Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Room Seven: The Troglodyte

So when we last left off our dungeoning duo, Eins is killed off, throwing that possible idea out the window. What have you got for me this time, Ackbar?

Ackbar: I made it a little less harder than the previous two rooms.

Really? Hints as to what to do?

Ackbar: Remember when you lamented the lack of feat rolls? Well you will get a buttload here.

Sweet! Letís play!

Cora and Barendd enter an odd place. It wasnít as elaborate as some of the other rooms they faced, but rather it was simple. There were six rooms and a giant Troglodyte sleeping in front of them. (OH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!)

Cora: Barendd, weíre going to have to sneak past this guy, okay?

Barendd: Eh, sure. Whatever.

[Move Silently Skill Check = Cora and Barendd = 8 Vs Troglodyte = 14. FAIL]

The Troglodyte opens its eyes and woke up. It roared as six kobolds ran out of the rooms and got their weapons.

Alright. Let me roll up the initiatives.

  • Barendd: 11
  • Kobold: 6
  • Troglodyte: 6
  • Cora: 4

Barendd ran to a Kobold and struck him with his axe.

Predictably, Hamete will make the fail roll and thus he will miss.

Ackbar: Not exactly. You got them surprised, so they are just wearing nothing and holding sticks to fight you with.

So... What does this mean?

Ackbar: Theyíre armor class is five less than that they normally are and they just use clubs.

So... Youíre giving me a mercy mode?

Ackbar: Trust me, would I ever give you mercy?

... Alright, I can see the catch in the form of that Troglodyte and the fact that Iím facing seven monsters, but is there anything else to the draw?

Ackbar: Whereís the fun in telling you? You donít know about the traits of a foe youíre facing in the beginning of a war!

What about the Death Star?

Ackbar: ... Fine. You have a point...

Good. Now! LETíS DO THIS!.

Barenddís axe cuts into the Kobold, killing it as it bled out. The other monsters move in, with one of the Kobolds clubbing Cora in the leg. This didnít hurt her, but rather caused her knee to jerk to kick him in the crotch. [Damage Roll: 2] Cora looked at the pained Kobold and decided to end its misery by clubbing him over the head, killing him. Barendd charged to the other Kobold and cleaved him. However, he missed. (I rolled a four). Two Kobolds approach Cora and club her, getting her on her knees. He looked up and saw the Troglodyte approach them. She chuckled as her staff glowed. She fired off a Magic Missile that was twice as big as the normal Magic Missile towards the Troglodyte *, slightly damaging him. Barendd swings his axe again and this time it cut into the flesh of one of the Kobolds, but it didnít kill him. The Kobold replies with a club to the head and it only hit the helm (Screw it, he has a helm that looks pretty but has no real effect). It only shook up Barenddís head a little. Cora smashes her club into the head of a Kobold, knocking him pretty hardly, while Barendd ran to hide in a room nearby to get the shield on. The two Kobolds try to look for him, but by the time they reach the room, he was gone. The two other Kobolds soon beat Cora down with their clubs. She screamed shortly before they silenced her forever with a club to the head. (She had two health remaining, and they rolled a three total, and since thereís no healer...)

Barendd snuck past the two Kobolds and went for the Troglodyte, stabbing it in the back with his axe. (Yes, I know Rouges are known to only sneak attack, but this kind of makes sense, since itís a surprise attack) The Troglodyte responds by biting his arm. Barendd screamed as he axed him in the head, killing it. Barendd then saw Coraís body as the Troglodyte fell. He got pissed (This calls for a tune from a show known for lots of blood being spilt!) He swung his axe to the damaged Kobold next, knocking him back dead in a spray of his own blood. The three remaining kobolds teamed up on Barendd, but he was slightly damaged. Barendd swung his axe counter clockwise and killed another Kobold. However, that didnít last for long, as the two Kobolds swung their clubs at his neck, breaking it. The powerful dwarf fell dead. The adventurers have fallen.


Ackbar: Whatís wrong, Psyga? Got... what do you kids call it, Pwned?


Ackbar: You doing okay?


Ackbar: You donít look good.

... I should have acted better. Iíve been defeated. The loss of Alice and Drew told of this event. The lava room was merely delay Ďtil the time I would lose those other two characters, when the guardians of Pyrosís dungeon would spill their blood. But I didnít want to believe... believe that it was a possibility. And when it finally dawned... it dawned in fire.

Ackbar: So... You admit defeat?

... But... There is one hope I still have... In my tongue, he is Nova King. DRAGONBALL!


The doors break down as a muscle bound man dressed in the hide of the hellhound and holding its head as a gauntlet. On his other hand was a Greatsword. On his back was a quiver and crossbow. He held out the hounds head as it breathed fire. The two Kobolds were roasted, but they can still move. They went to him and tried to hit him with clubs, succedding as they hit him on the head. He stumbled back before rushing at then with his greatsword, killing the two with ease.

Dragonball: Victory be mine!

Dragonball then loots the two adventurerís corpses and heads to the exit; however, the corpse of the Troglodyte began to stink.

[DC: 13. Rollíd a 11, plus 2 on his fortitude and he got a 13. Pass]

Dragonball didnít mind the smell and headed for the exit. He decided to feel the door to see if it had anything funny behind it.

[DC: 20. Rollíd a 20, plus 6 from his modifier and he got a 26. Pass Excellent]

Dragonball noticed something funny, and so he got some of the tools from Barendd to try and disable it.

[DC:20. Rollíd a 16, plus 6 from his modifier and he got a 22. Pass Excellent]

Dragonball heard the sound of clattering arrows. He opened up the door and saw ten poison arrows. He smiled as he picked up the arrows and placed them in his quiver. He then passed through the door.

Ackbar: What the hell is this?

Itís Dragonball The Nova King!

Ackbar: Itís a broken ass Mary Sue!

Yeah, I know. I just didnít want my raid to end with two weak creatures clubbing my fighter to death. Mind you, the story is now over, but I just want to finish off the dungeon now. Thereís like, one room left and I want to end it on a bang. Iíll write up the ending to the story after Iím done with that room.

Ackbar: But... I thought youíd rage quit...

No. I donít always rage quit when it comes to playing games. I rage play. Ever seen my Liveblog of World War Alpha? Good example of me rage playing. Now, join me next time as we finish off the dungeon.


That was a killer joke! The Joker would be please......
MadWritter 6th Dec 11
Well I kind of saw that happening.
Envyus 6th Dec 11
Also you mixxed Alice and Cora up quite a bit.
Envyus 6th Dec 11
Yeah... I'm sorry about that. I don't know why I did that. :P
Psyga315 6th Dec 11