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Twilight of the Guardians
Episode 50 General

This ep consisted solely of those weird, early PS2 “games” that featured Japanese models. They were basically glorified DVDs that let you visit the sets of model shoots and check out their pictures. Pretty boring in my opinion. So instead, let's check out...

Episode 51 General

The basic idea is that there are remarkable young girls blessed with specialized guardians that they can summon to their aid. These unusual girls come together to defeat an organized group of bad girls with guardians. The characters include:

The intro doesn't show who he belongs to, but there is obviously a guardian modeled on samurai's armor who appears to be very strong; he's seen breaking a stone block to bits. He seems to be one of the guardians of the four main bad girls.

At certain points in the game, Lina's career is shown progressing quite well enough so that she can lip-sync at an actual show. Her excited friend waves her arms back and forth. At the end of the performance, the crowd applauds and cheers, and her friend says, “Kawaiiii!”

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