The Weirdest Teamup This Side of Trakeena's Revenge: Rika Liveblogs Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie!


Part 7: Cross My Line

Welcome back.

Carter: Previously on Rika's livebloggening of Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie...

...first off, the Rangers are on a boat ship, heading to the Nemesis Triangle. A battle ensued (in which Winnie and his friends try to take all the credit! What the hell's wrong with them?), and then both our heroes and Divatox's army arrive at the Triangle, both prepared to cross it in order to go to the island of Muranthias.

...and can this get any worse? Oh, yes it can.

Carter: So we'll dive right back into...

Part 7 of 11

We cut right back to Kimberly and Jason as they hold onto the panel for dear life. This is connected with scenes of the Rangers nearing the Triangle and Divatox telling the poor Lerigot to open the gateway of the area.

By the way, I haven't pointed this out until now, but the little black static sort of things that go on in the movie proper? You can pretty much tell that the scenes of Winnie and friends, or Bowser and his enemies, would be added in.

Carter: I haven't noticed it until now. Then again, I've been trying to put the movie out of my mind...I wonder if there's a possiblity of making the suffering easier—

(suddenly, Carter's a fluffy, cute kitten)


KITTY! (huggles Kitty!Carter for a good...ten minutes)

...ahem. Okay, this is really funny. As Kimberly and Jason try to escape...

Bulk: We go swimming?

Jason: Would you guys be quiet?! I'm trying to get us out of here!


Eventually, Divatox notices that the lair's sinking. Bowser Jr. correctly informs us that they're taking up on water. Gee, no shit? Meanwhile, the Rangers get their keys, and after Justin loses his (temporarily) and finds it...


...wait, wrong series. But they do combine their keys in order to cross the Triangle.

Meanwhile, Jason and Kimberly are planning to get out, but first, they should get Bulk and Skull. Which they do. And so all four swim out until Divatox notices that it's coming from the bilge. When the emergency hatch is released, Jason is trapped. Which means that he's Maligore's only sacrifice.


Back at the ship, the Rangers finally see the island. When Katherine notices how much lost the island is, R2-D2...just looks. And C-3P0 helpfully reminds the heroes that Zordon stated that Maligore's volcano is inside the Serpent's Temple. But before they arrive...

Bowser, in a very different voice than usual, asks Mistress Nine if something's wrong. She says no and says...something about the energy flow.

Bowser: Strange. When we crossed through the Triangle, you had short circuit in your powers.

Wait, what? "Short circuit in your powers"? You mean "short-circuited your powers", right?

He then goes on to say that it's only temporary, and she'll feel better soon. But she's not the only person who's feeling unwell: Lerigot is dying. Divatox doesn't take it well. And to make matters worse for the army, the sensors detected the Rangers, a bunch of misfit toys, a Pokemon, a fairy, two ghosts, and two droids. Out of all of them, guess who does something moreso than any other group member.

(Kitty!Carter paws my pantleg)

Aww. You want to be picked up, little guy? (picks Kitty!Carter up) Here you go!

Kitty!Carter: Mrow!


Anyway, Divatox finally decides to destroy the Rangers. Bowser roars that he'll call Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. So he does, and Rita wakes up. And so we'll end this installment with this.

Bowser: Yo, Rita. Bowser here.

Rita: Huh?

Bowser: Sorry about waking you up. Forgot about the time change. I know you and Zedd deltAuthor's Note w/ this kind of problem before. But...we need your advice. How do we get rid of the Power Rangers?

Rita: What? The Power Rangers?! (evil laugh) If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here, listening to this? (shoves the phone to the snoring Lord Zedd) My advice to you, Bowser? RUN!

Bowser: Thanks for nothing!

...then he says that he's surrounded by idiots. Gotta love the voice changes in the monster. Not.

And so, this installment finally ends with Kimberly stranded on the beach. Yeah...

Kitty!Carter: Wow. You're...not kidding. It really is getting worse.

I know, right? It's

What will happen to Kimberly and Jason? Will our heroes make it to the lost island in time? And will Bowser pick a voice and stick with it?

One who does not fight will not survive the next livebloggening of Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.


Bowser, in a very different voice than usual, asks Mistress Nine if something's wrong.

Fun Fact: That different voice is Dr. Tomoe from the Sailor Moon series, same work that Mistress 9 came from. In fact, you can see him briefly right before Mistress 9 says that she had a dip in the energy fields.
Psyga315 29th Sep 11
And that voice clip at the end sounds very Jeremy Irons-y.
FreezairForALimitedTime 29th Sep 11