So You Wanna Do a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Liveblog

Beary Scary

Starring The Wachowskis

Episode 19 was the first shown in 2006. Its main highlight is the ending of The Matrix: Path of Neo, the late cash-in attempt to redeem the saga. One of its selling points was its supposedly different ending. How did that play out? Well, after Neo (who looks disconcertingly like George W. Bush in this game, for some reason) seemingly knocks out Agent Smith, the Wachowski brothers themselves barge in on the game and shit gets recursive.

Larry Wachowski: So if you're ready, it's time for a little Hulk versus Galactus action! Good luck! You'll need it!
Andy Wachowski: And enjoy enlightenment!
[both engage in mocking laughter]

The actual final boss is a mega-Smith made up of many Smiths, and he even rips off a giant pair of sunglasses from a nearby billboard. Cinematech cut right to the final blow and the new ending, which is really just a drastically cut version of the one from Revolutions, with the added bonus of a classic Queen song. It's not stated whether or not Neo actually died, like he did in the movie proper.

Another notable trailer is the one for Burger Wars, an FPS that... well, click the link and just look at it. Burger Wars has very poor, flat, cel-shaded graphics and such characters as a clown, a fat clown, and a generic tough chick. The trailer itself features a terrible anthem, and such lame taunts as, "Here's your beef, rookie bun burner!" It was compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux! The trailer also declared, "Now in beta!" I never would have guessed. The trailer actually referenced Star Wars and The Clone Wars.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it may not have ever been released. The person who posted the video linked above said that all the info that they could dig up on the game was an empty page on GameSpot.


Wait... from episode 16 to 19? I'm confused.

Also yes, the way that the Wachowski twins handled briefing the player regarding the final boss was hilarious and fitting at the same time.
nomuru2d 15th Nov 11
Heh, yeah... I decided to skip the episodes that were less interesting and/or redundant. Sorry for the confusion.
BearyScary 30th Nov 11