Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]

Freezair For A Limited Time

You Ain't Got No Alibi

IN THIS INSTALLMENT: Ooh, look, an outtro with the puppets we can evolve into! Awesome! And we got a new doll, so you get to decide which jewels you use on that! It's a veritable buffet of STUFF FOR YOU TO COMMENT ON!

...Oh, and I guess a boss gets beat up or something. Which turns out to have been William Shatner in disguise.


My suggestions: Have Tom evolve into a Moosmoos and crow into a card knight.

For the new doll, Cambot or Gypsy. And the jewel will be... White. Since Red and White make Pink.
Psyga315 10th Nov 11
Wait, is the blank magical puppet the remnants of the one that just gave us an infodump, since it said its "soul was fading"? Because if so, that's...a little creepy.

Also, I second the vote for Moosmoos and Card Knight.
IndigoBook 10th Nov 11
@Indigo: I think that's the implication. There's other bosses later on that do the same thing: "Beat up puppet, it spews plot at you, you get a doll." In which case, it should be a higher level, dang it!
FreezairForALimitedTime 10th Nov 11
I can definitely get behind the Moosmoos/Card Knight vote.

Now, for the new blood...throw your Blue P. jewel at it and call the result Torgo.
ShieldOfDoom 11th Nov 11
YAY BOSS FIGHT DAY! And a boss that resembles The Shat? I'm intrigued. :D


I cannot get over how fluffy that sheep is. I know, it's a minor thing, but...damn. :D

"We're going to...the bathroom."

OH GOG NOT MORE DUCKS x.x And I seriously LO Led at what's-her-name's VAGINA SENSE.

And I know I'm not original in the slightest, but I'm Nthing Moosmoos/Card Knight. The other choice in the first case looks interesting, but THE POWER OF MOOSEFIRE COMPELS ME. XD Can't say the same for the second; the other choice there sounds kind of derpy.

lee4hmz 11th Nov 11