So You Wanna Do a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Liveblog

Beary Scary

Hospitals Have No Sense of Security

Episode 12 features a new clip from Pretty Fighter X that introduces the cute nurse fighter, Kris Shiratori.

It's another (presumably) normal day at the hospital for Kris, as she goes to check on one of her patients. Then, a guy with a sword flings the door wide open, knocking Kris out of the way to get to the patient. Kris quickly retaliates by shooting "Medical Power" out of her syringe, which wraps around the would-be attacker, sending him and his strange cross to the floor.

Then, we fade in to Kris at a carnival's food stand, about to chow down on some kind of meat-on-a-stick. (Hey, at least it's not fried butter!) She suddenly realizes that the camera is focused on her and her food, and she stops, covering up her blushing face in embarrassment. It's a cute, fourth-wall breaking moment.

After the cutscene, they show some gameplay where Kris fights another character (the gymnast, Ai Momoyama, whose intro is never featured on Cinematech Nocturnal Emissions), played to some more creepy Soundtrack Dissonance.

Next: David Bowie, Lovecraftian horror, and domestic awkwardness - what will chill the most spines?!