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Episode 39 General: Clips from Si N Episodes: Emergence, the first in a Cut Short series of sequels to PC first-person shooter Si N. My favorite part is when the hero John Blade's sidekick Jessica gives lip to a SinTEK security guard:
Guard: Where's your documentation?
Jessica: What do you mean, “documentation”? Screw you, cowboy! We're on assignment!
Guard: Destination?
[looks at Blade] Jessica: I don't think that's any of your business.
Guard: This is a SinTEK controlled sector! Everything is our business. Now, what is your destination?
Jessica: South corner of Fuck and You. [drives past guard]
Oh, boy. Presumably, shooting of SinTEK guards commences. Unfortunately, despite such awesome comebacks, general reaction to Emergence was “meh”. Geez, what is it with these episodic games made with the Source engine that never seem to get finished?

3:17: A trailer for Heavy Rain called, “The Casting”. Now, this trailer had nothing to do with the final game, except that the actress featured was actually cast as a different character altogether, and the fact that it's raining outside the window. “The Casting” features a jilted lover with a gun.
”I tell myself, that if this is all life has to offer me...” [points gun to head]
”Then I can do without.” [a tear runs down her face]
”But then, I change my mind. After all, I'm not the one who's cheating. So, quietly, I wait for you to come home, sitting in my average little kitchen. Obviously, when you get home, you don't suspect a thing, so I press the fucking gun up to your head and I take a few seconds to watch the fear grow in your eyes?... You tell yourself, “She won't do it! She's just trying to teach me a lesson!” But you are so wrong, honey! I sentence you to death for turning my life into a soap opera cliché. For stepping on my dreams, for not giving a shit about me all those years, and for lying to me, and betraying me, and humiliating me.” [walks up and points gun directly at the camera]
”I'm making an example out of you, for all the assholes out there that think they can keep fucking us over and over. Goodbye, my love.”

Fade to White as the audition ends. We're actually in a plain white room. One of the directors (probably Heavy Rain creator/writer David Cage) lightly praised her audition. But as she walked out, he told the other director that it doesn't matter how well she did, because she's too old for that part.

4:55: A live broadcast ad for a XEG Korean mobile gamepad that adds a D-pad and face buttons onto a cell phone. It's actually kind of funny for showing a schoolgirl beating rows and rows of schoolboys so badly, they literally fly up away into the air.

11:12: Lula 3D, a bizarre adventure game from the creators of Wet Attack, featured several chapters back. Lula 3D stars Lula, an erotic star that embarks on a weird misadventure that starts with her searching for the keys to her convertible. To find them, she has to talk to various NPCs with questionable voice acting, and, well, it gets a lot weirder from there, if this review is anything to go by. It's like the Deadly Premonition of porn games in terms of surreal oddness. Except that D-Prem was more intentionally weird, one hopes. Game and review are NSFW.

19:27: THQ's The Punisher game for the PS2. In this cutscene, the Punisher, Frank Castle, is being interrogated at the Ryker's Island prison facility by detectives Soap and Richtofen. The fetching Detective Richtofen asks, “How many people have you killed in the last few weeks?” Cut to a montage of some of the violent ways Castle can kill bad guys in the game, including...
  • Tearing them apart with a crane
  • Feeding them legs-first to a shark
  • Smashing their head in a coffin door
  • Letting a rhino gore them in a zoo
  • Throwing them through a window onto something sharp
Then Frank replies, “Not sure. There were a lot of explosions.”


Yeah, the company behind Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain just love showing off their tech demos. Their latest one is actually quite interesting.

Also lol Si N Episodes. That game basically did really badly in sales because, by the time the series was announced, nobody cared about it. As far as history is concerned, it didn't have the potential to bring anything new to the FPS genre.
nomuru2d 7th May 12