Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

Gertrud vs. Puella Magis! Round 2!

Our episode begins with Madoka and Sayaka visiting Mami in her fancy-schmancy apartment. They have a spot of tea, some cake that isn't a lie, and chat about Magical Girl-related things. Then, they leave for their respective homes for the night.

Apparently, in that timespan, Madoka has adopted Kyuubey. Apparently, you can use Kyuubey to telepathically talk to others. Only Puella Magis can see him, just like how only England can see Flying Mint Bunny. They use it to talk to Homura and to Mami, who is in a different classroom.

After school, Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka go on a witch hunt together. Sayaka brings along her baseball bat and Madoka brings nothing. Way to go, Madoka.

So, anyway, they find Gertrud, but, this time, Mami wins. Gertrud expels a Grief Seed, which purfies a Soul Gem. A Soul Gem is what a Magical Girl needs to live/fight witches. So, basically, they're functional zombies who want their wishes granted/brains. If your Grief Seed gets too tainted by darkness, you will become a witch.

There was nothing TOO special about this episode. Although, Mami does pull her guns out of... Odd places. (Examples: From under her skirt, from her clevage)

Episode three is an emotional one. Break out your hankies, your ice cream, and your Monty Python's Flying Circus DV Ds (to watch after seeing episode three).