Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]

Freezair For A Limited Time

Monster House

Welcome back! In this video, ACTUAL GAMEPLAY HAPPENS! Also, we explain the mechanics in a somewhat hasty way. And then we beat up monsters.

By the by, if you're wondering what that "Rugrats" project is we're referring to, it was something we did to test my videorecording software. However, as we alluded to, way too many errors and the fact that the project was mostly for testing purposes soured our desire to complete it. So, knowing what went wrong, we just jumped into the real project.

We still need name suggestions! We need two names. Alphanumeric characters only, it can't be longer than 8 characters.


Tom and Crow
MadWritter 2nd Nov 11
I'm going to assume you're likening us to Tom and Crow? In which case, I'm going to assume that's a compliment. :P
FreezairForALimitedTime 2nd Nov 11
Hm... Names... How about...

Dante And Zero? After the So Bad Its Good voice acting scenes.
Psyga315 2nd Nov 11
...Now that I think about it, those were the names. That works, too, though I wish you'd specified. XD

We've got a nice pool of names so far. Keep suggesting them, and Ender and I will either vote or pick some randomly.
FreezairForALimitedTime 2nd Nov 11
If you still need names how about Llewelyn (Celtic name meaning noble or King) Cleopatra or Ptolemy? Gotta love old names :D!
Forestorm 11th Nov 11
Finally got a chance to watch this at a time when I'm not either incredibly busy, incredibly tired, or man-PM Sing because of the first two things, and so far I like this. The random hooting and hollering Ender does reminds me of some my own little Verbal Tics (most of which I don't do much anymore unless I'm excited about something). "STAB IT IN THE FAAAAAAAAAACE" [lol]
lee4hmz 11th Nov 11
FreezairForALimitedTime 11th Nov 11
Ah, I see. XD
lee4hmz 12th Nov 11