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Episode 55 General

Clips from the anime cutscenes (intro here) for Radiant Silvergun (1998, Saturn). Judging from the TV Tropes article on the vertically-scrolling shooter, the game's story seems melancholy, but the cutscenes shown in this ep are cute and bouncy, with a crew of goofball heroes. Reminds me of Gurren Lagaan before... well, you know. The animation style has varied character design and some really thick lines, like an homage to Go Nagai's giant robot series.

Timecode: 7:54: The intro to the first, rather mediocre Fullmetal Alchemist game. Square Enix made an action RPG out of this incredibly successful manga that ran in one of their manga magazines, with mixed results. At least it had an original story, with lots of new animation to boot.

14:27: The intro for Wrestle Angels: Survivor (PS2), a Japan-only game by Success. It's a very anime-styled intro with some painfully generic art.

Episode 56

0:04: A disturbing cutscene from Dead Rising that introduces the Psychopath boss fight against Jo Slade. Jo is one bad mall cop – a total Fat Bastard who has kidnapped, abused, and even killed some women at the zombie-infested mall. It's up to Frank to stop her once and for all. You can leave in the middle of the fight, but Jo will start kicking her newest victim to death.

Like most of the bosses in the game, Jo is tough – the Wall Kick skill seems to help. She's arguably not as tough as escorting her kidnapping victims afterwards, though, not just because of the survivors' Artificial Stupidity in the game, but also because of another event happening in the game at the same time: the invasion of the mall by a weird cult in raincoats. Seriously. That leads to its own compelling boss fight later on.

It would seem that Jo has issues with men and women; when Frank defeats her, she says, “I can't believe a worthless prick like you did me in!” It's likely that her kidnapping of the noticeably more attractive women had a Freudian Excuse; boys passed her up in favor of prettier girls. Her being crazy as crackers may have contributed to her feelings of being an outcast, or may have been the catalyst for her insanity in the first place.

Capcom games don't tend to have terribly good writing; I won't dispute that (just look at What Happened to the Mouse? to see how many Resident Evil characters just... evaporated), but DR is an exception. With Jo, you can see the character's entire life in just two cutscenes.

7:48: The beautiful animated intro for SuikodenIII. It has great music, too.

11:18: Hey, look, it's our old buddy, Pretty Fighter X! This time, it's an animated cutscene for the game's hot, clubhopping, Lady in Red, Juri. As soon as it's time to clock out of her daytime office job, she removes her office lady attire (she wears her nighttime outfit of choice underneath) and heads out for a night on the town.

As she's dancing, another young lady cries out for help against a pervy businessman. Juri comes to her aid by throwing a fireball at the guy's butt. Unbeknownst to Juri, however, she is also being targeted by a Scary Black Man with a strange crucifix tattoo on his shoulder. The man tries to attack her with a knife, but she handily throws him over her head, and she continues dancing. Attagirl!

14:59: Another sequence of improbable events from PFX: A crook named Carlos Koyanagi has single-handedly hijacked a Japanese commercial airplane. All that stands between the passengers and certain destruction is one of the attendants, Sorami, who uses her assets to distract Carlos long enough to – here comes the awesome part – kick him out of the front of the plane. Don't worry though, he lands safely in a jail cell down below.

16:05: Footage from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. They showed a match between Sakura and Captain America versus Chun-Li and... Norimaro?! Norimaro was a character based on a real-life Japanese comedian, exclusive to the Japanese version of the game.

17:45: The intro for Incredible Crisis. Looks funny.

19:46: A creepy otaku strikes in this clip from PFX. He “threatens” a pretty pachinko parlor employee with a knife. A nearby traffic cop decides to intervene by pulling a similar trick to the flight attendant above; she gets behind him, distracting him with her bulging cleavage on his back, promising sexy promises, until he tries to turn around and jump at her. She punches him, and he is flung into one of the pachinko machines. It would seem that he hit jackpot, because the pachinko machine's countless silver balls fall out of his mouth. The cop is happy with her intervention; the pachinko parlor owner, less so.


To be fair, the Square Enix FMA games did well enough to thrive here.
nomuru2d 29th Jul 12
That's good. I love FMA. I only tried both of the games on demo discs; the second one seemed a bit better.
BearyScary 1st Aug 12