her wish was to get (and stay) skinny so she could eat those foods again, or, to get rid of her diabetes so she could eat those foods again.

Charlotte, I know that my theory may not be true, but, if it is, you could've gone on The Biggest Loser and none of this would've happened.

While on their way to Charlotte, Mami reveals that she's basically a Stepford Smiler, as her job brings her constant tears and fears. But, with Madoka by her side, she feels a lot better.

I'm not gonna lie. That part made me cry a bit. Why? It Got Worse, I told you.

So, Mami's fighting Charlotte, a witch that looks a lot like a mouse (which makes the cheese make more sense). But, just as Mami-san is winning, Charlotte throws up her hood, A.K.A., the real Charlotte, which is a dessert-catepillar thingy.

Sadly, Charlotte eats Mami as Madoka and Sayaka watch. She will be missed. Thankfully, Homura defeats Charlotte, but Sayaka and Madoka have a lot to think about after what they just saw.

Okay, everyone, on the count of three, cry with me over Mami's death and last words of advice to Madoka. One, two, three- Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Truthfully, Mami's death didn't make me THAT teary-eyed at first (probably because of the brief cut to Homura or something), but, after seeing the episode, it just made me depressed. Even trying to write a Madoka Magica/Sassy, Gay Friend mashup made me sad. Thankfully, Sassy, Gay Friend and Inception cheered me up, so, I guess time (and dreams within dreams and Sassy, Gay Friends) heal all wounds.

Next episode will be all of the aftermath of this episode. Be prepared to be sad.


Ah yes, the first of many whams that this series flung towards its viewers. Stuff like this is why I love Madoka Magica.

Also I'm quite certain that Kyosuke's accident gets explained in supplemental material. Just can't remember exactly which stuff. XD
nomuru2d 15th Jan 12