The Weirdest Teamup This Side of Trakeena's Revenge: Rika Liveblogs Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie!


Part 3: Go Fly Win

Welcome back.

Carter: Previously on Rika's livebloggening of Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie...

...first off, Piglet tried and failed to find a friendship gift for Winnie. However, he and his friends head off to Angel Grove to visit Zordon. However, all is not well, for Lerigot may be in grave danger (gee, you think?), and the Rangers are summoned. Oh, and Rocky had a back injury, and Bowser and Divatox's army argue a bit while trying to figure out a plan.

Oh, and about the Good Fairy being Zordon's daughter thing? I looked up her information on the Wiki, and it turns out that she isn't adopted. She's simply a honest-to-God biological daughter. Which raises some questions to the ever-growing mind fuck.

Carter: Who is the Good Fairy's mother, then? How was she conceived? How on Earth would Zordon have a daughter, anyway?

I guess we'll never know those things. (shrugs) Because explaining itself isn't the series' strong points.

(reads a bit more of the Wiki before getting started and finds out...that the Lightspeed Rangers themselves were a part of Winnie's allies)




...wait just a damn minute. Now I'm curious to see where they "appeared". Maybe that'll give me some new material for a different liveblog once I'm done with this.

Carter: ...wait...what the hell? (his skin grows very pale) ...

(a few seconds later)

Okay, never mind, apparentally they haven't really appeared in any of the movies. Just...some random scripts.

Whew. Then again, had they appeared, I'm sure that the Pooh's Adventures series would have found some way to make them uncool.

And to add to the madness? Olympius (as in Prince Olympius) does appear in another one of those films. However, the Lightspeed Rangers were cut out in favor of the original team simply because of favoritism. So I'm torn: on one hand, I'm glad that they're not utterly destroyed; but on the other hand, I'm still curious to see how they would have been made uncool.

Carter: So now we will jump into...

Part 3 of 11

We're back at the Command Center/Power Chamber. Zordon tells everyone about how Lerigot's in trouble, but Mewtwo has a feeling that it's caused by Bowser. Gee, even if you're a Psychic-type, however could you have guessed? So Katherine and Tommy decide to go and find Lerigot, whereas everyone else stays.

Also, is it just me, or is Katherine holding her Power Box the wrong way? Meh.

Carter: And in what way is that relevant?

I dunno, I just like pointing stuff out.

Carter: Ah, okay.

Cut to Africa, and we see Lerigot trying to survive yet again, befriending a group of monkeys. Okay...NEXT!

Cut back to Divatox's base.

Mistress Nine: on Earth.

Gee, thanks for telling us what we already fucking know, Mistress Obvious.

Divatox is giddy about the news, thinking that he's looking for Zordon. Bowser roars back, "So, that old codger (what?) Zordon is still alive, huh? I told you Mistress 9 would detect Lerigot. And I was right." However, she flat-out ignores the roaring voice in her head, talking to Rygog and Elgar about how Lerigot holds the powers to bring Maligore to life—

Bowser: Don't forget, he's also my long lost brother.


What. What. WHAT THE FUCK.

Sure, there's Dark Specter, but how the flying fuck is Maligore Bowser's brother?

Carter: Unless if they're adopted, but I don't believe that. For another thing, they don't even have the same genetics! Bowser doesn't even look like a towering, volcanic monster!

You can say that again. Hell, by the movie's logic, Carter's also my boyfriend!*

Carter: just had to say it, didn't you?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Anyway, once Divatox marries Maligore, she'll, you guessed it, take over the world.

M. Bison: OF COURSE!

Then Bowser Jr. states that the thought of it gives him gas. Ew. So does Elgar, for that matter. Double ew. However, Divatox only berates the latter. And so the ship heads to Earth in order to capture two people of purity and strength.

Guess who they are. Go ahead, guess!

Cut to a baseball game, where Bulk and Skull are being police officers and Lt. Stone is watching both the game and the duo. He then tells the duo about some announcement. NEXT!

Carter: ...huh, no wonder why you're skipping parts of the movie proper.

Yeah. After all, this is Pooh's Adventures, and anything that just happens in the Turbo movie gets a short summary. Though it's crazy that Winnie and friends nothing but comment. I could be proven wrong, of course.

Aaaaaaaaand we're at Africa, and Tommy and Katherine are hard at work searching for Lerigot. Back at the Command Center, Tanya is noticing that there's some kind of ship heading straight for Earth. Mewtwo says that it sounds like Bowser and Mistress 9 are heading to Earth. Uh...Mewtwo? What about Divatox? You seem to know about Bowser, and yet...

Continuity is not one of the series' strong points.

Adam has a bad feeling about this, and he hopes that Tommy and Katherine return with Lerigot soon. Winnie...while he's also dressing up for Winter (huh?)...reassures to Adam.

Winnie: Don't worry, Adam. Tommy and Kat will find Lerigot return to the Power Chamber in one piece...or my name isn't Winnie the Pooh! is!

HA HA HA IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE HE JUST EXPLAINED THE JOKE. Also, love the missing "and" on the subtitles there.

Back to Earth, and Bulk and Skull are trying to figure out where to go. But, of course, Divatox's forces pick them up. NEXT!

In Africa, the search is still going strong. However, this is the part where Katherine is scared because of a snake, falls off a waterfall, tries to morph into the Pink Zeo Ranger (what the fuck? What happened to her swimming trait?) and fails, forcing her to lose her powers, and Tommy saves her. And so, we end this installment with Tommy and Katherine making it to shore, but the latter's leg is broken.


Carter: Well, that was...short.

Inorite? And once again, Winnie and friends actually do jack squat about anything. Seriously. This could have been a good time for Mewtwo to help save Katherine or some shit. But...(sighs)

Will Tommy and Katherine find Lerigot in time? Will Katherine's leg be healed? Will Bulk and Skull be okay? And will we ever get an explanation as to how Bowser's related to fucking Maligore?

One who does not fight will not survive the next livebloggening of Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.


Wow... sudden character relations always seem to happen. Bowser is married to Mistress 9, is the long lost brother of Maligore. For all we know, he could be Maleficent's bastard child.
Psyga315 23rd Sep 11
This crap has a wiki? I know, The Wiki Rule, but... let me re-emphasize that. This crap has a Wiki?
FreezairForALimitedTime 24th Sep 11
Yeah, it has a Wiki. Some writers actually use the Wiki to explain some helpful trivia and plot points in their Pooh's Adventures, while others just copy paste the bloody plot.
Psyga315 24th Sep 11