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Freezair For A Limited Time
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What the Duck?!

In this installment, we go deeper into the forest, and probably into madness as well, thanks to our several bizarre yet still somehow-related tangents. Topics include duck rape, T-shirts, and a very clear demonstration of why I had no friends as a child.

Quote of the Day: "Open the treasure box; find porn."


One question: is there any pattern to the stats that increase from the "increases status" thing? Or is it entirely random?
ShieldOfDoom 8th Nov 11
Yes there is. There's a rather extensive FAQ for the game available online, with the jewel stats in section 19, but in general: Every jewel/affiliation type will always increase a specific type of stat one point.
FreezairForALimitedTime 8th Nov 11
I don't know why, but having a T-shirt as an item in a game makes me giggle.

Also, yes, duck rape. (Green Porno, by the way, and the actress is Isabella Rossellini.)

I would go off on a tangent about doodling in my notebook here, but I'll save that for dA or P Ms. AND YAY HAPPY DANCES!
lee4hmz 11th Nov 11