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Episode 38 General

Timecode: 2:08: Chair Chaser, a very bizzare PC game about... racing office chairs. Its developer: "The Team Wife of Estate". The epic plotline: the CEO of the company is dead, and various employees compete for the chance to succeed him in office chair races. Characters include an office lady, an overweight guy in a red track suit, a scrawny old guy, and a human-sized, green, penguin.

4:13: Ah, the classic Princess Heart transformation sequence in Silent Hill 3. It's pretty cute and harmless (as far as this game goes), but some apparently didn't get the point. I recall a video game magazine criticizing the optional unlockable in an article about female game characters. It said that Heather was "demeaned" by her "butch appearance" and the Princess Heart transformation sequence. And some are apparently really bothered by "butch" female Silent Hill characters...

9:33: Space Pirates, a 3DO FMV game from American Laser Games. The plot is simple; Captain Talon of the Black Brigade has kidnapped Ursula Skye's ship, demanding the "Cannon Crystals" as ransom. The acting is... rather bland, albeit unintentionally funny. Also, the game did something sort of weird with the casting of the Black Brigade: all of them seem to be a little chubby, and generally look alike with the exact same uniform that vaguely resembles an umpire's uniform. This has not gone unnoticed (item number twelve).

12:34: The Mini Bijo Keikan, another one of D3's budget PS2 games. It's an action game where a young lady cop has to traverse a dark criminal underworld filled with a guy in a purple suit and his hundred or so brothers. Apparently, the cop suffers Clothing Damage as she is actually damaged. The gameplay seems to hint at stealth, melee combat, and gunplay, with an optional first-person mode.

14:00: Oh, I like this: "Bright Dream", an incredibly adorable music video for the Korean rhythm game DJ Max Portable (PSP). In it, two girls, Anji and Yuri, participate in a school relay, and Hejin and Mina do some sort of cheerleading competition. The animation is simply adorable, especially when it goes Superdeformed. The song is a little catchy, too.

16:57: Heartbeat Scramble, which is probably a dating sim for the Sega Saturn. It has grainy FMV footage and this horrible opening song, a stark contrast, to Bright Dream.

19:57: One of the earliest cutscenes in SH3, where Heather meets Douglas, the detective. Nothing too out of the ordinary, nice graphics and music, decent voiceover. Except that they put in the effect that the Konami Code gives this game, that strips Douglas of his pants and shirt. If you had never played the game before seeing that, it would probably skew your opinion of Douglas a tad.


Hey new entry, I wonder what-*reads Silent Hill section*

... What. Why would anyone be upset... Errrrrgh...
nomuru2d 23rd Apr 12
I know, right? I only realized that they failed Poes Law a long time after reading that in the magazine. XD

Of course, back then, I didn't know what Poes Law was, exactly. C:

Thank you for the comment!
BearyScary 29th Apr 12