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Violence In Miniature (Let's Play Touhoumon v1.8)

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In Which I Blather About Romhacks
Hello. I’m Tinweasel, the troper who YKTTWed tropes like We Have Reserves and Power Fist and then got distracted by other stuff, leaving more industrious tropers to actually post the goshdarned things. But enough about how annoyingly half-baked I am, it’s time to talk romhacks!

Touhoumon – officially Touhou Puppet Play in its Japanese releases, but nobody calls it that – is a heavily, heavily modified version of Pokemon Fire Red. The usual suspects have been replaced by tiny, hyperviolent puppet replicas of the (almost-)all-girl cast of the Touhou series of doujin [1]s, most of whom have fairly similar base stat totals, and the latest major release – version 1.8 – has replaced the old type chart with a modified one better suited for capturing the feel of miniature magical girls shooting magical bullets at each other. 1.8 also features an altered evolution scheme in which almost every puppet has at least two alternate evolutions besides the normal (most of which are easily reached by use of purchasable Heart Stones), but none of them evolve a second time.

Fun technical note that nobody cares about - the makers of the English version of this romhack chose, instead of applying a translation patch to the Japanese edition of the hack, to apply the hack's gameplay and spriting changes to an English-language Fire Red ROM.

But even with all these changes, running around catching tons of puppets is boring for readers on its own. This is where the Nuzlocke ruleset comes in. For those not in the know, the Nuzlocke Challenge has two core rules:

As you can imagine, this makes things a little tricky. Being a wimpy coward, I’ve taken the liberty of modifying the rules with a few optional rules (some being Standard Options, some being my own):

And with that rule list, the stage is set. Troper does his best and is preparing. Please wait warmly until update is ready.
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