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The Crazies Are Out, But the Gamers Are In

Episode 32

Timecode - 2:44: Any episode that opens are montage with a quote from the super-obscure PS 1 shooter BRAHMA Force: Assault on Beltlogger 9 has to be good. This particular montage is set to "RoboClowns" by a band called Darth Omega. It showed robots and clowns from games such as Mega Man, RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive, Twisted Metal, a notoriously awful RoboCop game, and Dead Rising. That last one is important to me, because it got me interested in the game in the first place!

4:11: The amazing animated intro to Disgaea2. Disgaea is an awesome series, and anyone interested in strategy RPGs that don't take themselves too seriously and play with the fourth wall should check it out.

7:08: Oh, lord, it's the... Video Game Vomit Montage. It starts with the notorious first-person voiding in 2004's Breakdown, and continues with Conker's Bad Fur Day, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Slug, although the last one is thankfully (?) just blood from a zombified character. If the intentional Soundtrack Dissonance wasn't enough for you, they play the scenes forwards and back again.

There were so many other barf-o-riffic games that they could have used, like Silent Hill 2 (although, they mercifully used discretion in said scene) and Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers.

11:22: The preview for the Disgaea anime, an extra on the Disgaea 2 disc. It's particularly fantastic with bombastic characterization, movie-quality animation, lampshading, and funny side characters. Highlights include Etna's attempt to awaken her master Laharl (she uses a spear, a really stinky sock, and a multi-rocket launcher), Laharl's fight with the Mid-Boss ("How dare you! Nobody calls me Mid-Boss! NOBODY!), the brief cameo from Captain Gordon, DEFENDER OF EARTH, Flonne's descent ("And you'll be punished in the name of love!"), and the Prinnies, dood. It's pretty cool, dood.