Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]

Freezair For A Limited Time

Dog Day Afternoon

IN THIS INSTALLMENT: We begin the first chapter of the Adventures in Housesitting saga! Hooray for annoying animals and fancy digs!

Let us have a moment of silence for our dearly departed friend.




Ah, this must be the odd recording venue you mentioned over on DA. XD.

Awww, whiny dogs. Sounds like our dog whenever the parents go, well, anywhere.

Poor Pupler. :/

HERPADERPAPOTIMUS! And it kind of looks like an odd modern-art planter, too!

Poor puppy. :( I can hear it whining in the background and I just want to hug it. And there's a kitty, too? :D

The new Moosfire? There can be only one Moosfire, I'm afraid.

BABY YOU'RE A FIREWOOD YOU MAKE MY S'MORES TASTE REALLY GOOD (yeah, I stole that from Todd In The Shadows, but I'm tired).

lee4hmz 1st Feb 12