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Episode 42

Timecode: 4:44: SkyGunner, a sort of classic aerial combat game for the PS2. It has an utterly adorable art style as demonstrated in the intro. You can read an in-depth review of the game here.

7:16: Super Cosplay War Ultra, a Super-Deformed freeware fighting game. The game has a ton of references to anime and other video games, making it a troper's dream. In this montage of clips alone, there is...

  • Chi and Freya from Chobits, who represent the choice between Normal and Battle Royale mode
  • The characters transform into all sorts of other characters, sort of like in Pocket Fighter; examples include someone that wears the equipment of a Gundam, as well as a mech from the Zeon forces and Pac-Man as Haro (the Gundam mascot), and Astro Boy if he were a super buffed-out Dragon Ball character
  • Background characters such as Cloud Strife, Vash the Stampede, Rei Ayanami, a fat Yuna, and Super Saiyan Son Goku
  • One of the fighters poses like Akuma on the selection screen

12:21: Line-Kill Spirits, a weird PC fighting game by the... Game Programming Study Club. They should probably study a little more, judging by the results of this effort. L-KS appears to be a game where upskirt pictures are periodically taken of the Lolicon characters. Yes, it's a panty fetish fighting game. The only characters shown are a girl with a spear that makes drilling sounds with one of her moves and a priestess that's also a robot. Whichever character loses gets a picture of their underwear splashed across the background. The music is uninspired and the animation and moves look incredibly stiff. Promo video here.

14:40: A clip from Kingpin, an old PC game. In 15 seconds of footage, six swear words are used.

18:20: Clips from the gameplay and cutscenes of sci-fi hentai game DBVR or Des Blood VR. This game has some Resident Evil-style gameplay. One of the enemies appears to be a mutated spider but makes strange birdlike noises. They also showed a gaffe where you can walk up to a character behind a counter and unload your gun upon him to no ill effect.

19:37: A brief clip from one of the live action FMVs of Warhawk. A stern commander says I don't like mysteries, Corporal. They have a way of killing people. That commander was played by Kim Mai Guest, who later voice acted in many other games.


I actually have a demo of Sky Gunner, back from when Official U.S. Playstation Magazine still existed. It was fun as hell, and made me want the game, but now it's extremely hard to find.

Also lol Kingpin. Soldier of Fortune was a much better game during that period, and IT got a sequel as proof.

Also lol Des Blood. Took me forever to figure out what the deal with that... thing... was.
nomuru2d 28th May 12
I have that same demo! I would like to get a copy myself. The game seems utterly charming.

Yeah, I don't remember much about Kingpin. The old Gamespot TV show didn't like it very much IIRC.

BearyScary 5th Jun 12